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  1. Time To Remember


    Lol Pickel , i think all you need too do is put on your glasses and watch the race from back peg (end of the back straight) too finish line
  2. Time To Remember


    yes was wearing blinkers....
  3. Time To Remember


    Well all we ask from the stipes is Consistency............ How did this dog NOT get stood down today for failing to Pursue the Lure......Errrrrr thoughts form others???
  4. Time To Remember

    Davey Mc

    Just like too say what a good caller Davey Mc is and a pleasure too listen too , good clear calls and he can call all 3 codes I was in the car today and i Had a good bet in race 10 at Invercagill Trots today on Mongolian Cavalry and also took a quinella with Pitch Perfect In a Nose , Nose finish Davey Mc he got the call exactly right . A great southern man who does a great job , take a bow.
  5. Time To Remember

    jewels fields

    pouring down , the say about 50 too 60 mils overnight , could the postpone it????
  6. Time To Remember

    jewels fields

    At least with the rain , there wont be any Fog....LOL
  7. Time To Remember


  8. Time To Remember

    Your Run of the day - on NZ cup day????

    Great racing yesterday !!! My run of the day was ''Woodstone'' what an effort after sitting parked and not handling the last corner Also just a mention what a good drive on Smokin By by Nathan Williamson in the last race (me pockets are full..lol) Bring on Friday
  9. Time To Remember

    Police Raids

    Racing: Move to challenge race meeting bans 13 Sep, 2018 5:00am 3 minutes to read Harness racing returns to Addington tomorrow night despite a crisis in the industry. Photo / Supplied NZ Herald High profile harness horsepeople banned from going to the races look set to challenge that today. All of the industry participants charged under Operation Inca last week, which saw several horsepeople arrested in Canterbury, were issued with race meeting bans. Although their notice of exclusion from race meetings is overseen by the Racing Integrity Unit, that role was actually secondary because most were banned from attending racing meetings under their bail conditions. But those conditions were lifted by the courts when many of those charged had their first hearings on Tuesday, meaning they are free to apply to the Racing Integrity Unit to have their exclusion notices withdrawn and be able to attend the feature Addington meeting tomorrow night. Herald sources suggest at least some of the lawyers acting on their behalf may seek for the RIU to allow them to work at race meetings until their cases are heard. New Zealand racing has little precedent for these cases. With most of those charged denying the allegations in court and the consensus being at least some are going to defend them, the cases are certain to drag into next year and potentially much longer. Some could be asking if it is fair the horsepeople involved can have a major source of income taken away while still presumed innocent but there will also be those suggesting they must stay banned for the good of the industry. That decision appears to lie with the RIU and they would not comment yesterday on the exact process to have the exclusions lifted. Often serious RIU matters go before a Judicial Control Authority panel but that looks unlikely here. The ban doesn't just apply to race meetings but to trials and workouts.
  10. Time To Remember

    Wheelchair Norm WOW!!!

    Cheers Wheelchair Norm!!!! , Great Dog and was still racing at 5 and half Sad too see him not get the magical 100 wins Is now going too be retired according too the stipes report today
  11. Time To Remember

    Riccarton tomorrow-what chance?

    What chance is there of riccarion on tomorrow? Pouring down now and a lot of rain due in the next 24 hours Going too be a “”very”” testing track Time will tell
  12. Time To Remember

    Silver Collar meeting abandoned

    i see all cole runners are scratched today at Auckland , good too see them looking after the welfare of their dogs
  13. Time To Remember

    Courte Zarindi vs Za Za Gabor

    Geez what does it take to put a horse out!!! , Court Zarindi knocked Za Za Gabor 3 times in the straight!!! 2nd time it was a beauty too .only a short winning margin too - Stipes give yaself a uppercut
  14. Time To Remember

    Distance race

    producer must have thought it was a sprint race - Very poor