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  1. Hey guys Just thought i would let you all know, Dusty unfortunately passed late last year. Great guy. Big loss. Always hated Chch. Warned me when i moved down to stay off the punt round there!!
  2. Hey guys, if you scratch a dog on friday but dont get it vetted till say sunday the stand down still starts from the friday when the dog was scratched. No matter when the dog is presented to a vet. It could have been scratched when he got home and maybe found it to be sore and not presented till the next meeting. Stand down still starts from the friday!!
  3. I do not deny what she is, as i said in a previous post, she is what she is!! I did say that i dont believe anything she has done in her last couple of starts has been bad enough to put her out. That is my personal opinion and i am probably bias. I just get annoyed when people constantly go on about it. Also as i said in my previous post i will bow out of this thread as i find it a waste of time!!
  4. John mate, phat pants and business affair bumped twice on the bend, que tee pix had to hook wider, copped 1 bump and beat them both. If thats the excuse for business affair getting beat its a poor one! If your trying to say that phat pants 'knocked off' and thats the reason she checked business affair then wouldnt phat pants have won if that didnt happen?!?!? In my opinion business affair was by no means a cert beaten, she should have won from where she was. The 1 question i have for yas though if that wasnt a dog wearing blinkers who has a history, would your thoughts still be the same? Or would you think they just bumped on the bend? But i too will be like yankiwi and bow out of this thread, it gets noone anywhere bleating on here about whos chasing and whos not chasing!!
  5. Im not getting into it with you mate, i dont even know who you are. She is what she is, she is not the only one around. I dont believe she deserved to be put out today, but im probably bias. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I am interested though if you owned her or even say jacks a jewel would you retire them?? As a trainer she is a cash machine on paws and we all have to make a living, whether we are trainers, owners or punters. So if you owned a dog that had the potential to earn $10-$20k would you retire them because people back them to win? Lifes not fair mate, whats good for me isnt necessarily good for you that is just how life works!!
  6. Im not saying it is, im just winding yankiwi up mate! Every owner/trainer has either had or will have a dog like her in their life. She has been put out in the past, she now wears blinkers. I dont believe she has done anything in her past few starts that is bad enough to be put out. And if she does in the future i will be the first to admit it. Im not getting on here to defend them, just winding yas up!! Come on we are all here for the same reason, why get on here and bitch and moan about each other and talk about the negatives!!
  7. Haha im not getting into this with a 'keyboard warrior' that cant even put their name to their posts. She is what she is, everyone knows, smart people use it to there advantage. Shes earnt us and her owner $10k since shes been racing, cant complain at that, (plus a bit off the tote too) usually easy to make money on her races!! Just get over it mate, build a wee bridge!!
  8. Think we might have to change your name to YAWNkiwi. Its getting old mate, how about you get a new hobby!
  9. ARCHIE'S PLAN Droopys Marco-Swift Token This boy can run just bad box manners have let him down. $500 Contact Andy 0273796647
  10. OPAWA LEGS (Goodesy-Winsome Dosh) Class 4 Black Dog Be in quick only $1500 Contact Mark 0211537866
  11. Ashburton County Greyhound Racing Club will be holding a punters club at our annual meeting on the 22nd June at Addington Raceway. $5 per ticket. Always a great day out as this is our only meeting of the year. Come on down and help a small club prosper!!! Selections will be read out on trackside by Trevor for people that would like to get involved that wont be there on the day. To purchase tickets phone Andy 027 379 6647 or Kirsty Taylor 027 370 1868 or see one of us on the day
  12. Ashburton County Greyhound Racing Club are running a punters competition on our annual meeting at Addington Raceway on 22nd June. Entry $400 betting money plus $25 per person which covers a bistro meal and drinks all day!!! Teams of 1-4 Winner will receive $400 on top of their winnings 2nd and 3rd will receive a consolation prize. For more info or to register please contact Andy 027 379 6647 or see me on the day.
  13. Some Say and Toast Time are still available. And if you are interested in Bowman flick me a text 0273796647
  14. SOME SAY. $1600 BOWMAN. $500 JOEYS SECRET. $500 TOAST TIME. $500 HOMEBUSH HAYLEY. giveaway All prices are negotiable. For more details contact Deane Stapleton 0276689965