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  1. Sunbride

    GST Refuns

    Looking forward to receiving $1478. If I had known that a month ago I'd have popped up to Karaka and got a weanling!! E-mail from NZTR invites people to opt for the injured jockey's fund if you can't be bothered accepting a small amount.
  2. This is an insulting title for this post. If you have an opinion on the ride claim it yourself. Nowhere has Matt Cameron stated an opinion on Opie's ride and I think he would be too professional to do so. The title of this post puts Matt C in a bad light under which he does not belong.
  3. Sunbride

    Horse Nutrition

    The R H Kerrigan book "Practical Horse Nutrition" (first published 1986, 3rd edition 1994) was used as a text book by Waikato Tech a few years back when I did a course. It was very thorough. The author is Australian.
  4. Sunbride

    Breeding with wind problem

    Thank you to those who responded. In the end she has gone to be a hack with the possibility of breeding to a warmblood. I found I can go to the sales and pick up something to have a bit of fun with at a cost far below that of breeding and bringing it on to the yearling stage so that's the go for me for now. Cheers.
  5. Just seeking others' opinion. I have a 5 year old Falkirk mare that won a 1000m trial but was found wanting over 1200m. On scoping she was classified as having a grade 4 paresis. Her dam (imported form USA) did not race but her 3 siblings have won in NZ, Japan and France. She is a good natured, big, roomy mare sound in the legs. Would you breed from her or is there a risk of passing on the wind problem? Thanks for your input.