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    How y’all looking now

    All you dickheads like de Lore who claimed the Messara report was the panacea for racing......you need a shovel to get that fucking omelette off your faces you naive gullible ignorant dickheads ? Just asking, because I like to help people with special needs https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=12240693
  2. poundforpound

    How y’all looking now

    Berri Fruit....I have to say the key stat I’d want to see is how much is invested / gambled on each runner regardless of whether it’s one 24 horse field, or three 8 horse fields. I’ve always been told that Hong Kong claims the most efficient field size is 12-14, admittedly I’ve never seen the data to back that up, but I’d be keen to see yours if you can prove those numbers are wrong. One final note me old fruit.....the biggest gambling growth in the world is in sports......and that’s usually a simple two option result
  3. poundforpound

    Angriest Man In Aucklands Viaduct.

    Thank you all for your kind words. I’ll be happy to measure my life on the basis of “have I made a significant difference ?” I’m comfortable knowing I did, on many fronts, but in particular I made a huge difference in Auckland, particularly in the Viaduct area.
  4. https://www.racecafe.co.nz/nztr-supports-rita-appointments/
  5. poundforpound

    Turkeys vote to support early Christmas

    Dean McKenzie ( rightly so ) leap frogs them all.......MIA / PAM has had to swallow two massive dead rats here......and he’s still so thick skinned he won’t resign !!!
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    Terry Moseley, Kevin Morton & I don’t recognize the third but it could be Bob Vance
  7. poundforpound

    Getting big air

  8. poundforpound

    How y’all looking now

    I rather like your last comment Leggy....and thus I’m sharing my latest motivating mantra... Success is not owned...it’s rented...and you’ve got to pay the rent every day.... NZTR started forgetting to pay the rent about 30 years ago
  9. poundforpound

    Race replays

    Disable your wireless function and you can bet no matter where you are in the world
  10. poundforpound

    John Allen must be sued !!!

    Had a few drinks have we ?
  11. poundforpound

    How y’all looking now

    Insider.....seeing as you were a committee member at the WRC for some years, and you’re still an active supporter of the club, could you help us understand the management of your clubs assets, your real estate, what you’ve contributed to the racing industry..... Thanks Liz
  12. poundforpound

    How y’all looking now

    Surely the focus should be centralised on where the horses are ( Waikato ?) to reduce travel etc....and thus owners costs The consumer ( gambler ) is going to receive the product electronically now so you don’t need flash tracks in cities, in fact the opposite applies. When racetracks were established a hundred years ago they were almost always in the country, on the city fringe typically, but they’ve been enveloped now by the expanding commercial / residential development, and so there’s a reasonable case to say the now valuable tracks should be cashed up, and recreated elsewhere, outside the city limits, or within the local horse population. I also wonder now whether we should focus more on horse welfare and soil textures that are neither too wet / dry or muddy. On that basis we should be looking at safe black sand options , Port Waikato / Foxton, or gems like the pumice of Taupo...in conjunction with a couple or three world class Strathayrs in the big “rock star” locations There we go..that’s sensible Leo talking this morning
  13. poundforpound

    Royal Ascot

    That’s him second from the left in the photo I posted
  14. poundforpound

    RITA- Board

    Chittick & Acklin....a breeder and a grocer turned pokie guy.....mmmmm........ Apart from a couple of trainers at NZTR, who made little or no impression, I can’t think of a genuinely experienced racing person who’s been a part of the industry administration team....can you ? Same for gamblers...they’re our custies but they don’t seem to have a voice.... RIU....tired old cops, not one has ever held a licence, worked in a horse environment, or raced a horse ( not raceday stewards or JCA, I’m talking RIU )
  15. poundforpound

    RITA- Board

    It’d be nice if we had some “racing” people in the decision making positions though, even at the Trackside recruitment level, but also the RIU and other such agencies. Racing belongs to Racing people, sports belongs to sports people, gambling belongs to gambling people, enough of this culture of recruiting outsiders to run this specialised industry....
  16. poundforpound

    Royal Ascot

  17. poundforpound

    RITA- Board

    Patiti.....you make good sense re NZTR ...however it’s a bit unfair to single out one single entity for criticism The reality is we’re producing a product no one really wants, supported by a dying audience. There'll always be Racing in NZ in some form, but not as we’ve known it, and therein lies our challenge...how do we remodel the industry, make it relevant and prepare it for the future ? I’d have thought the amateur club system has to go, NZTR in its current form definitely has to go, the abusive bullies known as the RIU must go, and from the ashes something must emerge that’s smaller, 100% professional, transparent, accountable, safe, managed by people who actually have experience with horses & gambling, and that produces a “package” that’s globally appealing to our customers. Let me close by saying a couple of things, AW tracks are NOT the answer, they’ll help, but you can’t build an industry around them, unless they’re Strathayr. Lastly....there’s absolutely no doubt that I’ve got the best brain in NZ Racing ( along with my numerous character flaws )...and I’ve got the hands on experience, plus I like all the members of RITA...but I can’t work with Winston or Labour...but when those time wasters are moved on I’ll be there to do my bit. I think RITA has an unenviable task ahead myself, and they should be given 20 years to turn this shambles around, because they’ll need every day of that.
  18. poundforpound

    Mrs Cubes gets grumpy with the TAB

    Nice work Steady Teddy, well done.. .. and in defence of the TAB they’ve always been very fair and reasonable when I’ve had an issue that needed their intervention
  19. poundforpound

    How y’all looking now

    About time.......it is 2012 isn’t it ?
  20. poundforpound

    How y’all looking now

    Nice work Berri Fruit......can you help us all understand what happened to the 35 million per annum the FairTax movement obtained ( through the endeavours of a precious few, and with considerable resistance from the NZRB ) for the industry......that was just cash coming in by virtue of a change ( thanks Winston ) in gambling duty.....but that money seems to have evaporated !! Surely the industry morons wouldn’t fall for the same trap and waste precious cash on stakes again would they ?
  21. poundforpound

    How y’all looking now

    They did their feasibility study, as only the racing community can do, and decided ( without asking the Te Rapa / Waikato committee ) that selling Te Rapa would largely fund this new facility.....but they forgot to ask Te Rapa if it was ok to cash up their valuable assets and take the proceeds first, and when they did finally ask Te Rapa if it was ok to grab their land sale proceeds it went to the vote, & it was unanimous ..... every member voted against it That’s racing politics for you, right there, in a nutshell
  22. poundforpound

    How y’all looking now

    No, I have intolerance issues ......with stalkers and losers.....you do know there’s another channel where your type coalesce don’t you ?
  23. poundforpound

    The Optimist

    Name RITA .....everyone else knows the makeup of that group Brian, or aren’t your informants informed As for turning the ship around......it’ll take a lot more than your ranting suggests. You can’t simply turn this industry into a profitable entity by firing the administrative team....you still have the major problem of producing a better product that you can sell more of, to increase revenue and profits, then spend your profits to grow the industry and not waste them on stakes, as we historically have. I’m of the opinion that RITA is a positive transition, and I love the way certain members of that authority are effectively being plucked from NZTR to leap frog and marginalise Saundry, Jackson & Co, in fact to remind NZTR that they’ve done nothing useful in the last ten years, but you must still keep your RITA expectations low because this is an impossible task given the structure of this code, the club constitutions, and the prevailing legislation My advice Brian, under promise and over deliver, forget your hyperbole, aim low, very low, and you’re still probably aiming far too high.
  24. poundforpound

    My radical plan to fix NZ racing

    1. All senior jockeys will get $500 a ride, unless they haven’t won a G1 race in the previous three years, in which case they’ll get $250 a ride. Apprentices will pay owners to ride their horses, they’ll set their price at the start of the season but a typical South Island apprentice would pay an owner $50 to ride their horse, and the owner can double the fee if the apprentice rides it as they normally do. 2. All female jockeys will get a 2kg allowance because they don’t knock horses around as much, except you Trudy, you’ll now have to ride without a stick. 3. All class A trainers will charge $150 per horse per day. However, if the said trainer has never trained a G1 or 2 winner they’ll charge $100 a day, and if you’re completely useless like say Pam Robson you’ll pay owners $100 a day to train a horse for them. 4. Owner trainers will pay NZTR $150 a day to train their own horses 5. All NZTR staff will now be on the minimum wage, because they’re going to be performance based. The handicappers will be dismissed and that job will be outsourced to Wellington Zoo 6. Trackside staff will now be bulk funded, The weekly pool for distribution will be based on the success rate of the alleged tipsters doing the Saturday shows......and topped up by the City Mission and Salvation Army 7. All studs with over 100 acres of land will need to subdivide off 20% of their land and gift it to the industry, debt free, to be used for our common good. 8. Stud masters will no longer be able to select their own stallions, mainly because they’re clearly fucking useless at it. Stallion purchase and selection will now be done by a committee of the three top jockeys and three top trainers from the previous season, that committee will be chaired by Peter “Wikipedia” Walker, because he knows everything. 9. The RIU and JCA will be disbanded. That role will be assigned to an ex jockey, one who was been a dirty cheating bastard and who knows all the tricks, someone like Jimmy Cassidy. 10. The NZRB will be done away with, and replaced by the cast of the Muppets 11. The Minister For Racing will be replaced by a figurehead, say a large bottle of single malt 12. All criminals and sex offenders should get their welfare benefit paid in TAB vouchers, and have to attend the races twice a week. Really bad criminals ( as in murderers or people who voted Labour ) should have to go to every meeting at Counties. 13. Lawyers and accountants will be banned from all aspects of NZ Racing, particularly administration. In fact there'll be a bag limit on the useless bastards and they’ll be ritually gutted then strangled with their own guts in the birdcage before every premier meeting. 14. Lastly, any track that has fast lines out wide when wet will be closed down and cashed up, the proceeds will be used to establish new world class facilities at safe venues like a Taupo, Foxton or areas that have a good black sand base There we go......now tell me why I shouldn’t be on RITA....or single handedly be put in charge of NZ racing.
  25. poundforpound

    My radical plan to fix NZ racing

    Not angry, just taking the piss because you poked your snout in. Too busy to be angry or old fella .. if you don’t know that you don’t know me