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  1. Isn’t tempo the most critical factor in determining where a winner comes from ? I guess with the rail right out that that increases the circumference of the turn and may discourage runners attacking early from the he back of the field ..... but the length of the straight is arguably slightly longer with the rail out so you should get a fair chance from anywhere shouldn’t you ?
  2. What a surprise !! I’m not sure some of the previous selections would stand close scrutiny
  3. Oh fuck me .... horses vary in their own body weight by anything from 5 - 50 kg depending on what state of a campaign they’re at ......do you want horses weighed now too, and not allowed to run if they’re a couple of kilos over their average racing weight? Tell me the difference between weight in a horses gut and weight on a horse’s back pleeaaasseeee While you’re there talk me through harness horses pulling big drivers, versus those pulling little drivers .... what’s the difference ? Oh that’s right, there is NO difference
  4. I didn’t know Lamb was an ex cop ... is that definitely true ? it makes sense though, you don’t hear any good stories about Lamb, or anything he does in harness
  5. My view is that he was 101% legal and within the legal limits to drive a two tonne car at 100 kph down SH1 opposed by oncoming traffic, with no median barrier, so he’d done nothing wrong ......why is the RIU using such draconian and abusive measures to harass licensees .... oh that’s right .. to get “trophies” to justify their fucked up existence Bit like Kenny Rae and his meth positive at 5 nanograms ..... the field testing threshold for pilots and surgeons is 300 nanograms before they’re deemed impaired And can’t work, 60 times higher than Kenny’s fucking horse, but the RIU imbeciles and liars have to get their quota of victims each year to justify the 7 million in pokie money it takes to run their shit show Of far more importance with jockeys is their weakened state due to wasting to comply with the abusive weight regime we have in NZ, a weight regime devised and supported by useless fat bastards who spend their lives at pie & Pinot shops
  6. Four long years this month since Kyle S ( best friend of Andrew Grierson the RIU expert witness who claims the osmotic diuretic salt ammonium chloride could be being used or perceived as a performance enhancing drug ) rang the RIU and made up the fabricated evidence about “race fixing” Grimstone and the RIU, in conjunction with the betting analyst Payn started their enquiries in September 2016 McIntyre their “driving expert witness” ( I can’t write that without a snigger... 8 wins over ten years from 170 drives and he’s their expert witness !!!!! ) commenced his involvement in January 2017 Here we are, dozens of search warrants later, none of which were focused on Brentan Tarrant who went on to slaughter 51 people, despite the fact the Police had been tipped off about Tarrant and their surveillance teams were working in the Dunedin, Mosgeil & Taeri areas where Tarrant was practising for his deadly rampage, looking for drivers and trainers who’d done absolutely nothing wrong ..... Ten million dollars later ( some claim the cost is actually 15 million ) and they still don’t have a conviction, and there’s only one race left to be decided by Judge Neave, a race that has no betting irregularities, no money trail ( a net result of $60 to the connections of that matters ).... meantime the Organised Crime Group, led by the low achiever and allegedly mentally unstable DS Neville Jenkins and the “blood doping” evidence fabricator Neil Grimstone are trying to reopen an investigation into a minor case of a bottle of a non steroidal anti inflammatory ( the aspirin type drug ) found in a gear bag for a horse staying overnight at Forbury, four years and three months ago.... and now the bumbling idiots and imbeciles are reaching out to TV presenters asking if they can help find betting irregularities ..... idiots... and incredibly, 10 million dollars later, they’re trying to recruit two investigators out of Australia to help find evidence of any race irregularities Stop humiliating yourselves you retards .... their is no money trail, there are no betting irregularities... there’s nothing except for a bitter ex business partner who was hopeless on the punt ( yes he used to beg me for Tips & winners ), a bitter jealous Disney type low achiever who holds a training license, and who has $$$$$ problems, a bitter cop who couldn’t train pigs to be dirty and who has blood on his hands from Op Blue Magic, and the equally fucked up callous racist ignoramus / liar from the RIU ... ably assisted by Ydgren who allegedly has an email attributed to him ( I haven’t seen that email but multiple sources claim they have ) asking Andrea Quinn from the Organised Crime Group “is it bad that I’m so excited about tomorrow”, sent the night before the dawn raids of two years ago All the media hype, all the allegations, all the resources wasted, all the mosque murders, all the misery, all the drama, al the reputations damage to licensees, the reputations damage to the industry as a whole, the cost to the Racing We Have No Integrity Unit, all from the corrupt pokies... and what have we got to show for it ......absolutely fucking nothing ...... Zero Nil Not a fucking sausage
  7. The stupidity of racing folk. NZF is still the subject of an SFO enquiry The funding of the Riccarton AW track simply doesn’t stand scrutiny Why on earth would anyone allow NZF and WP to taint them by association.? Shane Jones is polling terribly in Northland They can’t win a seat anywhere The NZF Party is polling so badly it cannot get back into parliament WP & NZF has never ever, never, been re-elected after a term as a coalition partner because their dark side is always exposed Other parties notice this shit....they hate racing anyway....so help me understand why you’d associate with WP knowing it’s going to cost the industry big time after October 17 ?
  8. A couple of Aussie legends have been appointed to sort the shit out for you. The first is a household name and he’ll be implementing the Burgess report The second is not quite so well known but like one of Santa’s accessories he comes with a big reputation. I know most of the people that matter read Cafe so let me make a suggestion. At least three members of the RIU have to go, and arguably four Grimstone, Godber, Irving and possibly Cruikshank should all be given what they deserve, and Ydgren, Macintyre and Lamb need to be dealt with and re-educated too. My suggestion, start disruptive action. No strikes, but just agree to delay strategic races by 15 minutes whenever anyone of those mentioned officiates, or behaves like a dirty low xxxx Just don’t come out of the drivers room You’ll only need to do it at a few meetings and the RITA board, and the Minister For Racing will step in and do the right thing . This is your industry, you need to own it and get rid of the cancer of delusional ex Policemen and their weak gutless mates who’re destroying the code FYI I’ve discussed this tactic with many influential administrators and they all agree it can’t fail.....so let’s get started
  9. So the story as told to me yesterday, by very credible sources, is that Grimstone and House conspired to entrap a charger defendant ( driver ) over one race that’s still the subject of the Inca enquiry Mickey Mouse rang a very high profile trainer and said words to this effect “can you get xxxxx xxxxxx to admit to blah blah because he won’t talk to us ... get him to admit he did it, come clean, and to own it, tell us what he knows” When he met with a blank refusal ( hardly surprising because nothing happened, there was no money trail and no betting irregularities, the net result of the race in question was actually a paltry $60 win to the connections ) House then divulged that Grimstone was looped into the conversation by speaker phone and has been listening If that story is true it’s a disgrace on multiple fronts, including but not limited to 1. that House would conspire with the RIU to entrap innocent licensees 2. what’s in it for House if he did what’s been described ? 3. Why would Grimstone behave so subversively, covertly, and unprofessionally ? 4. How can anyone work with House if he’s not a loyal member of the racing fraternity ? It’s a hard game this racing business, no one makes a fortune, everyone works 24/7, it’s for genuine loyal people not dodgy types you can’t trust
  10. Indeed, although in 95% of cases you’re going to need chemical restraint to administer it so that’s going to come with a lengthy withholding period.
  11. Even if that was true it doesn’t matter The technology is legit in every way
  12. Thanks for the delightful story about Ydgren and why he’s so toxic toward certain individuals I’ll sit on that one though as we don’t want to be the moral arbiters of the world or reduce ourselves to gossiping ....
  13. Has closed, wound up and the assets sold to a guy from Rangiora whose name I won’t reveal at this juncture This is a scandal on multiple fronts Firstly because before this laboratory service opened it was officially approved by the RIU. That process took six weeks and was orchestrated by Nick Ydgren at the behest of the laboratory partners The science is actually really basic ....you centrifuge whole blood, remove all the cells, red and white, thus you remove the haemoglobin and oxygen carrying capacity, and you’re left with just serum and a protein called an interleukin receptor antagonist It can be used intraarticular or directly into soft tissues It has no performance enhancing capabilities, all it does is interrupt the inflammatory cascade so it’s for positive animal welfare therapy The scandal is this Neil Grimstone told The Organised Crime Unit that using this therapy was “blood doping”. I have that Police evidence here Google Lasse Viren for the only known case of blood doping in my lifetime Grimstone also told the Organised Crime Unit the process was illegal....another brazen lie, or he’s really stupid and was just making shit up to cast a slur on our best trainers Furthermore Grimstone told the Organised Crime Unit the Dunn and Purdon stables were involved in this procedure with this laboratory using illegal techniques That’s a brazen lie, the Dunn’s have never had a single horse treated using this laboratory or this technique Grimstome also claimed, when commenting ( by Police request ) on a secretly recorded phone conversation, that “taking a blood” off a horse who’d run poorly was “blood doping” Grimstone and his lies aside, here’s the real scandal Only 204 horses were ever treated by this laboratory using this technique The Purdons total number of horses treated was only 20, in total, 20 horses Nick Ydgren claims that the RIU 0900Imalowlifenarc line has recorded messages from industry participants stating that hundreds and hundreds of horses have been treated including all the Purdons, and furthermore claiming that this is performance enhancing I know a few of the scum on this site who’ve rung that 0900Imalowlifenarc line and made these claims, and what a despicable bunch of filthy scum you are Jealous, toxic, liars and hypocrites, every fucking one of you, from the licensee level, to the punter, the RIU and the skanky stupid uneducated cops involved in the catastrophic failure known as Operation Inca If anyone reading this has been touched by this disgraceful scandal please get in touch with me. When the post mortem of Operation Inca is written, when the role of Neville Jenkins, Neil Grimstone, Nick Ydgren and Co is divulged, this will be an important thread in that tapestry that’ll demonstrate how low these guys will stoop to fabricate evidence, to lie, and to taint the industry Meantime ...in two more weeks...Judge Neave will deliver the death knell, the final nail in the coffin of this shameful and disgraceful chapter in harness history
  14. 90% are impaired because they’re fasting and compromising their natural strength. As for CWJ drinking early in the day.....untrue....he had a few the night before, but he was wasting so didn’t eat dinner, or breakfast..... Facts are good, you should try using them
  15. He was only half the legal driving limit ......another RIU joke ......
  16. I think the entire Labour / Green / NZ First coalition has to own this because it was funded as a “shovel ready” project What I find most fascinating here ( in the NewsHub story ) is the idea of “activating my DNA” When I was a bit younger ( sadly no longer the case ) I thoroughly enjoyed activating my DNA, usually with a good looking blond, and I’ve got five beautiful kids as a result. That said “activating your DNA” can end badly, one need only look at the catastrophic disaster resulting from Slam Dunk’s parents rendezvous, presumably a single rendezvous against a fence after a very late night, and possibly involving a Petri dish.
  17. You think you’re a little bitter ? Maybe get your shrink to change your meds because that toxicity can’t be healthy for you
  18. We do lots of charity work but we choose not to talk about it ... however in this instance I asked CJW if I could publicly thank him because those two are so generous in doing this It’s hard to find genuine superstars from any walk of like to sell at auction, and these two are global superstars, so for them to do this twice, not once but twice is amazing to me To the bitter prick who posted, Steps For Life do an amazing job promoting physical and mental health for young Polynesian & Maori kids ... they give kids who’re struggling a path forward...and they have no government support so you’re talking a lot of xxxx ( something you’re good at )
  19. At HQ we do a bit of fundraising for charity The racing community always support us, David Ellis, Brendan and Jo Lindsay, Sir Peter Vela and his family, to name but a few .. but this time I want to acknowledge two superstars of racing ... Chris Waller & James McDonald We sold a lunch or dinner date with them for $17,500 a month ago, that’s right, $17,500, with three determined underbidders, the Velas, Mark & Celia Wyborn and another very high profile racing person who wants to remain private Having done so well we thanked CJW and J Mac and threw out the idea that we could sell them again ( ten times over actually ) Chris Waller has just text me and said “sell us again” ... so we did, another $17,500 for Steps For Life What a pair of superstars they are ... so busy, in so much demand, but so humble, kind and modest ... and they’ve never forgotten their roots Thanks boys, you’re both very special and a great example to us all
  20. Legend.....stopped ‘em dead.....now get a selfie with Ollie....get the tram home.... and sit on Shane Warne’s knee ....and when you get home tell us how badly those two were ridden
  21. Well you stopped that poor bastard.....not that it needed much encouragement to give up It doesn’t want to be there, doesn’t like the pain, off to the stallion next week I’m picking Now let’s see you stop this thing in the last
  22. Since 2003 in various capacities A truly remarkable achievement to last that long One can only hope that the industry gets the leader it needs, and so richly deserves next.....but bear in mind that that Victoria Carter is deputy chair isn’t she ?
  23. No, most of the owners are well known good blokes from the city, and of course some of the original owners
  24. Weasel & CT ...you two bookmakers dreams ... how many have you two actually ridden, owned, or trained ??? Just stick to what you know and what you do well, that being punting recklessly and losing your money You’re both entertaining, but only in a pending train wreck style before the race, and a failure to take responsibility and blame others for the result after the race