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  1. I think you know I meant Teina .. he had foetal alcohol syndrome and was intellectually handicapped with the mind of a 9 year old .. didn’t stop the xxxxx from locking him up for 22 years ... just for fun
  2. Nine QC’s !! guesstimates say each defendant is well into 6 figures in legal fees by now, and at least one is over the 200 grand mark...this is going to go down as the single biggest waste of Police resources, and the greatest travesty of justice since the poor mentally handicapped Teina Pora, he who had the intellectual age of a nine year old, was jailed for a murder he never committed, that the Police had no evidence to support, but the cruel xxxxx put him in jail for 22 years The similarities are staggering .....but as Shakespeare said “ he will be hoist by his own petard “ ( or something very similar )
  3. They will be hoist with their own petard...... it’s coming on multiple fronts.
  4. The cost of the Police operation will be well over 15 million and almost certainly over 20 million. It is The Organised Crime Unit after all, not just the regular Police The first recorded involvement of the RIU ( in the Police evidence ) is September 2016 There’s no way of knowing what the RIU has spent but I can tell you only ONE RIU name keeps popping up in the Police evidence They still have no money trail, nor do they have any betting irregularities At the last pre trial hearing the defendants were represented by thirteen lawyers, nine of whom were QC’s single defendant was billed $41,000 for that four day pre trial hearing attendance The cost to the industry is staggering....for nothing...... Judge Neave is dismantling the crown case....meantime Operation Inca wasted more time laying criminal charges against me....then withdrew them last week after we asked for disclosure This must surely go down as the single greatest waste of Police resources ever, nearly four years investigation if you include the RIU, covert surveillance for 160 days from Invercargill, to Forbury Park, Christchurch to Blenheim, Alexandra Park to Cambridge, to Palmerston North, nearly four years now, motels, hotels, rental cars, at race meetings, airports, phone taps, trailing cars late at night, for what ?, for absolutely nothing ( as yet anyway )
  5. The first question any reasonable person should be asking right now is how and why did the Organised Crime Unit get involved in Inca, and what relationship have they got with the RIU or its agents As Judge Neave dismantles the crown case it’s becoming more and more obvious that there is NO money trail, there are NO betting irregularities ... all they’ve got us a bit of racing banter and some very dodgy insinuations from their expert witnesses The Organised Crime Unit is dedicated to large scale organised crime, usually with an international connection, not minor racing misdemeanours There’s going to be one hell of a story told here if and when the cost of this farcical exercise becomes public knowledge
  6. Remind me again why he wasn’t welcome or popular in NZ team ? Didn't someone have some unsavoury stories about him ? I’m asking for a friend from Asia Thanks
  7. There is no horse float incident, there is no 100 ml syringe, you’re making your little story up and embellishing it to try to fit your fucked up narrative Best you go check what Judge Neave threw out at the pre trial hearing BTW it was never a feed supplement, unless you consider a common salt that is non prescription and can be bought at any feed supplier, and rural vets ( as an “over the counter” product ) and used as a feed supplement an issue Every trainer uses salt additives in their feed, every proprietary feed product manufacturer uses salts and vitamins in the what’s your point ? Salts of that nature are typically used in 20-30 gram quantities per horse if that matters
  8. All the evidence I’ve seen ( 3500 pages now ) refer to plasma and nothing more Grimstone gives the Police hilarious advice and what he thinks they’re doing when told they’d “taken a blood” off a horse ....he comes across as an ignorant imbecile actually Blood spinning is not illegal and never has been, no equine vet could operate without blood derivatives like platelets, stem cells, Irap etc......they’re just tools of the trade TDO I’m not here to answer your questions because you’re just an arsewipe of no significance
  9. I thought we’d kissed and made up and were besties now
  10. The Lindsay’s aren’t the type of people who’d gouge so I say he’s worth $75k as of today, he’d be standing for 100 in the Hunter Valley though, but they’ll stand him for about $55 in his first season here, and he’ll sell out on day one
  11. I know a few “cafers” have European experience so I offer a thought for debate My opinion is that the three best sprints across Europe are the Haydock Sprint Cup ( used to be the Vernons ), the July Cup at HQ, and that sprint last night, the Diamond Jubilee I don’t rate the Prix de l’Abbaye because it’s too late in the season and many horses are OTT by then This horse has now won two of the big three, and you can guarantee he’ll run in the July Cup next For my money that puts him well ahead of the likes of Danehill from a performance view To draw a comparison with our part of the world, this is like having a NZ owned stallion who won the Slipper then trained on and won the Everest As a stallion I say he’s worth 30 million plus now, and if he wins the July Cup you can add another 20 million to that Any thoughts ?
  12. What meeting is that arsewipe ? BTW plasma is just plasma......just google it if you don’t know what it is
  13. That’s a seriously quick and thoroughly genuine horse right there He’ll be a hell of an asset for NZ
  14. My impeccable sources tell me the new Racing Amendment Bill will allow the TAB to offer tote betting up until 20 seconds after they’ve jumped How cool is that, they’ve gone 300m and you can still get on ....
  15. Fuck off .. wanker you are.. BTW the RIU told me it was Salinger who narced... just as they told me Neville Jenkins and the racist turd Grimstone were driving this shameful attack on decent licensees
  16. RIU staff told me it was Kyle Salinger way back in about September 2016 or early 2017
  17. NEP Group - Australia"
  18. Huge costs involved, with very mediocre performance No obvious desire to embrace racing No racing folk assimilated into the shop window Rugby doesn’t need a broadcast channel ( not does any sport ) If breeders want a human interest self promoting channel let them buy / provide their own, why should racing subsidise them ? NEP is taking over Sky because Sky doesn’t want to be involved in sports broadcasting Seems to me Trackside is dull, boring, poor recruitment has devalued the industry asset, there’s no evidence their admin team give a fuck about racing, so why not just let NEP or someone similar take the expensive shit show over and save us an awful lot of money ? Never waste a crisis I say ... Now is the time to divest of this poorly managed liability
  19. I’ve gone brown too, no issue there, at least I’m not green or red
  20. The government is undergoing huge change ...... Rumours abound that Neve is about to welcome a half sister into the world ( note they’re only rumours, strictly rumours, and of course CG has been dogged by rumours in the past, but this time I don’t expect Mike Bush or Andrew Coster to boldly announce that there’s no evidence a certain persons sausage was ever found to have been inhabiting a certain nannies moisty bits, not even a wee bit, not even the tip of his member, and unless there’s video evidence this story will remain just as suggested, a delicious but presumably untrue rumour )
  21. I invite anyone to name one single thing the RIU has done to make this industry better, stronger, or more reputable There’s nothing I know of......and given how often I deal with them I’m in a privileged position to comment
  22. Plod said to be appealing Judge Neaves decision to throw out all charges pertaining to one particular race Nasty bastards, bad losers, and can’t admit defeat
  23. Not sure that’s 100% correct....not saying it’s not but I haven’t heard that “every” case has been thrown out Anyone know different ? Please advise if you do
  24. I’m familiar with that charge, and I’m told it was dealt with at the time it occurred by the Police, and there was nothing that warranted charges .. but then the RIU went to the alleged victim some time later and persuaded that person to revisit the issue and pursue charges through the Police, which they have now done
  25. Some were and charges were thrown out