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  1. Must be careful Aquaman. You thought it was Caitlyn Jenner's hand you were holding... but it wasn't Nice.
  2. I see what you mean with the KFC comparison GONSTA but would an advertising agency use fat Albert in a KFC TV advertising campaign? They probably should as that would be a fair representation but they would never do so as it sends out all the wrong messages. Same with Coco Cola advertising. They routinely show lots of young trim people jumping around at the beach but when you look at the amount of sugar in Coke a more accurate reflection would be fat Albert eating KFC and drinking coke.
  3. Glad you didn't show the front view of the individual to the left of fat Albert. It's actually Caitlyn Jenner. I need a bucket quickly.
  4. I agree with the thread starter. Not only are a fair proportion obese,they also invariably walk with a limp favouring one leg. Belly out to here is not a good look in any sport....except sumo. If you can't look after yourself,how can you look after a racing dog with all it's requirements? It's an unprofessional look. Surely another handler can be used until Mr Blob measures up? I see some venues have handlers wearing coloured coats etc to match the race number of their charge. Very professional look. The issue here is not helped either by a "security guard" limping alongside the handlers
  5. If bookies have set the fixed odds market with five or six paying under even money for a place then hows the tote looking? If you won't use the tote as your bet will kill the pool then surely you need to look at the better races with bigger pools? Most trackside presenters wouldn't know value if it jumped up and bit them on the bum. As Crucible says,they invariably describe anything that is not favourite as "value"..even if it's not.
  6. Is Methven a grass track Brodie?
  7. If your logic works for you with your betting Brodie then more power to you. I've seen you say it is extremely difficult to consistently win off the gallops. I personally find it extremely difficult to win consistently off low grade low value harness races. So many question marks over fitness and motivation etc etc etc. At least with the All Stars you know they will be 100% nailed down for the big one's and with no question marks about motivation. If the All Stars winning is as predictable as you say then surely there is a way of winning on the punt with them? I personally thought
  8. You shoot your own acquirement down in flames. Talk about contradicting. The races are predictable but there are no such things as guaranteed winners. What does that mean Brodie? I can only speak for myself but I get a buzz from winning money off any bloody thing. If I won $1000 off a $10 bet it still has the same monetary profit value as winning $1090 off a $100 bet. Still spends the same. I try not to get emotional about money. I also haven't had many certificates from the TAB for picking $20 winners etc. I honestly thought you knew a thing or two about betting. Don't you like mon
  9. Why would you expect more from the tooth fairy than me Brodie? Are you a narcissist? Is that $1.10 a guaranteed winner? If so,why not put the house on it? Why not anchor it in trifecta's,first four's and quaddies etc? If I was a $50 win punter I would never put that on a $1.10 shot but I would look for value elsewhere in the race. Perhaps a place bet. It's not that I enjoy the All Stars. What I do enjoy is seeing great horses and big races and I especially enjoy the fact I can back them with confidence. The $1.20 on Hughie Green was looking a bit sick as soon as M.M handed up to i
  10. Clearly comprehension is an issue with you Brodie as several others have pointed out. Where exactly did I attack Robert Dunn? I described him as a magnificent trainer. Is that your definition of "attacking?" I merely pointed out the difference between the two top trainers in regard to targeting the big money races. Yes some punters will not bet in races where there is a raging hot fav All Star or otherwise. Others will just put more on. If the All Stars withdrew all the runners on Derby night do you honestly believe betting turnover would increase? If you believe that
  11. So Mark Purdon is selfish now? Human beings have lots of emotions when they win a Group one classic elite race. I didn't know guilt should now be added to the list of emotions. Robert Dunn gives more support to clubs than Mark Purdon? Sorry I didn't realize Robert was running a charity. Last time I looked Robert Dunn was doing very well out of harness racing. What the ##*^# has Maria Sharapova got to do with this topic? More of your slurs totally devoid of merit. So should everyone avoid Derby night because it won't be exciting. Why? Because some of the All Stars big nam
  12. I think what I've been harping on about with the All Stars targeting specific high value races is illustrated with premier night at Auckland on Friday. Race 1. 20k trot. No All Stars runners Race 2. 20k pace. No All Stars runners Race 3. 80k G2 Delightful Lady Classic for the 2yr old fillies. Three All Stars runners. Probably first three favs. Race 4. 30k trot. No All Stars runners. Race 5. 100k G1 Cardigan Bay Stakes. Two All Stars runners. Clear top two favs just like last year. Race 6. 40k mares race. No All Stars runners. Race 7. 250k G1 Great Northern De
  13. I understand the small amounts being wagered but what comes first? The chicken or the egg. If the races are that pointless,then why have them at all? I've watched a fair bit of exciting American harness racing over the years. Not much of that involved veterans going around for peanuts at Yonkers. If you're going to deliver a crap product the chances are punters won't bet. Why don't they offer good quality American harness instead? There is plenty available at Saratoga,The Meadowlands,Balmoral Park etc, It would also be helpful if the NZ presenters actually had a better understandin
  14. I have a nice memory of meeting a beautiful young lady at a place called Blackball. Not to be confused with Blueball which was also present at the time. The Blackball Hilton even seemed like a five star hotel after a few pints of home brew and a delicious possum casserole. She went on to make a lovely horse trainers wife but just for a brief moment she was fortunate enough to have a brutally handsome man to play spin the bottle with. I told her how lucky she was at the time. I feel confident she still looks back with fondness reminiscing about those 52 seconds.