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  1. gisborne sunday

    Would be good but NZ Racing, Ruakaka here we go ,......
  2. Reefton

    Rodgie being Rodgie - when he wins the Derby greatest track in Australasia
  3. Reefton

    And nothing has changed l
  4. Reefton

    The day TB gifted Harness Sunday racing they set the future - Harness still cannot believe they won Racing lotto - fools that didn't listen to grassroots
  5. Michael Pitman

    All a big nothing - what a super horse he was - raced into his teens solely due to the care Pitman gave him - well looked after and Pitty at his very best - Legend in our time
  6. Reefton

    You are probably right with the Ashburton Timaru Oamaru comments but how sad - inevitably I think we will be left with Ascot, Wingatui and Riccarton and maybe a West Coast track - In 10 years no more than 5 tracks - the interest will simply not be there - yet in Ozzie they are covering completely different ground
  7. Without thinking

    Royal Master, Johns Pal, Balmerino
  8. R1 3 6 R2 3 5 R3 9 11 bb R4 4 5 R5 1 2 R6 2 4 R7 15 16 bb R8 8 9 R9 1 3 R10 3 13 Enjoy
  9. Ellerslie All Up Comp

    R1 Astor R4 break my stride Scratching change
  10. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    Good luck to them
  11. RIP Miss Vista.

    Tragic - we need and love animals like her - very sad
  12. R4 miss brahmos win R7 las cobos win Thanks Col
  13. TE RAPA

    He won't