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  1. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    HunterP, don't care what you are or have been, did not say you know nuthin either! read my post properly and understand it! but with your talk clearly you think Mark & Nat know nuthin! all because you just wanna believe they are crooked! that's the nub of it....however, I was sayin givin Mark's pedigree he might just know more than you, about the conditioning of horses and what they are capable of etc....tell yuh what HunterP, you ring Mark and ask him I'm sure he'd tell yuh why the horses don't run like you want them to when he's not around, then you can post his reply in here..... brodie, still talkin shite I see, but you do know what I meant using the term 'flocking' to AllStars" I have owned racehorses so I do know the process on gettin them into a racin stable yuh dope, the point was Mark and the AllStars have no shortage of willing owners and future owners for that matter, who would love to have them as their trainers, you said it yourself, they train for a select group (very select), if AllStars were so bad why would they even wanna try them? AllStars can pick and choose, because they are that good, simple! they have the beauty of being able to be selective.....why you and your mates so bloody jealous? you should be proud a Kiwi bloke is top of the heap with his Kiwibreds (acknowledge the few aus breds ) and is great at what he's doin (with Nats help, sorry Nat), whats the matter with you all? Lee, I thought he was in their barn? Harewood, yeh man that's my point its past history! plus Allstar's co-operated fully with authorities boom done, build a bridge..... Cheers Iraklis
  2. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    HappyS, so your 'do' was post a gripe to me? my assertion? aint no assertion it's fact...if you read my post correctly I stated that the past is passed, you cannot change history no matter what, dude no one can! it's done! no matter how much you you may want to re-hash situations you will never ever be able to change it, that goes for anyone it's pointless! no matter what trainer has done what, and what posters post what it's done! postin a gripe to me ain't gunna help your situation, sorry mate but there it is......old adage if you don't like whats being posted don't read em, or do summit tangible about it, it may upset you terribly but that's for you to deal with....I always enjoy the racin mate, to the max To one and all, I am a full on out there declared to all, ALLSTARS fan!!! if that makes me a 'cheerleader' so be it I can live with that!!! that said, does not mean I have blinders on re any issue's Mark P may have with the authorities, I just believe that is for Mark to deal with, he has dealt with it, its in the past! (personally I believe he took lesser of two evils course, and if you read above article posted by Lee in conjunction with news report posted by LO you'll see what I mean) I am a fan, as I just love to see their horses in action (you know there's guna be summit to watch), the condition of those horses (grooming etc), they are always well conditioned, tuned to the minute and ready to race, love watchin em..... LongO and HunterP, if we are to all go along with your assertions re MarkP - AllStars being such cheaters and just plain bent, what does that make all those well to do, professional people (pretty decent list) who are owners of the horses the man trains and races on their behalf? what, you think they don't keep an eye on their moneyed investment? (owners aint stupid), they don't give a toss for their horses welfare? I know, they must all and I mean all be bent too! if as you would have us all believe AllStars were the cheatin scourge of harness racin, why are owners flocking to the stable in their droves? too many some are turned away, too successful! is all I perceive their crime to be.....hey you guys are no fans of theirs that's clear, your free to dislike! likewise we who like AllStars are also free to be fans..... HunterP, what rubbish! Laz is a stallion and he's a bundle of hard well conditioned muscle!....look at MarkP's pedigree mate, he comes from a well to do, well respected harness racing dynasty, look at his sire for chrissakes! god forbid he may learn a thing or two from a Master, he was livin, eatin, breathin, harness trainin before he could run! he is a very talented horseman/trainer in his own right! and now teamed with Nat wooheee what a combo, nah they just cheaters don't know nuthin ay dude, the conditioning on those horses and I've seen em up close, is absolutely bang on, they are feed well, conditioned well, hence they race well! someone is puttin in the hard yards on those horses and its payin off! think about it..... Cheers Iraklis
  3. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    HappyS, if you believe that, and you don't like it, I guess you'll have to give some thought as to what to about it...... Cheers Iraklis
  4. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    HappyS, I take it by your comment you don't believe that it does in fact apply to all? that is your opinion, but it must be remembered that all of the issue's of the past are just that passed! they cannot be changed no matter what, regardless of whatever outcome you would've preferred..... Cheers Iraklis
  5. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    As previously stated in here FlagU, and point of fact LongOwner brought the subject up, I then asked, when? the reason being (as previously stated twice) I wanted to clarify whether it was a recent incident or something LO was referring to from last year, whew......come on now geez Cheers Iraklis
  6. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Lee, the info you posted was pretty clear to me as for some others in here they just wanna believe what they wanna believe, don't matter what you say...... FlagU, those involved said enough about the incident at the time, it has been dealt with ok, no amount of hashin and re-hashin the subject is guna change the outcome.....it has passed into history...... Cheers Iraklis
  7. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Thanks FlagU, I got that, as I said I was just tryin to clarify if it was a recent thing or last yrs thing..... Cheers Iraklis
  8. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    LongOwner, wind yuh neck in just askin a question! no conveniently forgot anything thought you were making ref to something recent like in past couple of weeks! OK..and whats 'pre trail race'? Lee, great info Cheers Iraklis
  9. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    LongOwner, when did Mark get caught 'injecting a serum' and refuse to tell authorities what was in it? please ref details..... Cheers Iraklis
  10. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Whoar, TheChamp has got it in front of him in the Mile, buggahhhh! still he's proven he's special, should be a rippa of a race Cheers Iraklis
  11. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    I take your sentiments GlobeD about Laz winnin from anywhere, but The Champ is a hardworkin horse and any breaks re good draw he can get, would not only be great for him but bloody great for my nerves hey and it don't matter if he does miss in the Mile, he will still be The Champ his record so far, well it speaks for itself...... Cheers Iraklis
  12. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Great news, all our guns came through last nights races well whew Mark is happy with them.....now for the cottonpickin draw everything crossed except me eyes for The Champ...... Cheers Iraklis
  13. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Frankie, that's rubbish The Champ was beaten on his merits few weeks ago, no excuses bloody massive run tho!..... Brodie, question is who's horses did they catch it from? if they were still infectious they would not have been cleared fit to run the horses were vetted and stewards informed.... FlagU, not sure if The Champ needed to run last night or not but here's field for MMile: Anything For Love, Soho Tribeca, Charlaval, Tiger Tara, My Field Marshal, Lazarus, Lennytheshark, Jilliby Kung Fu. Emergencies: Let It Ride, Atomic Red. Draw is later today around 1.30pm (aus time)..... Cheers Iraklis
  14. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    MapleH, keep your ugliness to yourself!...... Oh dear, twas shit night at the office for AllStars, still two 3rds and a 4th was summit I spose.....FlagU, understand your sentiments re horses welfare but AllStars posted on their website early yesterday that they had been battlin with an illness issue in aus stable, however horses were cleared to run by vets, as for punters they choose to bet...... cheers Iraklis
  15. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Well all I can say to that DoubleR is nuts nuts and frickn nuts!!! nerves just kicked in bugga I'll have to have a nice cold one or two to settle the nerves ahh maybe three....yey for you Brodie....FlagU, YEH BOYYYY!!!!!! Cheers Iraklis