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  1. The Rocks in At Harrah's Sun

    Hey guys The Rocks races again Sun, Waikiki B (race 2) and Shartin N? (race 11) in on same card....WOOOOHOOO!!!! GOOOO!!!! THE ROCKS!!!! RACE 2 - Harrah`s Philadelphia - PA - May 27, 2018 Gait: Pace Purse: $14,500 Class: nw14000L5 Distance: 1 Mile Planned Post Time: 1:00 PM 1 Ghost PineL 8 1 2 0 1:49.4M $11410 Joe Bongiorno Ron Coyne Jr 2 Sagebrush SidL 16 4 2 2 1:51.4F $40067 Victor Kirby Wayne Givens 3 Cooperstown 4 0 2 0 Q1:53.2F $8725 Eric Carlson Christie Collins 4 CandellL 13 1 1 1 1:53.2H $26460 Eric Carlson Gilbert Garcia-Herrera 5 Robbie Burns N FOR: 3 0-1-2 $6063L 1 1 0 0 1:50.1F $6250(i) Art Stafford Jr Joshua Parker 6 Waikiki Beach AL 9 4 0 1 1:50.2F $23550(i) Scott Zeron Ross Croghan 7 Father SarducciL 3 2 0 0 1:51.3F $9750 Corey Callahan Tom Shay 8 Vapour N L 8 1 2 1 1:53.3H $12390(i) Pat Berry Traci Berry [9 Miso FastL 4 1 0 0 1:50.3F $11265 Tim Tetrick Virgil Morgan Jr AE1 Dakota JackL 16 2 3 1 1:51.1F $25627 Tim Tetrick Lou Pena RACE 11 - Harrah`s Philadelphia - PA - May 27, 2018 Gait: Pace Purse: $150,000 Class: B Ross Inv Distance: 1 Mile Planned Post Time: 4:00 PM 1 Pure CountryL 2 0 1 1 - $11100 Mark Macdonald Jimmy Takter 2 Caviart AllyL 2 2 0 0 1:50.4F $17500 Andrew McCarthy Noel Daley 3 Divas ImageL 11 5 1 3 1:51.0F $73200 Joe Bongiorno Jennifer Bongiorno 4 Shartin N L 11 9 1 0 1:49.3F $343975(i) Tim Tetrick Jim King Jr 5 Agent QL 2 2 0 0 1:50.3F $30000 Brett Miller Chris Oakes 6 Apple Bottom JeansL 7 3 0 1 1:50.1M $49980 Victor Kirby Kevin Switzer 7 DarlinonthebeachL 3 1 1 0 1:51.1F $24100 David Miller R. Nifty Norman 8 Blue Moon StrideL 3 2 0 1 1:49.4F $37264 Corey Callahan Mark Harder AE1 Twinkle 7 2 2 1 1:54.1H $65980 Andrew McCarthy Ross Croghan RACE 12 - Harrah`s Philadelphia - PA - May 27, 2018 Distance: 1 Mile Planned Post Time: 4:20 PM (Mon for us) 1 Beckhams Z Tam 1 0 1 0 Q1:51.4S $5250 Ricky Macomber Jr Jamie Macomber 2 Western Joe 15 7 4 1 1:50.0M $110607 Scott Zeron Christopher Choate 3 Heaven Rocks A FOR: 4 1-1-1 $93163 1 0 1 0 - $7500(i) David Miller Ross Croghan 4 Filibuster Hanover 3 3 0 0 Q1:49.3M $102725 Yannick Gingras Ron Burke 5 Rockeyed Optimist 4 1 1 0 1:50.3F $26600 Brett Miller Jake Leamon 6 Rodeo RomeoL 9 4 2 0 1:49.2F $69250 Andrew McCarthy Chris Ryder 7 Mcwicked 1 1 0 0 1:50.1S $13260 Brian Sears Casie Coleman 8 Mach It SoL 8 3 1 2 1:49.0F $132060 Geo. Napolitano Jr Jeffrey Bamond Jr. AE1 Bettor`s EdgeL 16 4 6 3 1:50.0M $84355 Scott Zeron Jennifer Lappe Cheers Iraklis
  2. Lazarus should dominate in North America

    Hey FTMuch, Ron Burke was the other trainer mentioned as well as Takter...... Cheers Iraklis
  3. Lazarus should dominate in North America

    FTMuch, oh true well that'd be good for The Laz, I seem to recall on one the harness sites reporting on Lazzie's sale etc mentioned Takter, hell coulda been MickG in his article even, I know recently there were some of Takter's horses in the results, I came across when searching for The Rocks etc from what I saw there seemed to be quite a few.....dare say someone will jump in with added info, I have to admit I don't know much bout Takter as trainer etc so spose I should jump online and do a bit of a recky Cheers Iraklis
  4. Lazarus should dominate in North America

    FTMuch, there was some mention of Takter, but there's been nothin since, guys if anyone has any updates on Laz's new trainer info please Cheers Iraklis
  5. Lazarus should dominate in North America

    FarTooMuch, his mile racing aint that shabby, really, depending on who gets him to train in US I would imagine they will get what's needed from him, he's got brains (Mark mentioned this) has our Laz and I'm in no doubts he will learn what's needed fairly quickly, Laz is a trier, he has shown from racing here he'll do whats needed when its needed (so long as he's well) I personally believe he'll surprise alot who believe he is solely a stayin gun, his stayin guts will stand him in good stead and I for one can't wait to see this next chapter in his life.....anyone know who's guna get him re training etc? Cheers Iraklis
  6. Farewell Neil Pilcher- RIP

    Bloody nice bloke, RIP Mr Pilcher I salute you friend and thankyou for lookin after my horses so well when transportin them, sad sad sad news....... Cheers Iraklis
  7. Lazarus should dominate in North America

    Valuebell, I take your point Lazzies dam.....hmmmmmm Cheers Iraklis
  8. Lazarus should dominate in North America

    Thank you Caper, that's some really good info we here in Kiwiland are really hopin our boy can show you guys what hes been doin here, and why we love him, I can't wait to see what his new trainer can get from him you lucky people are in for a treat, I kid you not Cheers Iraklis
  9. Who was the Knob????

    Guys EnhanceYourCalm just stretched his legs a little bit and took the front, stretched his legs a little bit more and won it! he's big n strong and showed last night he's got some fight as well, he got headed and fought back to win it and looked to be doin it very well indeed, can't wait til they bring him North so I can get a good look at him on the whole Allstars had a rippa of a night, ooh ooh and it was great to see Enghein get in, good races from The Ruby and OneOverDaMoon for sometime, that was good to see, but the mighty Allstars well what can yuh say...... Cheers Iraklis
  10. The Rocks!!! Wow

    Maple, oh wind yuh neck in and grow up!!! no where here did I call you a liar right! (strike a nerve did I) never said the trainers know nothing either! you said it all! and nowhere did I ever say I followed racing in the States! I like to follow our Kiwibreds especially ones I am familiar with here and who are now in US, all I said in the first instance was your comment was bit harsh re horses goin 1.49 were average! and to call you on those comments of plenty 'of average horses' goin in 49' and I might add not in a nasty way either! but since you decided nasty is where its at then so be it!.....you however are the one with the very very 'simple mind' and showing that you have more than a 'problem' than most! keep taking those little white pills mate ok, and get plenty of exercise and fresh air!!!!.....'Sounds like I think any horse who can break 1.50 is a Champion' NO! once again that's not what I said, you did! you reaaaaally have problems with reading and understanding what is said don't you? now who's the simpleton! go back and read again what I did say, and you'll see yuh got yuh undies in twist over sweet F all!!!! I have made one observation tho, you are sounding like, very much like another poster who no longer has the priviledge of being here.... Iraklis
  11. The Rocks!!! Wow

    Maple, is that all you got??? I did say and ask alot more, but if you just want a scrap I'm more than willin to oblige! you know you really shouldn't go gettin your undies in a knot like that it'll make yuh talk funny!!!! oh an keep taking the white pills mate, big glass of water, an breathe it out yeh, breeaaattthhhe it out, for chrissakes......US site is fine for lookin up entries/results etc but for past racing history etc etc gawdsakes specially when unfamiliar with site, but, since you made initial statements and clearly find the site is so easy, obviously very familiar with it, then how bout you post (cos I noticed you never answered questions) all of these 'plenty of average horses goin in 49' in here so we can all see, yeh?? you named 1!!!.....and for your info where did I mention horses goin in 49 or less are 'Stars', all I'm sayin is that's a bloody good time 1.49.4 hell anything under 1.50 has gotta be great, wish I had an 'average horse' who could do that on a fricken sloppy track!! let alone a good track, and given The Rocks can be a handful hey I'm lovin he ran good time, simple! GOOOO! The Rocks...... Iraklis
  12. The Rocks!!! Wow

    Maple, didn't say you did! I was simply alludin to your comment about 'Time only means anything when you are in jail. i've seen plenty of average horses win in 49', I asked what time would you consider not average? given track conditions it was run under, just pointing to, for an average bunch I felt your comments to be bit harsh, as on the day The Rocks race was the fastest, and even at The Big M weekend before none broke that time....Nemisis, you think he won in 48? when? mate if he won in 48 who the hell cares bout what race it was whether it was race of note or not? but if you have more info, how bout you tell us! hey you said you seen plenty and there are more like Nemisis well he's 1...... Just realised how bloody lucky we are here in NZ we have HRNZ for lookin up horses breeding, race records etc and its free!!!! easy to navigate and everything is right there, now if you wanna exercise try goin to USTA site and start tryin to look up stuff arggghhhhh!!! Cheers Iraklis
  13. The Rocks!!! Wow

    Maple, that's bit harsh mate, really? so what time would you consider a 'not average' run on a sloppy track? names of those average horses doin 49 be nice? I mean The Rocks race was the only one that day to break 1.50, and at the Meadowlands Sat none did there either...... Cheers Iraklis
  14. The Rocks!!! Wow

    Maple, 'very good time on a sloppy track' is a bit of an understatement, he went 1.49.4! had to come round them, then run em down to do it, come on Cheers Iraklis
  15. The Rocks!!! Wow

    Woohoo!!! wat a race The Rocks nearly rocked em ran 2nd went down by a whisker in 1.49.4 yussss!!! made up big ground ran bit greenly but for that woulda won!!!!! guys if he had o farted he woulda got it wowee he'll get his next one, then lookout...... GOOO THE ROCKS!!!!! Chees Iraklis