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  1. Well done Pitty

    Great stuff Mr Pitty.
  2. Steve Telfer

    Are you talking about Check In or Step out? If your talking about Step Up, how could you say that? Maybe you were still thinking about the kids karts or something. It was a terrible drive, look liked he knew he had stuffed up halve way , then tried to shove horse outside out of the way. Had he taken inside run, could have won, but certainly would have finished top 3. I think my bet was spot on, you watch it will pay $2 next start in same class and piss in.
  3. Wellington Cup Day

    Only other bet I have a trentham today was Princess Saphire! Oh deary me, no luck. You have to feel for owners etc, horse was spot on, only undone by a below par ride. Yep, was my money talking,
  4. Wellington Cup Day

    Chambord been very unlucky last 2 Starts. Should have won last 3. $20 odd bucks real value
  5. Steve Telfer

    Poor Steve tonight. Check In had no chance with the draw and the drive. But Butcher certainly butchered the drive on Step Up. Small field, somehow tries to push runner wider, when he could have driven bus thru on inner??? His Whanau finishes first & second? Should be charged for stupidity. Worst drive I have seen in a small field in a long time
  6. What happened here ?

    Maybe all horses gained a fair start and the assistant started celebrating!!! Not been done for a long time.
  7. Sam Ottley

    Yes, it was a good watch. She is driving very well. Sorry Mardy, only know how to use remote!
  8. 2018 Punting advice ?

    It’s only a ripple, in a sea of cash!
  9. Lazarus. Wow

    Kotare, you mentioned Barton Memorial. I see one of my old favs, Idolmite won this race in 1982, that was its last race. Anyone know if it was injured, or did connections just retire the 8yo. Was racing well if I remember correctly. What a shame that none of the great mares of the 80s left anything of note. Bonnies Chance, Delightful Lady,Glen Moria, Idolmite , Hilarious Guest, Armalight to name a few. Must be real sad for the owners , they would expect better.
  10. Lazarus. Wow

    I was at the motukara Races this day, 6 oct, 1984. Here is the finishing order of the main race, Double Cove, Stortford Lodge, Borana, Supreme Ruler, Mighty Me, Our Mana, Hilarious Guest, Mytop Sweetie, Freightman, Dryden Amanda, Trilobal, Norton, Mister Wood Chips, Enterprise, Diamond Moose. How good a field is that?
  11. Lazarus. Wow

    I agree with you, early 2000s game in decline. But, in recent years, it seems when we have a real top horse, they seem to really dominate, very small divs and majority of races they turn into a procession. Cup day has now turned into a drunken perv feast, which I don’t mind, but for someone who loves the game, I can’t be bothered going. They make the money of grog, so I understand. Of you looked at the crowds on cup day in the 80s, I would say over 75% were actually interested in the horses, and followed the game. Nowadays, be lucky to have 20% interested, and falling.
  12. Lazarus. Wow

    What a great horse Bionic Chance was. Dont think they ever saw the best from the unsound Bionic Adios. Had his Races well spaced due to problems. I remember Patron Score winning his first couple well too for Dynes, sadly that went Amiss. Could have even served a few mares. Not too sure
  13. Lazarus. Wow

    Sadly, it seems you are too young to remember the great horses. I started this thread saying what a great horse Laz is. But, the match ups between horses racing now and then, is not the same. You were probably in nappies and sucking on tits when these races were being run. Maybe get some old harness books and look what you missed out on , rather than your spoiled little twat remarks.
  14. Lazarus. Wow

    Chill man , Chill. All we we were saying is that people once got excited about going on course to see great horses. Yes, there is far more competition, casinos, trackside, sports , tv. We all know that. But it nobody I know gets a buzz going to the track like we used to. Remember the great battles basil dean had with sir Castletown, Royden glen vrs preux chevalier, brilliant
  15. Lazarus. Wow

    Is true thou. Those fields in the 80s got people to the track