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Lindsay Joyce

is there no one Breeding in NZ ?

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greyhoundauctions.co.nz is Robin Wales' site for selling dogs. It's well put together and has a great team behind it but isn't flying along yet.

As Joe blogs said, pup sales are generally rare and by word of mouth. There's the odd pup or litter posted in the Sales section here on Racecafe.

The main advertising of stud dogs is in the monthly On Track magazine produced by GRNZ. This has the racing calendar for the next couple of months and other information for participants. Among the info included is a list of all dogs at stud in NZ with contact details for their owners, and there's a classifieds section in the magazine too for ads promoting a stud dog, selling straws of frozen semen, or selling pups.

Here's the September issue, which can be easily found on GRNZ.co.nz (a link to it is currently on the rotating homepage banner): https://www.grnz.co.nz/Files/September 2020/SEPTEMBER OnTrack Magazine_FINAL.pdf

Race sponsorship is another way to get the word out about a stud dog; it doesn't cost much and is targeted pretty much square at the relevant audience. I've noticed a few races named the "Bigtime Paddy at Stud" in the CD lately, as an example.

Another way for people to find pups to buy is that Licensed Persons (LPs) can log into the GRNZ website and see the list of litters born, and then contact the breeders if they see something they like. Usually the answer will be "No", but if you don't ask you don't get.


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