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Thanks everyone

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Just want to say thanks for the continued support of the many thousands of Racecafe members... there has been a lot of untrue statements made about this site elsewhere recently by former participants of little significance here with axes to grind..however we will continue to offer the best site in the country for the topics we cover.

Racecafe is in the middle of a major upgrade for the benefit of all our members and it will be rolled out over the next few weeks gradually so as not to disrupt the site in anyway. The largest competition ever offered on any Racing website will be launched shortly too which will coincide with the the look Racecafe.

I hope you all will enjoy the new features and additions, and would appreciate all your feedback as they start to get incorporated into the site.

Once again thanks for all the continued support and the amount of postings continues to rise as more become members to contribute to the Premier Racing Site in the country. All the best


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Hi Leigh.

Was alerted to posts on another grey forum, curious I popped over for a quick look. I was taken aback by the conversations, disappointed by the high-level negativity which appears to be encouraged. I'm all for freedom of speech but not when the intent is to cause harm. For me, forums are a place to express opinions about current issues, only through constructive conversation can solutions be found. We may not always agree, but that's OK. It is the conversation that is important. Thank you for providing us all with the opportunity to converse free from abuse.

Cheers Em

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