Boyz trip...Te Rapa next sat.

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Cpl of mates and I usually go to wellington cup meetining this time of year...

BUT see you at Te Rapa next Sat for a change.

We only small punters but big on socialising and having a couple bevvies to ralax and get over the challenges life chucks at ya along the way.

Any other cafers there next week?...message us for a catch up... wouldn,t mind meeting a few of you personally...cheers Porky.

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We done more study than for school C mate...so pretty close to the mark. 


 Yeah had a good day...missed last Treble though....had the $32 shot (1 of 4)...anchored sacred star


and had 5 in last. dam!...got 3/3 winners in $2 plc comp.


mates walked off up cpl Hundy, and as usual, I was full of excuses.


Dissapointing crowd for such a good raceday...I,m sure the reasons for that have


been highlighted on here many times,e.g BYO restrictions,public gate charge etc


BUT like the HB spring Carnival we had no complaints paying at this meeting


Tote down on the grass ,lovely day, BBQ tables,piss tent handy,reasonable prices


short stroll to grandstand, saddling enclosure...


Only one complaint , which is not only at Te Rapa...Why don,t they show the intertrack


races (e.g Manawatu last sat) on the infield bigscreen between Te rapa races

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Hi Porky

First time in 20 yrs I havent been to this meeting otherwise I would have caught up with you and talked to you and your mates about investing in a couple of yearlings with me (As per Throughbred Classifieds on this site).

Hamilton (like Palmy North) is one of those cities on long weekends people depart for the beach, Waitangi Day Friday buggered this meeting.

Glad you enjoyed yourself and did ok, Te Rapa is one of my fav vnues, in recent times it has become a real leaders/on pacer track, creating a charge for the light brigade for races 1600 and under.

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