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  1. mmmyb

    strongest regions

    A maiden and C1 distance dog can nominate for a c2 and get in if there aren't enough c2 distance dogs nominated.
  2. mmmyb

    punting advice (betting systems) se!

    I've found final field place the way to make money. I'm not a successful punter. As when I'm out with mates I always have to bet on every race. But when the push come to shove and I was down to my last 50. I would always look two races ahead. Do some quick study and find the horse paying more for a place Than I reckon it should. Place punting is the safest way. You don't get rich quick but you've got 3 chances to make some dough. Like some races I see a horse paying $7.50 a win and 2.80 a place final field. If I think it could win I'd jump on the final field place because if I have missed something with the other horses it covers my ass when they always get pipped on the post
  3. mmmyb

    Well done ashley bradshaw!!

    Ashley. You don't have to answer to anyone other than owners when they're disappointed with one of your dog's performances. Your dog's always give their best and usually only racing luck beats them. You have a great team at the moment and are doing a top job with them. All the best for the remainder of the season. Corey Steele.
  4. mmmyb

    Pups for sale

    Contact details are there. Email them and ask
  5. mmmyb

    J mcinerny

    As would anyone else
  6. mmmyb

    J mcinerny

    Sorry Josh. But the person you have quoted is the master of greyhound racing so I don't think he would want to bother with the politics involved with head office at the moment
  7. mmmyb

    Above All

    Well done team. Thoroughly deserved.
  8. mmmyb

    Another Interesting Rumour

    Does it matter why? Maybe he wants a break from the day to day operations of the business . Not saying ange did nothing but now he can say you're the trainer lol
  9. mmmyb

    Dream Collector retired

    All the best for his retirement. A massive loss to the industry. Sorry it happened , with so much more in store, I was looking forward to the next few months with the Spion Rose, and ultimately the Auckland Cup. I certainly knew that he was as good as he could've been for his race at Wanganui, as I know you guys wouldn't have started him otherwise, just a tragic event that occurred to one of the best this country has ever seen
  10. mmmyb

    Dream collector

    By would have been meaning scratchings with the cough
  11. mmmyb

    Dream collector

    Agreed . And being the derby heats he was up against some handy dogs or would have been and it would have made him push himself to learn the tactics needed to win the spion rose
  12. mmmyb

    Dream collector

    Do you really think that Dave and Jean would race the dog injured? You have got to be joking. I could name a couple in recent times that have looked sore, but you may not like that.
  13. mmmyb

    this just in

    Kilchurn scratched in nz cup. Don't know why. Hope he is alright. Feeling for Glen . His little champ had a good chance tonight .
  14. mmmyb

    Anybody Else

    Trainers contacts on NZGRA website I believe have emails as well
  15. mmmyb


    Maybe they are saying exactly what happened and that's the truth. No blame at all. Mrs Patton administered the gel. Admitted. Mr Patton took complete responsibility being the trainer. For goodness sake johnnyboy. Get a hold of yourself. Not blaming people . Just saying who gave the banned substance.
  16. Spacecraft in the last for me please gaf. Cheers
  17. mmmyb

    New Zealand Cup Heats

    Royal runner. Nz oaks winner Blitzing mayhem. Multiple group 1 winner. Fast archer. Has run almost as quick as dream collector and will take some stopping get if he gets clear down the back. Opawa Tom. Agree young dog. Dream collector. Enough said. Murtagh. Has been running brilliantly in the series so far. And freeman did say in an interview that he has been trying to get this dog for a long time. So must be of high quality. Kilchurn. Is the next big thing and ran the fastest semi. Can't count out his chances. Jinjarango career best form and with Dave and Jean Fahey the mentors, he will be ready for the big one. Can't say it's the weakest field at all. In fact I can only count out one. And that would be opawa Tom.
  18. Go again mate. In or out . This one will be a winner
  19. My bet $10 place multi Option/number/horse/odds 1702 13 entertains $3.20 1705 1 law $1.50 1706 8 Coachella $3.50 1707 12 who shot the barman $4.00 1708 10 bel Thor $3.30 Return $2217.60 Melbourne cup picks Who shot the barman Protectionist Lucia valentia
  20. mmmyb

    Interesting rumour

    Last race today at Manawatu. Thank you and farewell John Michael. Rumours must be true ?
  21. So what's the plan of attack for this gaf
  22. mmmyb

    Interesting rumour

    Not a bullying tactic to get you to stop posting. Just when you start complaining you make the targets (in this case office staff) inferior to you. I know theyve had a lot of trouble since keith left as his knowledge was 2nd to none. Happy for you to complain and have your say, but i didnt like the way you sounded above, hence the harsh reply
  23. mmmyb

    Interesting rumour

    No. I dont think its acceptable. But thursday only leaves friday to upload and i think its provided by the tab. So if theyre slow nzgra cant upload. But the way it was posted is what gets my blood boiling. Talking about people leaving and saying their job is so simple undermines the office staff who most work hard and do alot for the running of this industry
  24. mmmyb

    Interesting rumour

    Get of your high horse yankiwi. Id like to see you have something positive to say for once. Youve taken a topic thread and turned into you having a bitch about something... AGAIN!!! You want office staff to work on a saturday for your high needs for punting. Maybe record your races? Or find a mate to recordfor you and watch them today. Another intellectual post from the man himself yankiwi