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  1. Your statement is wrong. The reserves for this race were the slowest two 2nds by time. 52.8 A determination conducted pursuant to this Rule will render any Greyhound ineligible to be a Reserve Greyhound if times are a factor in the selection of Reserve Greyhounds. The 10 dog did not have a time so is not eligible to be a reserve. So the fact is the 10 dog should be in the final 8 dogs selected to race in the final or not in the field altogether.
  2. 52.8 A determination conducted pursuant to this Rule will render any Greyhound ineligible to be a Reserve Greyhound if times are a factor in the selection of Reserve Greyhounds.
  3. Craig Symes

    Best Dog

    Big run from last. but looked at the results page and his bends say 12121 Someone needs to go to Specsavers 1 Dyna Dave 8 $7.60 31.8kg 12121 Craig Roberts
  4. Just an update for those that may have had any concern's about the CopRice New dog kibble formulation of the Beef and the Chicken flavor's Update on Dog Food Formula Testing Tuesday, 4 June, 2019, by Greyhound Racing Victoria On 21 March 2019, GRV published a notice on its website providing guidance to participants about the use of green tea in CopRice Working Dog Products, and other products that have green tea listed as an ingredient. GRV notes that it submitted a sample of CopRice Adult Working Dog (Beef, Vegetable & Brown Rice) kibble to its laboratory, and can report that no caffeine was detected in the sample. GRV also notes that CopRice has also provided the results of its own testing from the National Measurement Institute to GRV, which also reported no caffeine was detected in the samples. GRV would like to remind participants that green tea may contain caffeine and participants should remain careful and diligent when providing it to racing greyhounds. GRV encourages participants to refer to GRV’s feeding guidelines and FAQs to assist in making informed decisions about what to feed their racing greyhounds and reducing the risk of inadvertent positive swabs. Participants wanting to know more about the CopRice Working Dog products or testing can contact CopRice via phone on 1800 029 901 (Australia) or 0508 267 742 (New Zealand).
  5. For those of you that are using Coprice Working Dog and have any concerns, I have been able to get a statement from Coprice to say where they are at, in regards to the Green Tea in the Working Dog. Hope this helps 29th March 2019 CopRice Working Dog Food CopRice has been using an antioxidant pack in its Working Dog products for the last 6 years. This antioxidant pack is sourced from a reputable supplier and as CopRice understands, it is commonly used in the pet food industry. In February this year, CopRice changed it’s Working Dog packaging, and in the interests of transparency, CopRice chose to show the ingredient breakdown of the antioxidant pack, an element of which is a very low level of green tea extract. CopRice acknowledges that the greyhound industry considers caffeine a banned substance, owing to the fact that it is considered a diuretic and a stimulant. CopRice notes that the level of caffeine in the CopRice Working Dog products is below the recognised threshold and as such, it is unlikely that a Greyhound fed only CopRice working Dog in accordance with the feeding guidelines would return a positive result for Caffeine. CopRice confirms that there has been no change to the recipe or ingredients contained in the Working Dog Product, nor to the recipe or ingredients of theof the antioxidant mix, CopRice also notes that it is not aware of any Greyhound that has returned a positive result for caffeine while being fed CopRice Working Dog. Furthermore, to support this position, CopRice submitted three separate samples of Working Dog to an independent laboratory for testing, none of which showed detectable levels of caffeine. Currently CopRice is working with the Greyhound Racing Integrity Unit who are independently testing CopRice Working Dog food for caffeine and we will share the outcome of these tests when finalised in approximately 2 weeks. If you require any further clarification or information, please do not hesitate to contact your CopRice representative who will put you in touch with our nutrition team. CopRice Feeds– Bulk feeds 1800 267 742 (Australia) Packaged Products 1800 029 901 (Australia) Ph: 0508 267 742 (New Zealand) CopRice is a division of Ricegrowers Limited ABN 55 007 481 156 trading as SunRice
  6. Highly unlikely, With the number of trainers using this product and the number of swabs done from these dogs on a daily basis in both NZ and OZ, you would be seeing positives by the thousands and the product being recalled before it hit this site. Can you post the link to this, please?
  7. Overtime ran 29.86 {21st May 1999} over what was the 520m but was later remeasured to be the now 527m distance
  9. Wouldn't mind owning the dog Image Dragon. Won at Cambridge by 13 1/2 lengths in 25.73 and run that with an injury that incurred a 28 day stand down, Quite lucky they took away the rule that if you have had a previous Non chasing stand down and they do it again , Injured or not its strike 2 and 3 months.
  10. Just wondering if the race day photographers will be allowed to use anything to get the dogs attention on the dais for the after race photos ?
  11. Unfortunately John, they have already done it with the sprinters ... Just another Joke
  12. Is the Cambridge track on fire or what . Race 6 - 24.96 - 457m Race 4 - 25.22 - 457m Race 12 - 25.47 - 457m Race 9 - 20.86 - 375m Than race 3 - 375m -- -- -- 31.29 !!!!
  13. Mike , Have you been drinking again ?? Just had a look at some results , and I see Nino got beaten in the heats of the collar by Miss Lygon and bet on bessie ( who was the defending champ ) in what was the fastest heat and 4th in the final again behind Miss Lygon and bessie, So looking at that id say the best dog won.
  14. I for one don't have a problem with Miss Lygon . You have your opinion I have mine , I personal beleaveMiss Lygon is the great ever winner of the mighty collar and was from this countries best ever litter breed. But hey Mike , thats just my opinion , as you are fully aware and thanks for the plug.