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  1. There was a weight requirement for best man and Roso fell well short of that. Joe B surely you’re Joe King because your a funny fellow
  2. A couple of spaces avaliable Cambridge to Christchurch Only leaving Cambridge Thursday (02/07) avo and returning to Christchurch Friday (03/07) approx noon Enquiries to Cozza 0211747593
  3. I do pose the question as to who is classed as these ‘farmers’ with 100 - 200 dogs in training What defines a ‘Farmer’ When I look back at the numbers this season there are 2 trainers with 100+ dogs The season prior there were 3. When the data is loaded if a dog is transferred between 3 training facilities it would be a statistic on each one. A fair few of the larger trainers are the one supplying the product to the smaller trainers and keeping them afloat. Another note would be looking at the quality of breeding in NZ The bigger breeders are generally putting top sires to quality bitches and are reaping the rewards The one or two litter a year breeders are not always going to the Best Stud dogs and using inferior bitches in comparison I do recall sighting a document written by Ray Amer regarding breeding programmes. Would you be able to share any of that information Mr Adcock as I’m sure you would’ve had conversations with Mr Amer about this. Or Mr Amer if you’re reading this could you please post your findings Regards Corey Steele
  4. My Bro Fabio straw for sale. Located at Shirley Vets, Christchurch $2500 Call or Text Corey 021 174 7593
  5. Yup I'll have room. Give me a call Corey 0211747593
  6. Wow. What a day for Shirley and her pooches today. Biggest congrats to her. A hard working and very knowledgeable trainer who deserves every bit of success that comes her way. Surely everyone made a packet today?
  7. Sold Good luck to new connections
  8. Token Pick 21.50 bitch around Cambridge that can run 500m. Just keeps going up with lids since her arrival north. Offers to Corey Text 0211747593
  9. 29.90 today at Manakau. What an athlete.
  10. 2 dogs needing a ride from the CD to Christchurch Call Nathan 0279331815
  11. Unfounded.. Split webbing last start but has been back in light work for 7 days. Extroverted.. Has box speed and will be suited to 2 turn tracks. Also avaliable on 80.20 lease. 2 x Black bitches Yella Mustard x Tina April 17 born Both bitches have been late to break in due to unforseen circumstances. 1 has been broken in around Chertsey and chasing. Did a pin and back in work. The other has been trialling around Addington 17.70s. Has been in 3 and 4 dog trials and hasn't done anything wrong. Just out of season. Mrs. Presley Had 1 start back from seasonal spell. Honest and does get off the lids ok. Contact 0273796647
  12. Secret Lily for sale. Open to offers All enquires to Corey 0211747593
  13. Pretty sure it was a video montage and this is just when the photo was taken
  14. He's putting the dog on the dias ffs. What an idiotic comment.. You obviously have no idea so you.. What person smiles when carrying an injured dog.
  15. mmmyb

    Wycato this week

    Run 20.98 one trial and could have had a break down the next. Times aren't everything. Up to trainers if they wanted to trial. Their risk. Stipes were there at request of the club. The club and Stipes were not satisfied that the track would be in prime safe racing condition by Thursday so went to plan b.. Transfer to Auckland. This was always a back up plan the club did not want to undertake but better to be safe than sorry. Rules for Waterloo Cup I think have in there about 2 heats at Auckland If a club doesn't get their heat off the ground. Could be wrong. Yes a very unfortunate thing but imagine the uproar if we got to Cambridge on Thursday to have to turn around and go home without a meeting.
  16. Start 196 today...Track record ... win number 97... over 5 years old. What a beauty!!!
  17. Have to agree about Greyhound of the Year . He has been a consistent dog all the way through the season. Winning the most races, most stakes, 2 group 1s and now the amazing chase. An incredible animal who has also only been out of the money a handful of times the past 12 months. I'd certainly like a Paddy in my kennels. What a stupid thing to say. Regardless of our opinions on the matter. The powers to be have allowed this dog to start and for your chances to be squashed at box rise is disappointing for connections. What a great run though to clock 30.60 odd after basically coming to a complete stop to pick himself up off the canvas. Be interesting to see how Pinny Mac progresses through the feature races next season.
  18. 3 x C2 sprints and a c2 457 Monday Your prayers have been answered
  19. Only 5 races on a group 2 night at Palmy.!
  20. Text received 10.40am Tab starting taking action and sorting out website 11.20am. Still too long in my opinion
  21. Christchurch today abandoned due to adverse weather conditions. RIU Twitter says so Text from GRNZ says so TAB site still allowing us to bet on the meeting. Yes we will get a refund but surely they would put it up asap so more money can be invested and invercargill dogs.
  22. Correct Lad 50% of total stakes divided amongst number of starters I.e 6 starters due to scratching means divided by 6. Club features are paid out on standard stakes schedule Unsure on group races as they would more than likely look to rerun
  23. Had a couple in Sunday with meeting abandoned
  24. No friendships anymore yet you comment "classic case of who you know, not what " So what are you wanting out of all this? He has stepped up to the plate and we have to wait and see before we can judge. Or we throw rocks first so he doesn't get a chance? Another quote from You "seems to be the way the industry is going" Hmmm. Regards Corey Steele