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  1. Come on Toddy. You can do better than this. It's just not happening for you.
  2. A buffoon, a bigot, a blowhard, a braggart..........you could go on and on about how President Trump is seen outside of the USA. And don't get me started about how President Putin of Russia views Trump. I'm sure he can't believe his luck, having this man as leader of the country he most detests. The rest of the world see a King with no clothes, whereas so many Americans continue to be deluded, despite the mounting evidence. It's not only Trump being laid bare, it's the whole country. We're seeing Americans for what they really are.Those "yanks are a different race" alright.....they're naive bumpkins. They are unbelievable.
  3. Like it!. Is this a Canterbury saying, from down that way?
  4. Great to see this old tradition revived. However the notion that the Barrett brothers, all born raised and schooled in the Naki, could play for anyone other than "The North" threatens the games credibility.The same with Southland boy, Damien McKenzie, if he doesn't line up for the South.
  5. They deserve it. Most will be happy for them to win.............just this once!
  6. Welllll, you can be sure there'll be a community case in NZ sometime soon. No matter how good or bad the boarder controls, it has to happen. When it does Old Todd will throw a huge celebration party; Michael Woodhouse will lie about how it occurred and Mike Hosking will have two weeks of material for his Radio Redneck show
  7. Oh no! Gruff has caught the "Conspiracy virus". Quick; put him in isolation, with a hanky on his head and two pencils up his nose for 14 days.
  8. Not sure why Meomy is having a go at the 14 day Quarantine period. Appears to me the 14 day blocks have served this country well, right from the start of Lockdown.
  9. Flicking between Fox and CNN you'd think they were covering different countries. Fox is all statues being pulled down and illegal street occupations. CNN is all Covid 19 and the increasing number of cases in the US. That's a country that can't pull together and is suffering because of it.
  10. While "a few" of 100's postings might hold merit; the vast majority are the rantings of a deluded man, addicted to conspiracy theory websites. You shouldn't encourage him.
  11. Yep for certain - it's novel, it's new, it's the likes of which we've never seen before. The world is scrambling. Cases appear on the rise again in countries that appeared to have it contained a month ago. Which country is doing Ok right now?........why that would be New Zealand wouldn't it? Someone's done something right in good old Aotearoa, that's for sure.
  12. I see where President Trump's campaign are upset with him continuing to say "Really stupid things." For his part he's upset with his campaign over their inability to fill up the Hall in Tulsa.
  13. I thought the problem was early release on compassionate grounds (I.e prior to 14 days). I further thought, if you did your 14 days in quarantine without getting sick then you were OK to go into the community.
  14. Uriah Heap


    Good call brother.
  15. Yeah right from the start Mike Hosking has not been happy with the Ashley Bloomfield approach to dealing with the Cornavirus. "Australia are doing it better", "Why are we still in Lockdown?" "Why haven't we moved to Level One yet?"..........and on and on he's droned. When the opportunity came for Mike to cut down a tall poppy, he didn't miss. And New Zealand cheered, cause we love cutting down those tall poppy's.
  16. YOU are watching the video postings of a sadly deluded man and is equally deluded "Web mates" from around the world. "Clouded water" is a very good analogy for describing all 100 1's postings. You should not encourage him.
  17. 100 1 - I've noted you make some fairly normal, accurate comments in the Thoroughbred section of Racecafe; yet you come on this thread and continually sound like a deluded nutcase. Have a look at yourself.
  18. So what you had was "the liberal know it alls" jousting against a right wing know it all.
  19. What a first round! Rugby's back - and it was great. Even competitive local derbies with some nice tries to boot. Didn't mind the penalties. If the Refs stick to their guns the game will be freed up even more. Only unfair thing is that The Blues are winning on the back of two Hurricanes 1st fives. They need to give one of them back.
  20. You want her to play the role of "the Govt's front person" ie The Prime Minister, then I'd expect her to express her anger at the actions of the Warehouse. They make me angry.
  21. I agree with Crusty on this one. A choice between Trump, the slick used car salesman and Biden, who looks like he belongs in a Rest Home, is no choice at all. I reckon an Independent would get plenty of votes in Novembers US election
  22. Back in 2016, when you first started this thread Crusty, you were wavering on Trump the GOP candidate at the time. Not really convinced about him. Now you appear to be a genuine member of the MAGA red hat brigade. What won you over?
  23. Oh dear! Defence Chief Esper has said using US troops against US Citizens not a good idea. President Trump won't be happy hearing this. Dead man walking, I'd say.
  24. That photo is playing to President Trump's Church base supporters and would have been organised by staff in his team with some common sense. Has him looking like the peacemaker, but he'll undermine himself with another angry Tweet from the Bunker soon enough. Will the Riots help his re-election chances?? I'm not so sure. He's appeared fairly ineffectual in dealing with Covid and the Riots. No one can deny the US has the highest rate of Covid deaths, plus it's cities are burning. To the outside world the US is looking a "cot case" right now. US Swing Voters will examine what the President did about these two catastrophic events and likely come to the conclusion that he did very little that was effective.