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    So You Think and Frankel

    Jane, try these comments you made for starters, 11-06-2012, 03:22pm Centrofold Senior Member Real Name: Jane Wallace I am not downing Black Caviar as such. I am desputing that she is the best sprinter that Australia has sent to Ascot. Centrofold Senior Member Real Name: Jane Wallace Takeover Target raced from a four year until he was nine years old and you rate a 21 racehorse better. I give up.
  2. rdytdy

    Dead Heats at Te Aroha

    And even smaller I have a half-sister (by Soviet Star) to Rapide, the dam of Cops 'N' Coyote who was involved in the second dead heat. Out of that dam I have an Occidental Tourist filly with Occidental Tourist being the sire of Catchitifyoucan who was involved in the first dead heat.
  3. rdytdy

    Te Aroha Track

    After rain last week the track was a heavy 10 on Monday however with fine weather the track had come back to a slow 9 yesterday but there is plenty of moisture in the ground. After a freezing night with -3 degrees and a very heavy frost this morning the day will be beautifully fine. Clear blue sky as I post this. This will have the effect of making the track quite puggy/sticky. It is also probably a bit wetter right against the running rail. The jumpers are going around earlier in the programme which will no doubt open up the track. Look for those that can handle sticky, holding ground.
  4. rdytdy

    Te Aroha Track

    Don't forget It's Dally Day at Te Aroha today and if you are coming along enquire at the race day office re the Dally Day function; For $50.00 you get a race book, a light lunch, ten drink tickets. There will be entertainment and I believe they are going to have a punters club. Beautiful weather, some excellent racing and a fun day out. Find some winners also and what more could you want. See you there.
  5. I think that these Aussie sprinters weren't too bad Jane Luskin Star 17 starts 13 wins Emancipation 28 starts 19 wins Placid Ark 21 starts 14 wins Rubiton 16 starts 10 wins Vain 14 starts 12 wins Zedative 17 starts 14 wins How many races do you think Frankel will have? If durability and toughness floats your boat Jane then look no further than Grey Way who raced from 2ys to a 9yo. 164 starts for 51 wins, 27 seconds and 21 thirds.
  6. Best you do Jane. You and Pogo are making a great Kermit and Miss Piggy out of yourselves over this.
  7. What rubbish!!! Lloyd is correct Poogoo. Your lack of comprehension of what I said is evidenced by your reply above. I have not denigrated Takeover Target at all. I merely pointed out to you that he could only win one of his seven starts in the UK. You did not need to post a link to wikipedia, I am fully aware of his race record, hence my knowledge of his UK campaigns. I am also aware of Messara's comments in your original post however my post 22# was in direct response to your post 18# and you have confirmed that you agree with him and it was you who brought up TT again. You have a history of denigrating her opposition and you are already doing the same as she is about to race in the Northern Hemisphere despite the race being a few weeks away and the field not even known. I have already asked you a question in another thread which you have chosen to ignore. Provide a list of horses that could beat her over a sprint distance in Australia. Must be plenty of them from what you have to say. Wonder why they are not taking her on? I would have thought there would be plenty kudos and renown for the first horse to beat her. As to the circus as you put it, well it appears to bring a lot of enjoyment to thousands. They turn up and pack out the racecourses where ever she races. What's wrong with that? She makes main stream news, they stop other sporting events so they can watch her run. So what if it doesn't float your boat, it does for so many others. Instead of worrying about her opposition all the time, the hype and hooplah why don't you just concentrate on her, the horse and look at the way she gallops. and races. That's the real beauty. Then you may get to appreciate her far more.
  8. You are a muppet Poogoo. All p##s and wind and the above reply is evidence of that. You continue to hold up Target Takeover (the other two didn't race in the UK). Now he went up there and raced against these ambulance dodgers didn't he. He had a total of seven starts up there Poogoo and how many did he win...........1. He had two starts in the Jubilee Stakes, the race BC is lining up in, finishing 2nd and fourth. This is a race you state above is no test yet TT couldn't win it. Yet you decry the race should she win it. Muppet!!!
  9. Gopoo It is you who is the dunce re this mare. Once again you go on about what she has beaten and what she is meeting. She has beaten 28 individual G1 winners. Two that couldn't blow smoke up her backside when they met her ran first and second in the G1 Stradbroke yesterday. Likewise Ortensia who also couldn't get near her wins the G1 sprint in Dubai and also ran very close up in the Hong Kong Sprint. She has gone half way round the world to showcase her talents. If the Poms want to avoid her that is their problem. Perhaps even they have better knowledge of her ability than you do. I hope she kicks their brains in!! If she does no doubt you will poo poo the run in your usual manner.
  10. rdytdy

    Totalisator Tickets

    The last race meeting to be held at Opaki racecourse was 23 October 1987.
  11. rdytdy

    Top 10 finishes

    That was Festal's sixth start in Australia Pogo. He went to Melbourne in 1989 and ran two poor races at Caulfield. In 1990 he went to Queensland and had three starts, running 2nd at his first run when ridden by Larry Cassidy. Mick Dittman rode him in his other two unplaced runs. In 1991 he went to Sydney and first up ran in the V Clicquot and you are correct, West Dancer beat him by a half head with Larry Cassidy up. He then ran fourth in the Galaxy won by Mr Tiz and then fifth in the Hall Mark behind Euclase. He then went to Brisbane and finished ninth in the Ansett Cup when ridden by Shanyne Dye and then had his last race day start when ninth in the Flying Handicap with Larry Cassidy back up. In all he had 30 starts for 8 wins. Trained by Bruce Marsh.
  12. rdytdy

    Top 10 finishes

    Here's one for you Pogo: Australian bred NZ trained galloper who won the AJC 1991 Galaxy 1100m: MR TIZ who stormed home to win carrying 58.5kgs. Won three ARC Railway Handicaps including a sensational win carrying 58.5kgs in 1991. Also won two Telegraphs and ran second in his third attempt. Amazingly he dead heated in 1989 G1 Railway Handicap with Westminster and at his very next start in the G1 Telegraph he dead heated with Festal. Coincidentally, his dam Yir Tiz dead heated in G1 Ellerslie Sires Produce Stakes in 1980.
  13. rdytdy

    Top 10 finishes

    The Big O........OCTAGONAL What about a number of his wins. He won 14 races in total, including 10 G1 wins, a G2, a G3 and a listed win. Three times he won by a half head, twice by a half neck, twice by a long neck, once by a long head and once by a half length. A real fighter!
  14. rdytdy

    Top 10 finishes

    Trentham: George Adams Tattersall Handicap 1978: Copper Belt beats Grey Way by a nose with a half head to Orchidra(Leigh Mckenzie), another half head to Extra Flash (Bob Vance) and a head to Copper Bit. another six horses across the track right behind them.
  15. rdytdy

    remember when

    Not quite right re Uncle Remus, Baz. It was in fact ending a 10 win steak. Uncle Remus raced 28 times for 15 wins with Bob Vance riding him in 14 of those wins. As a 3yo he had 15 starts for 13 wins, a 2nd and a third. That 3rd was when he finished behind La Mer in the International Stakes at Te Rapa when going in the wind. He won his first three starts as a 3yo and then ran an unlucky 2nd behind Crest Star in the Great Northern Guineas, which cost him 14 straight as he won his next ten. Following that defeat at Te Rapa he had a wind operation and then had 8 starts as a 4yo managing two 2nds and was retired to stud. They turned down a $2 million offer for him from the States two starts before the wind problem set in. You are correct re Simon De Montfort winning the 1972 Wellington Cup at 180/1. Brian Dodds only picked up the ride on the Friday night before the Cup replacing Pater Meynell, son of trainer Fred Meynell. Brian rode the horse at 7st 8lb, 4lb overweight.
  16. rdytdy

    remember when

    I have a 33.1/3 record here which features Bert Bryant's race calls of ten Melbourne Cups 1965-1974. The winners of those years being: 1965 Light Fingers 1966 Galilee 1967 Red Handed 1968 Rain Lover 1969 Rain Lover 1970 Baghdad Note 1971 Silver Knight 1972 Piping Lane 1973 Gala Supreme 1974 Think Big Noel Harris ran 2nd on Glengowan in 1973 and rode a winner today. Along with the record is photos of the ten finishes and details of all finishers ie, name, jockey, weight, and odds. Also lists attendance figures and breakdown of stake money.
  17. rdytdy

    remember when

    Gay Icarus finished ninth and was ridden by R Mallyon. Bruce Marsh left his red Fiat at my place when he flew over from Wellington to ride Silver Knight. Bruce rang on the Sunday and said he wouldn't get beaten in the Cup....and he didn't 10/1 in Aussie and paid $8 on our TAB. Took him a week to get back home
  18. So POO GOO you acknowledge then that she will beat anything bar an accident. Then why bleat on about the horses she IS beating. It is well documented when and where she is going to race. Where are all the pretenders hiding then? What a feather in the scalp of the first horse to beat the champ!!! Why aren't they all lining up to take her on and do so.? We know the answer to that one don't we. They bloody well can't. Come on POO GOO list all the horses capable of beating her over a sprint distance in Australia and then tell us why they won't line up against her. I will be a bit like a list of Italian war heros So she goes to the UK and is going to earn less than she will staying at home. However the statisfaction of spanking the Northern Hemisphere people that think they can beat her will make it worthwhile. Only bad luck or illness/injury will beat her up there. Why don't you pop round to Madam Zelda and look into her crystal balls and tell us who the first horse will be to beat Black Caviar? Better still just put your feet up at home and marvel at a great equine athlete and forget about the ones behind her. Who remembers second placing anyway. The pollyana's as you refer to are being attracted to the sport of racing and are filling racecourses to over flowing. Surely that is another huge plus. It will bring a new generation of people to racing as well. Everything about the mare and what she is doing are all plus's with the only negativity being generated by tosser's and by some who should know better EH POO GOO
  19. rdytdy

    Climbing High (NZ)

    Excellent ride by Shelley Houston. Worst ride of the day was on Chennai!!! Diabolical.
  20. rdytdy

    NZ Trainers Ass. AGM

    and importantly the 'incentive to go racing' proposal whereby trainers are paid to run their horses raceday. Sherrif, can you elaborate on this. Surely, any payment should go to the owners of the horse as they are the ones who pay the bills for the horse, noms, acceptances (free racing gone), transport, jockey's fee (now back on the owner) etc etc The trainer gets an incentive with a winners percentage
  21. rdytdy

    Te Aroha weather & track

    It has been very hot on course today and had clouded over a bit as I was leaving at 4.15pm. I hear that a small shower came through a bit later on. The weather forecast is good for tomorrow and if correct I would expect it to be a Good 3 by the time they race. As I said this morning there is a very good sole of grass on the track. Very good betting fields have been carded with the Breeders Stakes drawing an outstanding field. The course it self is looking fantastic. Entry is free....that's right free!!!!! to see Group 1 racing at it's best. NZ's richest and only G1 race for Fillies and Mares. Someone will win a 42" plasma TV and the chance to win a Ford Falcon XR6 worth $50,000. Dress up and you could be spotted and win a prize. There will be music under the trees and also in the in the grass area outside the owners and trainers area. There will be a big screen in operation also. So come along, witness some fantastic racing on one of NZ's best tracks, and enjoy country racing in the sun.
  22. rdytdy

    Te Aroha weather & track

    Te Aroha had rain on Monday hence the Slow 8 reading on Tuesday morning. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday it has been fine and warm with strong winds Tuesday and Wednesday and a reasonable breeze yesterday until about 1pm when the winds dropped, hence very good conditions to dry the track. Today it has dawned brilliantly fine without a cloud in the sky and very still. The weather forecast for the week said rain/showers for each day however nothing has eventuated, it appears to have hit the East Coast, Gisborne/Napier/Hastings etc and the Waikato has missed it. There was a Dead 6 reading on Wednesday morning and as I said it has been very warm and windy and the track would have been improving since. I have walked the track the last two days and the reading at 4pm yesterday was a Dead 5. I thought it may have been a little better than that even. There is a very good sole of grass on the track. I will walk it again this afternoon and will give a weather and track update later today. Very good fields all round and a stellar Breeders Stakes field.