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  1. What the hell


    Well I've counted around 5 trials which people are now complaining about. How many have been done ok? I think it well out numbers these. Soon there won't be racing as people will be too worried about doing anything. Incase of being recorded and videoed and sued ,get a grip people
  2. What the hell

    Dress Code

    Nice to see the unique beautiful woman that wears her pressed shirts reads RC then puts it all over her Facebook page. She gets backed up from all her FB "friends" and even asked character references from strangers.... What court case is this for????.
  3. What the hell

    Dress Code

    Were you in race 1 only on Fri???? Not you
  4. What the hell

    Dress Code

    Are we talking about a woman who has been wearing the most bizarre shirts I've ever seen. This week is was a off the shoulder Lacey number,I've seen her pirate shirt and ones with balls sown onto them too. I only tune in to see what the hell she is wearing this week