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  1. The Sacred Falls are really firing now! How typical after a stallion dies!
  2. Winston sold the majority of voters down the drain last time! A number of racing supporters are still farmers, Winston going with Labour and the Green's has created a nightmare for farming. I gave him my party vote last time. He's had 3 years to "save" racing, did nothing for the first 2, but let the government put the boot into farming. If Labour get back in we'll be going broke paying shiney arse consultant's for consents, when they have no practical idea about our land, there won't be any spare dollars to race horses!!
  3. RIP Rip Van Winkle, another stallion lost from the ranks, it's been a lousy 12 months for the stallion list.
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows if there's going to be a Waikato stallion walk this year?
  5. Super Seth at $35,000 !! Seems pretty high for these times!
  6. Some of the comments on here are rather akin to our poxy government, regard "farming" as being all about dairy. Believe it or not there's actually still a hell of a lot of hill country sheep and beef farmers out there! I know lots of sheep and beef farmers with shares in horses, including friends that are in Jennifer Eccles. I am in several syndicates myself, plus 3 mares, 2 yearlings, 2 weanlings. If we could get a government that doesn't tar everyone with the same brush, had that rare thing called common sense, and stopped giving "subsidies" to all these overseas outfits to turn good sheep
  7. In all the doom and gloom, all the moaning and whingeing, how about a bright spot, Saturday afternoon's racing was great for Kiwi's! Although I missed that Trackside 2 had better coverage of Rosehill. I'm a Verry Ellegant fan all the way, so just loved that win, and people raving about the leaders bias..... really!! She was no where near the lead till she changed gear in the straight! Quick Thinker, Night's Watch (no where near the lead either!) , Probabeel, Chris Waller, JMac, it was a great day for kiwi connection's!
  8. From a farmer, jumps mad racing enthusiast, shareholder in a wet tracker, who I would love to see over fences, it's been such a dry summer and autumn, we're hoping like hell for a wet winter / spring to lift water levels before next summer! May the wet trackers still be running in October!!
  9. went pretty good!! Quite amazed to see looking through the field pre race, that there were 11 stallions in the cup!
  10. Every Aussie and Kiwi battler will have something to yell for now Surprise Baby is in!! $5500 buy, that's a Melbourne Cup story!! Imagine if he wins it, the dream will be alive again for thousands of potential owners!
  11. Great to see for the team involved, and to show a bargain buy (in Te Akau terms), from a good family, bred by a lovely lady, can give people a lot of fun and success! But no comparison to the "glory" days of the likes of StarCraft! It would have had a lot more meaning if Te Akau Shark had raced in the first or second leg, there really wasn't anything else in the field yesterday that I would be punting on in a group 1 in Aus. A show of the really sad side of NZ racing, if they're good, they're gone! Some great racing to watch in Aussie yesterday, imagine if some of the "Kiwi's" racing over ther
  12. I really hope they can get things sorted. It's a vicious circle, right through. A lack of staying races for young horses, right through to jumps races, means no encouragement to breed stayers, which the South Island and New Zealand were famous for, and solid stayers make good jumpers, and jumps give another career for stayers to go on to. I love jumps races, and staying races. Also have a couple of broodmares, hoping to breed some miler / stayers / which could go on to jumpers. I have shares in several syndicates, one of which is with social racing, which I came across on facebook. Social med
  13. That's good to hear Ruby, I have a mare due to Sweynesse this season. Saw a yearling, now 2yr, filly by him a while ago that I really liked too. Thank you Jeepers, I do think it's certainly helpful, and less injuries, to horses and people, if they're nice and sane at weaning! Big trip for an unbroken horse!
  14. As a small time owner breeder, breeding to race. Just wondering if people have progeny of some of the younger stallions, in the under $10,000 service fees, eg. Sweynesse, Rageese, Vanbrugh, Complacent, Telperion, Vespa, Wrote...... people with yearlings/ 2 year olds by any of these, are you happy with their temperaments, types, are you breeding back to these stallions? There's a lot of options this season???
  15. I noticed yesterday that the lovely jumper, Raisafuasho, who won his first steeple, exactly 9 years to the day from when he had his first trial as a 2 yr old. This is a great racing story, he's had a fair amount of success in between too.