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  1. Actually I think Nick Bishara didn't receive anywhere near enough credit, she went to Weir going great! Weir was too busy fighting her and throwing more gear on her, just made her worse. Best thing that could happen going to Chris Waller, he's worked "with" her instead of fighting her!
  2. Treat

    Karaka coverage

    Does anyone know if the Karaka sales are going to be televised again this year?
  3. Treat

    Verry Ellegant

    Didn't settle. The more the pace slowed the more she fought, then got 3 wide. Do they need to take a leaf out of the Might and Power story? Not fight her and let her roll more?
  4. Treat

    Certainty Beat!

    She stepped up!
  5. Treat

    Zabeel and Sir Tristram blood

    Very Ellegant good win in Aus. pretty exciting filly for Zed.
  6. Treat

    Foal Insurance

    Took the risk last year and ended up with a decent vet bill and a dead foal ! Haven't found a chrystal ball which tells if a breeding's going to be a good one either, isn't that why we breed, hoping for a good one!
  7. Treat

    Foal Insurance

    Just wanting some opinions on foal insurance, which companies people are happy dealing with? I'm breeding to race. Lower budget ($5000) stallion fee. What insurance packages do people find best and approx. costs? Thank you.
  8. Treat

    Four Corners Aust program

    Gina Lee Schick does a great job with her reschooling and rehoming of OTT horses, many of them going on to be high class eventers, showjumpers, and showhacks, including horses coming back from Hong Kong. They range from unraced through to the very successful.
  9. Treat

    Echoes of Heaven

    If the stallion returns aren't filed, what does that mean for people with mares in foal to these stallions? Does it mean the foals won't be able to be registered?
  10. Treat

    Sobering Figures

    Thanks Jess, Hoping I'm using up all the bad luck curse early in my TB breeding adventures, just a succession of the things that go wrong! All my friends are laughing that when I finally get one to the races they all want a share because if it makes it that far it must be going to be a good un!!
  11. Treat


    Does anyone know if the Karaka Sales are being televised this year? I love watching them, and know lots of other people that do too.
  12. Treat

    Sobering Figures

    The different experiences at different studs is an eye opener. I have 2 mares, been involved 3 years, so far only managed 1 live foal, so not going too well. The first mare I bought was at Hanui, the communication was good, an email when she was served, an email each time she was scanned, a couple of phone calls, unfortunately that gave me the impression that's how studs operate! Next stud, nothing, worked out the mare was in foal from the vet bill, even got a phone call from Majestic one morning to say they had my mare on her way home???? This season one mare lost her foal, she's gone to another stud to Foster, I had one call to say she's taken the foal, that was in September. An email to say she was served and scanned in foal. I suppose they're used to commercial breeders who aren't so bothered with knowing what their mare's looking like, with the ease of communication these days, snap a photo on their phone, email it through, it is pretty annoying. Jess and La Zip I also would love to know where you got the good service, and the ones to avoid!
  13. Treat


    Going public on a site like this is good, A. it helps give victims the confidence to speak out, when they realise they're not the only one, and that there are people who will listen, and believe them. B. It makes everyone much more aware!
  14. You probably don't see many women in the TAB Flagship uberalles because we use our phones, or laptops!
  15. Treat

    TAB Site again

    At least dial up telephones were reliable!!