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    Jimmy Choux

    So funny - 2 in 2 days
  2. Dopey

    Jimmy Choux

    Heard all this before. Zabeel had a slow year (no comparison by the way) and dare I say Power has not turned things on fire as a two year old yet IN NEW ZEALAND - no more than Jimmy did ! time will out.
  3. Dopey

    Jimmy Choux

    Waller has a very good one . chassure or something like that
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    Well I'm definitely not Happy
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    And did
  6. Dopey


  7. Dopey

    Derby winner....?????

  8. Dopey

    La Bella Diosa

    Youre right on shue boy / great strike rate trainer and a master at feeding and placing horses. Of course Jan helped as well.
  9. Dopey

    La Bella Diosa

    Who was the last South island trainer to win a group one in Australia - Mandy has the horse to be the next.
  10. Dopey

    Vadamos to stand at Rich Hill

    Priced high at $15 more like 10-12k given Australian counterparts but syndicated horses get 80 mares before they start and if they have interest from outside then it's only the last few they are selling - and protects their own foals/ share price
  11. Dopey

    Ferlax lost

    From an email announcement this morning... It is with great regret that Haunui Farm announces the loss of Group One Australian Guineas winner Ferlax this weekend after sustaining a paddock injury on Thursday afternoon. On the eve of transporting his first crop of yearlings to Karaka 2017, it’s certainly a bitter pill to swallow.“We are quite devastated,” said Haunui Farm’s Managing Director, Mark Chitty. “We were privileged to have had the opportunity to stand Ferlax on behalf of his owner, Jonathan Munz, and have worked closely with him and his Bloodstock Manager Dean Hawthorne to give Ferlax the best possible opportunity at stud. For something like this to happen before he’s even had a yearling go through the ring, let alone a runner on the track, is pretty tough.“I’d like to thank everyone involved with giving their advice in regard to the injury Ferlax sustained. We certainly explored all of the options and there are vets all around the world who have been providing their thoughts and opinions over the past few days which we very much appreciate. In the end, the difficult decision was taken to euthanize Ferlax yesterday morning.“I’d like to personally thank Jonathan and Dean for giving Haunui the opportunity to stand Ferlax and there’s no doubt in my mind that from the quality of the two crops we have on the ground and the one left to come, we will see some very good racehorses in the years ahead. Jonathan put his full support behind the New Zealand industry by choosing to stand Ferlax here and to lose him at this early stage is certainly a blow not only to Haunui, but to our entire breeding industry as we can ill afford to lose promising young stallions like this.”Ferlax has been laid to rest overseeing the Haunui Farm parade ring.
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    Gore Guineas day now a heavy 10 with rain predicted all the way in...
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    Which ones?
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    I think the pedigree genetics people have now published some articles on corrections (historic errors that were bound to happen) on the Lowe numbers outlining that some families are infact from other numbers. Anyone have the links?
  15. Dopey

    White feet on thoroughbreds

    And wives will tell you 4 not so lucky
  16. Dopey

    White feet on thoroughbreds

    More fact than fiction can be softer sole and white in legs more prone to mud fever etc but not a reason to not buy a horse in itself
  17. Dopey

    More drama at Otaki

    And $25000 maidens at Pakenham
  18. Dopey

    Stallion match

    Works with most stallions, but Tried iffraaj but it can't find him. ??
  19. Dopey

    Stallion match
  20. No posts in ten+ days, just wondered if anyone has seen a nice horse racing and wanted to debate its pedigree (or type of course) how about Hall of Fame as a future sire with Galileo as a damsire - must be rare. (I have no association nor will I)
  21. Dopey

    Purcell WTF

    ... that old bias barrow , Walshy I mean
  22. Dopey

    Fall at Gore

    It is unusual to call off a meeting on what is probably clipped heals (not fact just est.)
  23. Dopey

    Weaning day?

    Yes depends, however March is s good month because: 1. It's not Christmas (dec) 2. It's not sales time (Jan feb) 3. It's not yet getting cooler (April) true farming logic that. OR if the foal is dragging the mares condition down and she's in foal. A better question would be when do I start hard feeding.
  24. Dopey

    Most frivolous protest ever ?

    RIDING SHOTGUN (A Collett) – Shifted out passing the 250 metres making contact with KINAGAT passing the 200 metres before being straightened. RIDING SHOTGUN continued to lay out throughout the concluding stages. Interference contact from 250m is 0.1m margin was 0.2 lengths = say 0.3m at least Case dismissed = outcome, which is what was decided.