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  1. The Rocks!!! Wow

    Nothing compares to SBSW in the States in class and race record but still only a champion in Classic years. Art Major had a truely great career . Granted Always B Miki comes close to being a true Champion but not quite in my eyes, world record in great conditions do help. WIJI had great potential but has been sidelined for around a year now. Sweet Lou would be my pick as the lastest Stateside star. None of these ever raced beyond being their 5yo season so why do you think dissing current Open Class pacers for lack of talent. They remain sound and competitive . Think back to our top horses. Have Faith With Me was never right after his miracle mile win. Adore Me after her Menangle win. Vincent after an Auckland Cup win. It's very hard for any horse to stay at the top. Niatross seems to a common champion in the eyes of those who remember him. I don't know his stats but when most Stateside fans have him in their top 5 of all then he must have been so.
  2. The Rocks!!! Wow

    There were some rather good animals Heaven Rocks beat home in that race. Boston Red Socks , Waisharki(sp) Hanover, Western Fame. I see on the same card Christen Me ran 5th against an equally good field. If you really follow the States racing you will know these two fields were full of talent.
  3. Lazarus sold...

    Someone mentioned his service fee could be as high as 10k .
  4. Good on Mark Purdon

    The older trainers back in time quite often rode work with their standardbreds. Now the jogging machine is used as it is a numbers and time game. Guess that is where the Monte originated from.
  5. Big day out ffor Kiwis at Meadowlamds today

    That's if he races during the day. Most night meetings start around mid- day our time.
  6. Lazarus sold...

    Harnesslink reports he will run at the Red Mile twice in October then onto Pocono for Breeders Crown. Then its getting ready for stud duties. With him being a Bettors Delight over Cullen will be good over there as services per stallion over there are capped each year. Here there are an abundance of Cullen and Bettors mares in which will not be bred to him. Leaves Art Major, Falcon Seelster and Mach Three mares for him commercially here and in Aussie.
  7. Lazarus sold...

    Whose now the leading horse for the NZ Cup in your mind ? Dare I say Franco Nelson !
  8. Foreclosure - standing down-under

    I hear it is going to be Frozen Semen from the States
  9. I hear Foreclosure will be standing in Australia this coming season. Not sure which stud yet but believe the fee will be around A$2500 . Rocknroll Hanover over Fake Left. Suits Artsplace line mares well.
  10. Ashburton abandoned

    It's an All-Weather track ?
  11. christen me n

    Dificult question to answer but here is my tale on that situation. If the trainer acted as agent ( findiing the buyer ) they would expect a cut and deserves a cut. Being the trainer of said horse should not necessary entitle one to a cut. I would think the breaker , the pre-trainer or even former trainer could also think they have /deserve a cut. So in essence it's a "no" from me . Also some owners or retired former trainers spell their racehorses at their own place, and therfore not currently with a licenced trainer. If an offer turned up that was to good to turn down how do you determine it all. I think after all it should be up to the owners, they make the decision to change stables if required, relocate horse to a region the horse can still compete. As with Christen Me , if I was the owner I would have given a cut to Cran, but not necessary 10% .
  12. christen me n

    I don't have access to racelines so I was wondering how much money Christen Me has won in the States since being there ?
  13. christen me n

    Not sure what your beef is here but Christen Me sprinted twice early on in the race and only succumbed half way down the final straight and finished approximately 4 lengths off the winner. Had the Driver been more patient a different outcome would most probably be the case. You would then be praising his talent ; would you ? After all he is still racing in open class.
  14. Matchmaker series - Yonkers

    Wow, NZ bred mares trifected the Matchmaker final.
  15. A Non Tote Race with the "Tote" Running

    I was wondering where the divis were. Fixed oddsbetting should have been notified through TAB emails. (If it was , it wasn't noticed by myself ).