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  1. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    My Field Marshall will have all the options in the early position and should go very close to winning. I backed him at the $20+ dollars in the Len Smith and I think he should be highly rated to win. Quinella with the mighty Lax hey !
  2. Sales Time

    Nevele R advertised their preparation price was $2000 but I have no idea exactly what that covers. Also PGG get a percentage of Sales priceand vender pays $350 plus GST towards Sales Series Race nominations. Also transportation to sales would be another expense.
  3. War Admiral

    Owners would be hoping he is as good as his galloping namesake.
  4. TAB

    Bugger eh, Will have to watch out for the Levi series ( Boys ) and Matchmaker series ( Girls ) at Yonkers coming up.
  5. TAB

    Meadowlamds today with Christian Me, unbeaten Startin & Hug The Wind amongst others. Dont mind delayed coverage of it where necessary but would be good to see. Entries and posted on thebigm website days ahead and odds posted early on day of racing.
  6. Christian Me , Hug The Wind & Startin amongst others race tonight at the Meadowlands.
  7. Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    Seems as though all the horses chosen for Miracle Mile tilt will be put in a retention barn for a few days before the big dance. Bug or no bug , some will be recovered , others may contract it. Wouldn"t be happy if I was an owner and my horse contracts the bug then. Might need more than the 2 emergencies.
  8. Can't get video replays from their website as doesn't allow viewing from NZ . Also had a trainer from over there interested in leasing or going halves in racing a filly of mine. Not a good promotion of their product is it !
  9. Yearling Sales Webcast

    I couldn't find the link on their website on Trotters day. Went on Pacers day. Ps . Paul Davies got within 5 metres of the Rostrum. Great to hear him speak about Bob too. As did the auctioneers before the sale stated.
  10. Sales Time

    The trotters sale looks to have been good but on a day where all the pacers were paraded (today) why was there a meeting at manawatu , are there going hardly any central districts trainers bothered about going Wednesday (can they afford to go and purchase someting ) ? Sales format ? Gonna been hard to make a quick decision to bid or not if you have not looked (type and conformation) at a yearling and a perceive bargain is up for grabs (page). 10am start: no break 6.30 finish. 8.5 hours is a long day !
  11. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Master Musician , Franco Nelson, Defoe and Mainland Banner were his most notable horse with true firepower. Too many others just below those to name.
  12. Art Union

    Has been recently gelded according to the HRNZ website. Was nominated for a Timaru race a couple of weeks ago but not enough horses to form a race (3 noms). Thinking now gelded he has even less placement opportunities. ( racing and stud ).
  13. Motukara Yesterday

    Amberley on Tuesday $10 entry . $10 Punters Club also.
  14. Motukara Yesterday

    Rangiora meetings around Xmas /New Year had to pay to get in. Amberley meeting also.