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john legend

2 and 3 year old sires.

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It is interesting to watch the competition amongst sires this long season.The common feature of last 10 years in all categories  was dominance of Bettors Delight but inevitably things do change .... Looking at 2  and 3 year olds .The older established stallions have a fight with the new boys.

2year olds (individual winners ) Sweet Lou =10 ...........Art Major=8............Bettors Delight=6   (all established older sires.

2 year(individual winners ) Always B Miki  = 6 winners.....Down by the Seaside=6 winners..Capt Treacherous6 winners (and top % sire)                                                                                                                                                                    3 year olds Sweet Lou...38 winners,Art Major...36 winners.Bettors Delight 29 winners,,Capt Treacherous21 winners...Vincent..18.winners Downby the seaside,,16 winners.                                                                  Notable is still strength of Art Major and sweet lou and strong showing by Capt Treacherous From small crops (outstanding)                                                                                                                                                              Also to note the 3 s emerging stallions to watch are.... Always b Miki,Down by the Seaside and Vincent.                             Often the best progeny come from mares with Betters Delight as sire or Christian Cullen.esp in 2 year old ranks.    PS. money won changes rankings but young horses that can win shows potential for future value . as even maiden races are very competitive and well under 2 minute MR s

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As expected Bettors Delight has to bow to other stallions for 2023 .BD has been supreme in all classes of pacing horses  for last 10 years and his influence on our breed is immense (now appearing as a magnificent "breed improver" as dam sire) the 2 year old pacers for  example...                                                        No 1... Art Major...2 ...Captain Treacherous .. 3..Always B Miki 4 Bettor Delight ....5    Sweet Lou'.....6 Down By the Seaside

Points of interest A. as dam sire of young horses the Bettors delight influence 2023 was absolutely dominant (and helps other sires)                                                                                                  B .Captain Treacherous  is outstanding as a winners to foals % in 2 and 3 year ages (low breeding numbers   as only limited AI available for southern hemisphere at a large $ figure if you lucky enough to be accepted )

                               C All 6 sires plus Vincent figure in 3 year old lists as well  All are quality sires

.                                               D. interesting to note whilst BD still top 4 year old sire, the number of individual winners goes to  the stallion in 2nd .place,A Rocknroll dance with 35 winners.  

,Hopefully breeding bonuses ,increasing stakes levels and more opportunities for all classes will encourage more foals this season... !

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