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  1. Time for positive leadership.

    New Chief Executive Announcement https://www.grnz.co.nz/News.aspx?NewsID=2636 well done
  2. Looking To The Future

    I do not remember
  3. Looking To The Future

  4. Looking To The Future

    Yes we went to Capalaba on and off for 15yrs
  5. Looking To The Future

    Have put a rail in a Capalaba but most of the trainer did not like it so they went back to the lure down the middle. It was very safe track. I did hear that PN looked at Foxton race track, To put in at straight track, I am all for it.
  6. How about

    Trouble on the 1st bend. How about 6 dog fields? About 5yrs ago Wanganui put forward 6 dog fields, but it did not get past the 1st reading. At the same time,Wanganui put forward that dogs could be drawn in boxes that suit the dogs, railer 1to3, wide runners 678. We just look at OZ, how about we look at UK? As we will have too many dogs here, the 1st thing we can do is to stop all OZ dogs coming in?The dogs that come in is about the same number that go to GAP? Bev
  7. Dead baiting NSW

    The Dogs do not know that untill they get there duh.
  8. Dead baiting NSW

    The best skin we had was 5yrs ago and a Hunter said would you like a goat skin it lasted for 3yrs, and it was all about smell and how tough it was.
  9. Dead baiting NSW

    Just To let you all know, I do not believe in live baiting and we do not do it.I do believe we should be able to have skins at home to play with our dogs. The rule could be changed that only skins, no body or flesh. Bev
  10. Sad state of affairs

    Well this comes from the horse code not dogsI So I hope MR. B.S, is the 1st to go. Bev
  11. Sad state of affairs

    I would like you to know that the Stipes were there; trying to keep the peace, as I was abused by the Father who would not listen, and said he would bring down his gang member. Sorry Sue, but if you would like to stick up for some one, you should be sticking up for the poor girl who keeps getting shit from your mate. Bev
  12. Futurity heat sectionals

    thank you
  13. Young dogs

  14. NZRS.....

    I have allways thought that the % is wrong and it should be 60/40, 40 to the breeder.
  15. NZRS.....

    Wanganui next Wednesday has 15 races, 4 C0, and 11 C1 and 47 OZ dogs named. CH-CH on Tuesday have 12 races, C1,25 OZ.