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  1. Sad state of affairs

    Well this comes from the horse code not dogsI So I hope MR. B.S, is the 1st to go. Bev
  2. Sad state of affairs

    I would like you to know that the Stipes were there; trying to keep the peace, as I was abused by the Father who would not listen, and said he would bring down his gang member. Sorry Sue, but if you would like to stick up for some one, you should be sticking up for the poor girl who keeps getting shit from your mate. Bev
  3. Futurity heat sectionals

    thank you
  4. Young dogs

  5. NZRS.....

    I have allways thought that the % is wrong and it should be 60/40, 40 to the breeder.
  6. NZRS.....

    Wanganui next Wednesday has 15 races, 4 C0, and 11 C1 and 47 OZ dogs named. CH-CH on Tuesday have 12 races, C1,25 OZ.
  7. New Years Wish

    I would like to know how many people who pick on LP rep have been on a Committee or Board? Because if you have, you will know that you have to get at least someone that will support you. Now you pick on LP rep for not telling you what is going on, and yet he is supposedly known for being gossipy for telling too much out of school.The most democratically elected, full member of a greyhound board, is considered not to be fully capable of pertinent information until they have served years on the begginers Dates Committee. I have asked for the GRA Board Minutes for the last 9 months.The last one was back in 18th dec 2015. Now who do they work for? And Wanganui have not had one to my knowledge. Where is that damn transparency thats been promised the last twenty years? Bev Duganzich
  8. Hatrick Classic

    Please note that the "Hatrick Classic" carded for the 27th Jan,(heats on 20thJan) Is a C5 down, non R/A.(Formally the Wellington Cup) worth $25,000.
  9. WOW Wanganui

  10. Group 1stakes

    Well we all agree that Group races should go up. But for importers to think it should come off the NZRS,is a bit over the top. As for PVs, Wanganui put forward a recommendation that trainers get only for the first 5 unplaced dogs. That will give trainers up to $150. Which should cover cost of most places in NZ.Just not the boat. Bev
  11. The Punter

  12. Well Reilly, can you tell us how much the Greyhounds get for funding our sport. I am not talking about turnover, but what % do we get from OZ betting on Greyhounds? As you are so knowledgeable regarding figures,perhaps you could inform us of the costings of providing TV coverage by all codes and sports,actual contibutions by same? Bev
  13. It is all about making money. They do not give a damm about your point of view. We had a dog in the last race and they went over with a 1min 17sec and did not talk about the race till 2 sec from start time. They talk about R/L for 43 sec.Now is that giving our dogs a fair go.They did turnover over $8k on the win pool. The OZ race was to go 1 min after dogs.This has been going on for a long time,especially talking about other sport in our dog time. Bev
  14. LP Representative Vote

    How about we get some facts right. The clubs voted (Wanganui called for Members to have a vote,about 10 turned up)for the GAP place and G Calverley vote to keep PV at $40
  15. Wanganui sectionals?

    Wanganui couldn’t put the sectionals in for the 520 last Fri night as we had to get the page set up correctly from GRNZ which has now been remedied and should be all go for tomorrow.