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  1. CD missing out

    ANZAC day
  2. CD missing out

    next Wednesday there are only 12 races at Wanganui, so 3 c1 miss out
  3. CD missing out

    Monday is for all grades, Wednesday is for low dogs up so they do not get in. Friday high- down so there is no room.
  4. Thank you GRNZ

    race 5
  5. Thank you GRNZ

    GRNZ have authorised us to pay the stakes for the abandoned race Friday, $2860.00 split between the 8 runners = $357.50 per runner, this is being paid by GRNZ money not Wanganui Greyhounds
  6. Appearance Money

    On Catching pen the NSWGA have just put more money in to the pocket of the people who bring the Greyhounds that put on the entertainment. Now our GOVERNMENT have just told us they are going to put petrol up. It is time the GRANZ put back money on the 7th and 8th.They got $1/2m from the RB after a year long wait from the court case. Now it is going to cost more for people to get their vehicle to the track. Bev
  7. Time for positive leadership.

    New Chief Executive Announcement https://www.grnz.co.nz/News.aspx?NewsID=2636 well done
  8. Looking To The Future

    I do not remember
  9. Looking To The Future

  10. Looking To The Future

    Yes we went to Capalaba on and off for 15yrs
  11. Looking To The Future

    Have put a rail in a Capalaba but most of the trainer did not like it so they went back to the lure down the middle. It was very safe track. I did hear that PN looked at Foxton race track, To put in at straight track, I am all for it.
  12. How about

    Trouble on the 1st bend. How about 6 dog fields? About 5yrs ago Wanganui put forward 6 dog fields, but it did not get past the 1st reading. At the same time,Wanganui put forward that dogs could be drawn in boxes that suit the dogs, railer 1to3, wide runners 678. We just look at OZ, how about we look at UK? As we will have too many dogs here, the 1st thing we can do is to stop all OZ dogs coming in?The dogs that come in is about the same number that go to GAP? Bev
  13. Dead baiting NSW

    The Dogs do not know that untill they get there duh.
  14. Dead baiting NSW

    The best skin we had was 5yrs ago and a Hunter said would you like a goat skin it lasted for 3yrs, and it was all about smell and how tough it was.
  15. Dead baiting NSW

    Just To let you all know, I do not believe in live baiting and we do not do it.I do believe we should be able to have skins at home to play with our dogs. The rule could be changed that only skins, no body or flesh. Bev