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  1. He can yodel

    why do you think jake is a good trainer i wouldnt send him sick chock to train
  2. He can yodel

    i agree with you sack the trainer
  3. What a disgrace

    Brodie a dog will only drink if it wants to drink and the dog is in the keenels for upto two hours and guess what when they come out they piss so dont matter how much water you give a dog its gone by race time
  4. What a disgrace

    Brodie the person who told you that stuff dont know what they are talking about so maybe you should find out the facts and truths before you come up with coments like that
  5. What a disgrace

    Brodie i had a dog win two races in a row not long ago weight difference was 1.4 kgs so whats the story there
  6. What a disgrace

    brodie you have dogs that will be up in down in the weights all the time racing in the morning will be heavier that at night there is the reason for most of the weight variance
  7. What a disgrace

    Brodie your now a greyhound expert can you tell me how the weight change means your looking for downgrades
  8. Dead baiting NSW

    where you getting your info from i under stand that the spca have finished there investigation weeks ago nzgra have been saying the same thing as you that they are waiting for the spca if you ring the spca they will tell you they have finished there investigation i all so understand that the day the guy in oz got caught dead baiting he was suspended then and there why hasnt this happend here
  9. Hair Follicle testing

    sounds like you maybe a little worried ref and when are you going to slow down driving when on track sue you do come up with alot of untrue gossip but this isn't gossip and the head of nzgra said it himself over 4 weeks ago
  10. GRNZ update

    hi been 4 weeks since nzgra have announced investigation up date has anyone seen anything written any where dose anyone know anything
  11. Frozen Semen

    They have not bought semen in for over two years and the stuff that was bought in wouldnt be use by many breeders
  12. Sad state of affairs

    well he isnt a boy sue is he
  13. Sad state of affairs

    how old is he sue
  14. Stuff

    I still think it was bad enough why are Coles still aloud to race dogs should be a full investigation and they all should be stood down until it is completed
  15. 11 coles today?

    hey John boy your away off you 11