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  1. New all weather track.

    Since when has Cambridge and palmy been two bends
  2. 3 scratched

    I know He scr dogs that were not injured and told people so
  3. 3 scratched

    So you like the fact that he has ripped people of for years and has done it again He should have been shut down when the live baiting came out If Cole wasnt there someone else would step up and do it No one is irreplaceable
  4. 3 scratched

    Read the rule they were scr under 28 days for the 3 dogs He didnt present them
  5. 3 scratched

    I agree Another thing he has got away with
  6. 3 scratched

    See Mr Cole at his tricks again Scr 3 dogs in nzrs final last night 2 he didnt breed and 1 he dont own lets in 2 he dose own and breed in So the breeder and the owner of the other dog miss out And he gets all the money I see the 3 dogs got a 28 days stand down also i do t have a rule book but can someone tell me what 40.15 rule is please

    Well you must ne death as it happens in every race
  8. Small breeders and FS

    How do you work that out shirley vets has got good fs
  9. McInerney's ten winners

    What are you on
  10. McInerney's ten winners

    Do you think any other people could train those dogs and have the same strike rate or only karen
  11. McInerney's ten winners

    What ever
  12. McInerney's ten winners

    Well yoinwoukd know wouldn't you
  13. McInerney's ten winners

    And why do you think Karen is the best trainer for She works for a big owner who has shit loads of cash
  14. Cawbourne Brandy

    Haha sounds like your the trainer the dog stops chasing half way around the bend
  15. Cawbourne Brandy

    The dog stopped chasing half way around the bend