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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106
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      Site Issues Forced Upgrade   08/01/2017

      Hi I was forced to do an emergency upgrade to RaceCafe as we were suffering extended outages.  Everything seems OK now.  You will see a few visual issues with colours etc but I we get round to fixing those over the next few days.  The main priority was to get things up and running again. Cheers Admin

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  1. Frozen Semen

    They have not bought semen in for over two years and the stuff that was bought in wouldnt be use by many breeders
  2. Sad state of affairs

    well he isnt a boy sue is he
  3. Sad state of affairs

    how old is he sue
  4. Stuff

    I still think it was bad enough why are Coles still aloud to race dogs should be a full investigation and they all should be stood down until it is completed
  5. 11 coles today?

    hey John boy your away off you 11
  6. So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    yes but it's not just them is it Jake
  7. So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    oops sorry he isn't standing for re-election
  8. So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    he just is standing for re-election
  9. So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    it's about time the riu and nzgra put out a statment
  10. So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    track record the riu know about it ring them and ask
  11. So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    really you should ask to see the photos gom maybe some one should put the pics on here
  12. So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    clarkie only post when he has had a few haha
  13. New staying race???

    Jake boy your back what about all the people up your way that won't races the dogs over middle distance or won't race at Cambridge
  14. New staying race???

    I agree with you john
  15. New staying race???

    the Nancy Cobain is raced over 600 and is a group race