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  1. Schofield

    Haha so you must be him or his partner
  2. Schofield

    So Mike what do you think should be Denis penalty seen the kennel has already had a positive for P Im not saying denis had the positive but the kennel has
  3. Schofield

    Mouse why is it so so sad the dog had drugs in its system Are you saying that they should have be let off Dennis knows what the risk that he took by not living there and having David in charge the kennel already had a positive for the same drug
  4. Silver Collar meeting abandoned

    Was a great race as i thought dusty was weak at the end
  5. Schofield

    So who is going to help her not David i hope or os Dennis still going to visit when he isnt aloud Or is dad going to help her she cant do ot all o her own
  6. Silver collar heats

    Why should it be 720 for There are alot of stayers in the fields infact there are not many dogs that havent been in the money over 600 plus i think there is one out of 20
  7. Exciting win by Cawbourne Krusty, NZ St Ledger

    Kilchurn He had 34 starts for 22 wins 5 seconds 3 thirds may not have one a group race in 13 but he bet some very good dogs and won racing series races with in 13 Also a half brother of bigtime paddy I have herd there are some nice pups not far from the track
  8. Paddy whacks them

    Because brendon dosent want to spend 600 to get there and back twice lol he is tight would rather spend that money in the punt
  9. Cawbourne Krusty wins Group 1 NZ Futurity

    Mr blog's I can tell by your stupid coment you have got know idea who i am
  10. Cawbourne Krusty wins Group 1 NZ Futurity

    Look at your supporters But warren you won a race congrats Very very lucky paddy missed the start
  11. Well well well D.Schofield

    Lindsay Joyce Funny you come on here after being away for so long and attacking Do you think its ok he had a positive to meth He should have been given 4 years
  12. Well well well D.Schofield

    So it should
  13. Well well well D.Schofield

    But will they give him longer for appealing I guess if you get put out for two years you will appeal
  14. Well well well D.Schofield

    How long will it be for the appeal will it be 5 months or more
  15. Well well well D.Schofield

    Yes indeed thats a joke as well