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  1. Bit of a dive

    True but the last few weeks most have started , anyone else can also put a dog in . As for scratching you must present or provide the dog or cert within 48 hours of the race or take 28days so a scratching from a race on Monday may not be in the stand downs till Wednesday.
  2. Bit of a dive

    Bit of a cesspit , rigging races .
  3. Bit of a dive

    I see some half wits on this site bagging freeman for running 600m races I don’t see a problem with it as they are great to watch and if a dog is not right why should it start ? As for the stand down a dog gets don’t they no he can present it Wednesday? That’s why the stand down isn’t up on the site yet . Ffs crazy people.
  4. TAB

    I punt on greyhounds (sometimes not very well) when I bet on Aussie dogs I look at tab website and next to each dog they have there best winning time , I like this and then they have there box they won out of to get that time ? Is that right ? It’s a great idea why don’t they do it for the NZ dogs ? Something they are a bit misleading but that’s another story ... most of my bets these days and done through other agencies, my other questions is who does the write ups for the NZ dogs and the Aussie dogs ? Thanks
  5. Amazing Chase

    Why nothing from NZGRA about the withdrawal ? Slack very very slack , and if this was there stuff up and going on what Steve has said on here then it is, egg on their face what a disgrace for such a big race .
  6. Amazing Chase

    Where does one find out this info ?
  7. Amazing Chase

    The way I read the rules it would have had to requalified before the 20th June
  8. Schofield

  9. Schofield

    Miss leading info the tab have different trainer to the result if you see what I’m saying? I don’t care what’s going on but the tab should have it right .
  10. R1 1. R2 4. R3 5. R4 12,9. R5 4. R6 5. R7 2. R8 1. R9 3,13,6. Thanks and good luck
  11. Paddy whacks them

    Yes( put )clearly wasn’t meant to be there but you do get my drift
  12. Paddy whacks them

    I agree and rightfully So paddy should have won had box one in a avg field compared to the class field he flopped in the week before the different box one makes , now before people jump up and down we would all like to own him and I’m not here to knock the dog. I thought the run of Bigtime tears was better has been going avg the past couple with wins going from 30. 30 to 30.49s yes it has run a 30.06 30.17 early on and showed last night with a BON sub 30 run . Just an over all question and I’m talking all tracks how do they work put the swabbing system ?
  13. Bigtime eve

    How many times can this dog get half way round get cramp tail them in and get no stand down ?. Protect the punter !
  14. Well well well D.Schofield

    Mate it’s no different to the CD re training
  15. Well well well D.Schofield

    Yes but that doesn’t make one bit of different as it’s not the trainers . Now can anyone name a trainer that has been put out for presenting a dog ?