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3 hours ago, Blue said:

Excuse my ignorance but when do sustaining payments start to whittle the field down a bit?

First withdrawals were 2 Jan.....$418

Second withdrawals are Wed 12 February.....$1066

Late noms 3 March ......$10k

Final Noms .....4 March......$4312

The race stake paid First to Fifth plus $3000 for 6th to 18th !

All this info ,for all meetings found on NZTR website under NZTR Publications click on Racing Programme Guide.

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I suggest that in future years the Auckland Cup stake be reduced to $450,000 and that the horses finishing 6th to 18th get a $3850 discount on their entry fee.

To the owners that would be great.  It would save 3/23 of $50,050 in GST viz $6528.26; and it would save the owners $7500 in percentages.  So the perennial payers would be $14,228.26 better off.

This scheme is so simple that there must be some reason why it is not tried.  Please tell me where I am wrong.  If I am right I would be willing to have ARC member 64846 donate the $43.48 (20/23 of the extra $50 cost) the Club would be missing out on. 

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