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17 minutes ago, shaneMcAlister said:

These chat at the track videos that Love Racing produce are awesome.  Usually come through my Facebook page. 


Ps us punters appreciate the time the trainers give to do these. 


Thank you all 

On the "face" of it sounds good. Questions to be asked.

What cost to NZTR? Do they bring in any new sponsors? Shouldn't unnecessary duplication be avoided. i,e. Radio Trackside provide interviews that give out exactly the same information. Promotion of trainers good but just the same trainers seem to be on. 

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Slam Dunk, I do not know the answers to all you add.  However I do know a lot of the supposed new generation like the social media interaction.  If I am personally lying on the coach I will watch this.  However I do not often get to listen to the radio.

Yes it is the same trainers, but having the main trainers covers over 50% of runners.  Hard to meet all needs I suppose.



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