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  1. There has never been any suggestion that the track played any part of the injury of the horse. Go and have a look at the replay on the NZTR website, there is head on shot of the horse in front on the fence in the back straight. That would have to be one of the worse actioned horses that you will see. Evidently the barrier boys were talking about it prior the race.      

  2. Hi Phantom.

    I have been shown some previous work from your man which I enjoyed reading, earlier this year from memory. I wouldn't mind receiving his work also as he is pretty much onto things from what I have read so far.

    Would you mind asking if he will add me to his list. My email is stellarpark@xtra.co.nz




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    2. Phantom


      Hi Ted

      I asked him to add you to the list but the problem is we don't know you and he is only comfortable adding people who are recommended by current subscribers. He also has an inherent distrust of most race cafe members which doesn't help. If you are still interested I suggest you contact the person who forwarded his email to you before and get them to contact him on your behalf. Sorry. Good luck on the punt this weekend.


    3. rdytdy


      Not to worry Phantom. We have changed computers and the emails would have been on the old one and not 100% sure who forwarded them to me. 

      If my memory serves me correctly they were about Parkes (suspensions) and Sweeney, think Allpress got a mention and about the over rated Xtravagant (Te Akau). The other was mostly about Wexford and the cobalt saga.Had a chuckle that's for sure.

      Thought most people in thoroughbred racing in the North Island would know me or heard of me.  Ted McLachlan


    4. Phantom


      Well I didn't know your surname. Will pass it on, Cheers