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  1. howrude

    Bring back Brian Martin..

    No disrespect to the other greyhound callers out there, but Brian is the BEST! No word of a lie!! BRING BACK BRIAN!! or COME BACK BRIAN lol
  2. howrude

    Clark dogs

    Are you serious?? What a silly topic to start. Every dog has it's day. Simple! Not anything personal, just something stupid I noticed on race cafe...
  3. howrude

    Could lightning strike twice...

    Henery, Apologies mate, you are correct. I was actually meaning to refer to his open class debut against our smart ones like Lady Shambi, Blitzing Mayhem -to name a couple. Has been most impressive recently also...Ignore to move forward
  4. howrude

    Stand Downs

    3 days seem a little too little don't you think? And especially for stitches. Maybe the dogs welfare is second best. I have had stitches come undone after a week so 3 days does seem to be bending the rules...Charlie isn't the best at stitching either, so 3 months to heal after a Boyce job seems appropriate haha. Experience rather than opinion.
  5. howrude

    Could lightning strike twice...

    Didn't seem to enjoy being headed. I know it didn't receive much luck but times suggest that she could have a cuppa on the home bend and still win... I don't believe she will cope in C5. No doubt she is a C5 material bitch, but yesterdays field wasn't the strongest. Backyard Bully deserves recognition. He got back, further than SRJ and managed to fly home like an absolute rocket. Good to see him finding form once again. No doubt, she is a top bitch, but all to often we see these dogs go to the top too early and don't find things as easy... Always Welcome didnt enjoy his C5 introduction. Really Clever took a little while to win a C5...
  6. howrude

    Could lightning strike twice...

    Surely. She does have a bit of potential, but all been too easy.
  7. howrude

    Could lightning strike twice...

    I understand, but the fields she has been up against haven't been too flash, almost a trial run. It's different going from dogs who have been maidens in 30-45 starts or dogs who have PBs of 31.00/26.50 to racing dogs like Blitzing Mayhem, Lady Shambi, Sassy Road even Really Clever who can jump and run. Little Mother- I find it very hard to believe that there will be another!
  8. howrude

    Could lightning strike twice...

    A lot of the Ahern dogs (and most dogs in general at that) run sensational times down against lower opposition but very rarely do they cope up in class or in black tie races. I can name a few who have struggled since arriving in c4-c5 but don't get me wrong, this bitch does look very interesting and exciting and I cannot wait to see how good she can go against our best. Wouldn't mind owning a leg as her times do suggest that she will cope, but we will just have to wait and see
  9. howrude


    IMO, John Michael has to be the best thing to happen to Manawatu since it's fall. He is inviting, always has a smile and a tip and is the ultimate professional. He has a great understanding on what the people need and want. He is trying his very hardest to meet the needs of everyone but we must not forget that he is a little inexperienced in some fields, hence a little unhappy people. Keep up the great work John. Now, I don;t even live in Palmerston North and as soon as I went to work the dogs in the morning, I knew that there would be no running of the meeting due to the state of the track (from previous experiences). I'm 100% with you, I agree that as soon as the curators notify the stipes and co, then trainers far and wide should also be in the know. Cheers
  10. howrude

    Southland Greys..

    I see Mr Adcock has scratched runners at todays meeting. Does anyone know why? I hope all is well!! Not good for punters lol, I was all over Charlie's Choice today haha.
  11. howrude

    Darryl Robinson

    Darryl Robinson all the way! The meeting Roso called on Friday at CHCH was terrible. So dull and boring!!! Darryl is the best commentator for the central districts and he also pulled off a great job presenting Trackside! And Darryl makes an effort to go about and communicate with the trainers/owners/handlers which is good for the punter, some times lol.
  12. howrude

    Fastest greyhound in New Zealand?

    I can't call Dixie Lee or Bright Star the fastest dogs in the country as they rarely win on other tracks, if ever. Sozin's Comet, races everywhere and beats everything so to me she is the fastest greyhound in NZ. Thrilling Edge is another one. Flys on the one turn tracks but havent really seen it perform elsewhere as well. We have very, very fast dogs in our country who havent been out of their "comfort zones". Middle Distance. I like Know Attempt and Know Class. Too give away so much ground on different tracks and pick up top C5 fields with ease, they are very impressive dogs!
  13. howrude

    Auckland cup/ railway

    Sozin's Comet/ BIg Jamesy in the Railway with Uno Lachlan my roughie and in the Cup, Code Nine has been super impressive and is the one to beat with Jannik, Butcha and Know Class... Multi says Sozin's Comet and Code Nine.
  14. howrude

    Southland Greys..

    EXACTLY!! and they change while race is being run........It's very hard to know who you are relying on when money is still being added on trap rise....
  15. howrude

    Magic Bolt

    Only once has that ever paid off for me...I took a $10 straight quaddie down at chch, it paid $124...$100 treble for none of them to come in -gambling lol
  16. howrude

    Magic Bolt

    And it was bang on 8.30am (according to their site)... I was still happy with $1.90, but I wouldve been chuffed with $3.5 lol
  17. howrude

    Magic Bolt

    My time was off the site, so shouldnt it be the same as every other site user...And I'd prefer not to name and shame, just acknowledge how silly the game has become. When friendships are ruined because of faster running dogs....
  18. howrude

    Magic Bolt

    I got up extra early to make sure I got it on fixed....If the TAB is going off the time it shows, then shouldn't we all get it at the same price. I was on at 8.27am, waiting, refreshing, and at 8.30, I never got the $3.50 advertised, it came up as $1.90.....Same time as everyone else, yet totally different price. I got quite a shock when I saw it had opened at $3.50 when at 8.30am it was showing $1.90...Cant understand this.... Is definitely going to be a dog to follow, a few unhappy people at how good the dog actually is, going off the sourness of some on course, but I put that down to jealousy! "It wont last long with him, blah blah blah" "He'll ruin it blah blah blah"... GOOD ON YA BERNIE!!!!
  19. howrude

    Clone Your Own

    Huge run and place money last night!! Good stuff, he's flying the flag at full mast over there!! Very proud!
  20. howrude

    Laugh Like Santa

    I do the same mate, but my lucky numbers tend to be 1,4,7,11... Can't go wrong.............or right?? LOL. Quaddie paid excellent money yesterday at Manawatu, albeit, the first favs got beat, but not by massive outsiders...
  21. howrude

    B MARTIN, where art thou?

    Best commentator by far, enough said really. The big races just aint the same without his excitement throughout his calls. Magnificant, a huge loss for sure!
  22. howrude

    Dog I Like !!

    Leadfoot Lenny
  23. howrude

    Latest Scandal For those who haven't had a read... Jim Leach..It almost looks as though he was sticking up for the trainer concerned. ""The dog was put in an area to be cremated. But it had apparently been raining very heavily, and therefore the actual cremation didn't work at the time." This is a f'n disgrace.
  24. howrude

    Daddy Lowe

    has been a great dog...can remember his first start in the country. I'm pretty sure he was unsuited to Wanganui as he use to run off the track, totally different to his style today. 37 wins, great effort. Trainer (and partner lol) know how to train a good dog and they persevered him very well... Great Effort!
  25. howrude

    Young Handlers

    Hi guys. Today I was watching the greyhounds at Wanganui and noticed a very enthusiastic handler for the Lowen kennels. In race 4, he boxed his dog, number 7 Rockin Rod, exited the boxing area, ran to the front of the boxes and started waving vigorously before and after trap rise. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for the excitement that is caused by handling the dogs, especially your first winner but what worries me is although the dogs are determined to chase after the lure, (not all lol) , do you think this can disturb the focus of some runners? Also, the same handler in race 7 had rushed to get his dog from the lure without all the dogs being stopped and gathered at the lure harming himself and the dogs that can potentially run into him. I find this an issue as it does happen often with some handlers ignoring the security guard's warning of staying put until the lure is still and all dogs together. When I got my license, the only training needed was to prove to the Stipe during a trial on race day that you are able to handle, box and catch a dog successfully. I don't know if the same rule applies but I think we may need to be a bit more harsher on those wishing to handle greyhounds in the future. Yeah, just my opinion, please express your own and if you did manage to see the young chap jumping around as if he had ants in his pants, what are your thoughts? Cheers, happy punting and safe racing...