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  1. Seventeen winners so far in his first NH season is not to be sniffed at. No doubt the stakes successes will follow. What are his youngsters here looking like - anyone got one?
  2. I thought he ran very green today - can only iimprove on that run
  3. Many congratulations to Tony Bambry - it couldn't happen to a more deserving bloke.
  4. Hear Hear! Well done to Tony Bambry - couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.
  5. I fink they all orta have lessons in how to talk proper before they go in the telly
  6. Is there a way we can post photos of this season's foals - I'd love to see them, particularly the first season sires produce. Would be nice to have a dedicated thread - any chance???
  7. You're right - UNPROFESSIONAL is the word and it's high time that Trackside encouraged their presenters take the time and effort to check with owners/trainers if they're not sure of pronounciation.
  8. The Royals should take a couple of New Zealand hunters and let them loose in the grounds next time they want some secluded privacy. No papparazzi or photographers would lurk in the undergrowth knowing that a couple of Kiwis with guns who shoot at everything that moves are about,
  9. If you go onto the NZR site and look at the stud book you can search for planchet and find his pedigree that way.
  10. Are you looking for Planchet(AUS) 1999 by Canny Lad out of Penny? Can't find another one but he did nothing and only sired one foal who did nothing.
  11. Maybe if he can't go back to Fielding he could share that cute little house in Wanganui with the Beast - then the folks of Wanganui would REALLY have something to worry about. McDonald is a far greater threat to society than the Beast. With a bit of luck the two ticking time bombs together would ignite and blow themselves to Kingdom come.
  12. Anyone know Dance Floor's statistics as a broodmare sire? He seems to pop up quite a lot considering he was not fashionable and had comparatively few decent mares.
  13. Barmer


    Why did TV1 News this evening dignify Hone Hanawera's outpourings with a subtitled translation? They should have broadcast it as it was delivered and left the Maori speakers to appreciate it. He wouldn't do that too often if he thought he wasn't reaching more than a small percentage of the population.