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  1. claude55

    Maiden gallopers

  2. claude55

    Maiden gallopers

    Not to sure why but seems to be a bit of a trend unhealthy for the horse entering maiden horse in races that have had two of three wins. Maiden horses have maiden races or is there a shortage of these races. Terrible seeing the maiden horse come twenty length behind the winner.
  3. claude55

    Commentator Warrnambool

    He was doing so well then with about 400 meters to go turned into a turbo tonsil clown. Wtf. Unexceptable loud mouth race calling. It sounds terrible and falls below standards. Hope we don't he as r that again.
  4. claude55


    The other half tab said it was scratched. Funny that it was racing. Race1 are you sure. Yes
  5. claude55

    Tab tricks.

    Apparently if a punter makes a mistake putting a bet on then rings the 0800 number they only ever in your life time to cancel it. Does that seem real no. They do need awake up call.
  6. claude55

    Best Bets

    Do they still do a best bets haven't seen one in years. Oh and probably no. And guess what no one will give a shit. Well no one in miss management.
  7. claude55

    William Hill

    Gone to William Hill betting site they put winnings back into your bank. By by NZ tab and don't say we didn't see that one coming. Get with the plot boys oh and girls
  8. claude55

    murray hamilton case

    Well try Reefton Greymouth or no not Hokitika that's been taken over by equestrian people so maybe try your luck. I heard of a case where an equestrian person came on to a harness track at 6 in the morning while a trainer driving his horses and trotting leading two horses one eitherside and this equestrian idiot drives a grader on to the harness track straight towards the trainer. How the wasnt a causualty I don't know. The equestrian idiot when confronted as he should have been says oh I didn't no people trained so early. High lighting what fuck was an equestrian clown doing there in the first place. Its a training track and the sooner the equestrian people find somewhere else tbe better
  9. claude55

    murray hamilton case

    Isn't there anything that can be done. This situation sounds terrible. Sheep and cattle come first. Shock. Trainers come first. Isnt there a South Island trainers association to deal with this. Nicest people Wakiouiti. Not sure about winter training there tho. But at least you would have an above average I Q.
  10. claude55

    Pokie Fraud

    Oh so right thank goodness someone is seeing this episode correctly. Restores faith in N.Zers. Easy to go for blood when being hounded by media and prosecuting lawyer. Not to sure what accused lawyer was doing right.
  11. claude55

    murray hamilton case

    I agree some of the people who run these courses have never trained horses and never will. Its all gaga to them. But they don't mind seeing your horse run at there meeting's bringing in money to there course. Its imperative that horses stay on these small courses or face closure. Reality seems wayward to some administration clowns. $180 really mate I feel sorry for there lack of brains.
  12. claude55

    Past Stallions

    Now you are talkiing class. Fairs Fair sire line. None left now oh Super Kid in Aussie. Don't think there's one in NZ. Justice Prevails down deep South was the last. And not to sure what happened to him.
  13. claude55

    "Coloured" thoroughbreds

    My mare is spotted. Never ever seen a spotted thoroughbred anywhere. Has anyone
  14. claude55


    I've got a good idea to make racing exciting im going to go into a monotone just before every race start and name every horse. Im not just going to do it for one race im going to do for every race and all fuckn year. And if that doesnt drive you off watching races nothing will. Thanks for the variety.
  15. claude55

    Pokie Fraud

    Pat O'Brien I meant sorry about the confusion.