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  1. claude55

    New Commentator

    It's embarrassing having Aussie race callers here. And you don't have to be nuts or a loony to figure that out. Comments from overseas seem to agree.
  2. claude55

    New Commentator

    Thank goodness a kiwi up here. And what was the circumstances of the car crashing.
  3. claude55

    New Commentator

    Also I have never heard of a race caller make fun of a jockeys name. This jock ricks life and limb every time he/she gets on a horse then gets harrashed because of his last name. Then does it again still the rangiora trials. That jockey didn't look amused. Did that race commentator ask if he could make fun of this jockey to a transcript audience. Good riddance I say
  4. claude55

    New Commentator

    How did he die. What were the circumstances and why did the last one leave what were the circumstances.
  5. claude55

    New Commentator

    And worst you want to get rid of north island commentators and replaced them with Aussie ones. Where is your thinking about. George and Tony I guess we as a nation have to apologize to you
  6. claude55

    New Commentator

    Can you tell me what happened to the first Aussie commentator. Then can you tell me why the last one just left. So we are going for three in a row. Insult to those who have been and those N.Z rs coming on. As you say we are doomed. And also what you are saying is the kiwi guy that this Aussie is replacing us costing S.I racing money because he's a kiwi. What flag is at your house.???????
  7. claude55

    New Commentator

    Send him up north then. And watch the fall of north island racing. Who is behind these Aussie commentators. Its terrible
  8. claude55

    New Commentator

    Absolutely sick of these Aussie commentators. Been going on to long. Wonder why south island racing is slipping. Gives us a break. Whose behind this sabotaging S.I racing. Been at least 10+ years of pushing the mute button. This is disgraceful.
  9. claude55

    Matt Cross

    No more Aussie please. If we do have them maybe they should be taught to speak properly
  10. claude55

    Riccarton races

    Don't want to put you off going today but low level snow and rain happening no one's is going to want to stand outside. The stand that is available is going to be full. Apparently the insurance company hasn't or can't afford to pay for the old stand to be fixed. What year was the earthquake. I hope the riccarton race course as a company can sue for loss of partronage. This is a disaster and needs to be sorted. Good one Winston
  11. claude55

    0amaru Abandoned

    No food on course last time I went. Maybe they just have given up on racing. Should have been watering it way before. As good 3 in the middle of winter really. Maybe no electricity down that way. Certainly the IQ has dropped.
  12. claude55

    Maiden gallopers

  13. claude55

    Maiden gallopers

    Not to sure why but seems to be a bit of a trend unhealthy for the horse entering maiden horse in races that have had two of three wins. Maiden horses have maiden races or is there a shortage of these races. Terrible seeing the maiden horse come twenty length behind the winner.
  14. claude55

    Commentator Warrnambool

    He was doing so well then with about 400 meters to go turned into a turbo tonsil clown. Wtf. Unexceptable loud mouth race calling. It sounds terrible and falls below standards. Hope we don't he as r that again.
  15. claude55


    The other half tab said it was scratched. Funny that it was racing. Race1 are you sure. Yes