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  1. Can go to the supermarket no issues get petrol go to the warehouse no issues can't go to the races. Oh play rugby.
  2. Don't bother going u will be turned away. Thanks for all the notifications on trackside. Uselessness strikes again. Just who is running the show. No one
  3. Riccarton was great last Saturday due to the start time and work commitments we arrived very late. Absolutely no problems. Even tipped a winner for later in the day. Top marks and appreciated. Free drinks and nice company.
  4. Have any of or politicians taken pay cuts so as to fall in line with the rest of NZ strugglers. If so can we name them as being good people.
  5. Do people still watch NZ tv. Funny. They screen it in jail. It's part of your punishment. Most can't handle it.
  6. So I've spent a lot of time finding entires of this line through Sallust. Cavallieri who raced I NZ sold to Germany left two entires. ???. Are you ready and Asceadero. According to tb pedigree query they are still entires. Is that information up to date or hardly ever updated. Hard enough spending hours looking and find out otherwise. The way Germany and it's stallions are going hopefully have slot of success if the previous is correct.
  7. Someone's been on the top shelf. I would have thought horse safety would be paramount.
  8. Last of the fairs fair stallion line. Shame to see it disappear.
  9. Is this stallion still standing. If not did he leave an entire by any chance
  10. Yes and there races are in question and probably going to be canned due to low turn over etc. Haven't you been reading reports. This kind of response is excalty why the coast racing is finished.
  11. End of the Xmas new years break pockets are empty not sure how these coast races are meant to compete with race goers emptied pockets. Betting turnover must be questioned as race date
  12. Yes the waikouiti raced then 2 seconds later ellerslie. What the fuck is going on. Again
  13. We have John Bell after race commentary then cut off short by some shit race in doomboom. What the fuck is going on. Really
  14. Should never even have been restarted today. Not much time for trainers to get together.
  15. A free drink no less. Ye ha. Oh then trying to get in the gate with a free pass. The whole thing is like entry to colditz. Thank goodness the horse's and trainers put on a good show because the committee certainly doesn't