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    WHanganui greys discussion

    Here is what I like for the night- R4-Thrilling Quest($1.60ff) R5-Thrilling Brat($1.20ff) R6-Cheetah Woods($8.50ff) R7-Rosemore Osti($2.70ff) I'm not entering comp reilly because those have ended in disaster on here before, remember thrilling's comp debacle? Just like the discussion like yourself. You have the right attitude, I stay out of all the rubbish on this site although it has got better in the last year which is great to see. I've studied in greyhounds, not arguing.
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    Race Videos

    I actually think the GRNSW results layout is MUCH better than GRV, with the videos on the same page as the results. It's about the only thing they do better than GRV. At least we can all agree it's about time we had replays online.
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    Service Fees

    "Yes sorry there are a few, might of shot the gun too early while I was going through the stallions whilst throwing the cellphone at the wall. My point exactly below in your disclaimer. The way things are going you are better going to the sales and purchasing the one that you want and let the breeder take the risks knowing that you will come out ahead once you have brought and probably got a nice type with pedigree and let some other breeder go home with burnt "......... If everyone does that the price of yearlings etc will rise.....supply and demand. Take the right type to the sales and you make money....if you can keep your costs down and have enough pedigree.... In my view don't breed a horse you can afford to buy....breed one that if its a lovely type you wouldn't be able to afford at the sales... Hey just my view.
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    How many chances would you...

    I don't want to knock a greyhound but Man Oh Man is one of the worst non-chasers in recent memory. How on earth it was allowed to start 76 times is beyond me and actually a little bit disappointing from the perspective of the repute of the industry. It had too much ability to have stayed a maiden chaser, so it's a bit different to the dogs who continue to be raced even though they don't have the talent to compete in C0.