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    What Happened to the "Fixing Scandal"

    It does seem to have largely disappeared from sight with most (if not all) of those participants concerned seemingly back to driving / training. I understand that legal procedure needs to be followed but it is very frustrating that these matters cannot be resolved in a timely fashion. Personally I don't believe so much resource would be poured into this if there was nothing to it, but the length of time this is dragging out will most likely be interpreted as a "nothing to see here" by those that disagree with me and think the sport is pure.
  2. Fernlea25

    Crashed again

    You cannot grow your revenue if you continue to sh*t the bed on the big days.
  3. Fernlea25

    Police Raids

    In an age of Betfair and being able to 'lay' horses, the ability to cheat for financial gain is far more possible without needing a large number of co-conspirators.
  4. Fernlea25

    Police Raids

    I agree. Even coming around the home bend, he seemed intent on allowing every runner inside him to flush him wider and wider - not even to mention the early and middle stages of the race. I've never been much of a fan of the two-day meetings. Seem to have to be 'in the know' for which horses are just there for a look on day one.
  5. Fernlea25

    Police Raids

    Granting of name supression in these types of cases is damaging in my opinion as it allows rumour and speculation to cast mud on a much wider range of people than should be.
  6. Fernlea25

    Police Raids

    Anyone driving / training would be crazy to do anything but try their very best right now with the spotlight shining so bright. The best time in a long time to have a punt in confidence that you'll get a fair run for your money!
  7. Fernlea25

    Police Raids

    If there is strong evidence to substantiate the allegations, and serious jail time on the line, it'll be interesting to see how quickly someone flips for a more lenient punishment (and then just how many are implicated as a result).
  8. Fernlea25

    Police Raids

    I just hope that, whatever the outcome, the authorities move swiftly and provide as much accurate and timely information as possible to the public (without prejudicing the accused who have a right to innocence until proven guilty), so that rumour and conjecture does not burden those who have done no wrong. I would also hope that even those with personal relationships with the accused, are able to recognise objectively that if the charges laid are substantiated and proven, appropriate punishments are paramount to give the sport a chance at continuing and reestablishing itself to its former glory.
  9. Fernlea25

    Police Raids

    I should have quoted the post above mine from Slam Dunk about not seeing anything wrong with the race.
  10. Fernlea25

    Police Raids

    Have to assume they have some form of information - texts, phone call etc which suggested that a fix was on for that race. I doubt it would be based on the video alone.
  11. Fernlea25

    Apprentice caught Punting

    In my opinion, unlikely to have been potted - more likely spotted by someone from the integrity unit having a beer at the pub after the Albion Park races. If he was grassed-up by someone, it's not great form but he knew the rules and chose to break them. It's not the informant that broke the rule, he did.
  12. Fernlea25

    Apprentice caught Punting

    Breakfast Creek Hotel, I believe, is right across the road from Albion Park where there's harness or dog racing most days of the week, and pretty close to Brisbane city. It's not exactly a 'bush pub'. The rule may be a joke, but it's a rule nonetheless and until it changes, these folks need to wise up and abide by it.
  13. Fernlea25

    Amazing Chase

    I'm holidaying in Australia and walked into the local TAB to watch the 4 races... you could bet on them but the races weren't televised here which was very disappointing.
  14. Fernlea25

    Grant Dixon Suspended and Fined

    His partner, Trista, has been disqualified for 12 months recently after being judged to have pulled her horse to the inside to give clear running to another runner in a feature race at Albion Park. Many big names in QLD falling at present - seems the authorities are finally taking a strong stance.
  15. Fernlea25


    It's a nice thought Yankiwi, but the Stipes have a hard enough time identifying and taking appropriate action against non-chasers before the line let alone after it!!
  16. Fernlea25

    Thank You NZ TAB

    Trifectas are not commingled on Australian racing - the pools are so small it's not worth having a go (it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy). Need to stick to first fours on the Aussie races if you're betting with the NZ TAB.
  17. Fernlea25

    Roughie refund

    I see the TAB has a "Roughie refund" promotion running tonight at the Christchurch Dogs whereby you get a refund if you backed the 2nd-placed dog for a win (in a single bet, on fixed odds), and the winner pays $12 or more on fixed odds. The following excerpt from the TAB website: Things you should know The winner must pay a Fixed Odds Dividend of $12 or more to set off the refund special If there is a dead heat for second then both greyhounds will be refunded This applies to individual Fixed Odds Win bets only. It does not apply to Tote bets Multi bets are allowed. A refunded bet is considered a successful Multi leg at a dividend of $1.00 A couple of questions from me which hopefully someone can clarify: 1. At what point must a dog be paying $12 or more on fixed odds for it to qualify as "pay a Fixed Odds Dividend of $12 or more"? e.g. say number 7 wins and at the close it was paying $10 on fixed odds, but when I placed my bet it was paying $14, does this qualify? If not, there's really nothing to stop the TAB making all the dogs $11 at the close of betting. What about vice versa, i.e. it was paying $10 when I placed my bet, but ended up paying $14 at the close? 2. The last and 2nd last bullet points would seem to contradict each other. How can it apply to individual bets only, but multi's are allowed? Or are they just pointing out that one refund out of a whole multi won't result in a refund of the full bet? I like the intention to have some promotions (even though I think this one is shit), but it would be nice if someone with a slightly analytical brain could read these promo's before they're released to make sure the grey areas or terms & conditions are adequately explained. They could have made this one that if a $12 or more winner rolled home, then they pay out on win bets on the 2nd place dog as well (rather than just being a refund). Dogs don't win and pay $12 or more on fixed odds very often in New Zealand, especially with the way the TAB bookmakers go about setting the odds... there's often not a single dog paying $12 or more in a race. Cheers
  18. Fernlea25

    Lance O'Sullivan

    Voted by whom? I don't remember ever being asked...
  19. Fernlea25

    NZ TAB acting like Corporate Cowboys

    A very odd response from the Commerce Commission. The Commerce Commission's job is to ensure competition is enabled in all industries - even if the TAB is a private company, what difference does that make? Private companies are regularly scrutinised by the Commerce Commission for anti-competitive behaviour. Being private doesn't give you the right to conduct your business in an anti-competitive manner. It sounds like a politically motivated response to me... i.e. we're under instruction not to investigate or entertain investigating SOE's.
  20. Fernlea25

    Kevin Payne Replaced

    His moustache
  21. Fernlea25

    Two Metre Peter

    You're right I have been ruined, but not by T20 - I've never had much time for that format. I've been ruined by the way the likes of Australia, South Africa, and India play their test cricket. Positive batting and aggressive bowling. I've played a lot of cricket myself and to quite a high standard so I do have an appreciation of the game and the skills on display, but as far an entertainment goes, I'll never enjoy watching someone score 100 off 300 balls on Day 1 of a test match. It would be different if the team were 30/4 and under pressure, or batting to save the game, but I feel playing that defensively when your team is on top is really just letting the opposition off the hook. After Day 2, my assessment is that we've put all our eggs in one basket. If we don't manage to bowl West Indies out under the follow-on, we can't win. The final session of a day is when you really put the boot into the bowling / fielding team - they're tired, and they've only taken 2 wickets all day - spirits are low. Not, "here, have 37 dot balls in a row." Williamson had already faced a truck load of balls, and then faced more than 6 overs without getting a run? That's not helping NZ to win the test match... nor is it going to get me interested in watching the game... clearly just my personal view
  22. Fernlea25

    Two Metre Peter

    It would be nice if we could go into a test match with the intention of winning, rather than trying not to lose. On the face of it, we had a good first day, but in reality we only lost 2 wickets yet managed a very mediocre 2.6 runs per over. I can see us losing our last 8 wickets for 100 to be all out for 340 half-way through day two, when we really should have scored over 300 on day one by playing a little more positively. He's clearly a quality player but Williamson (and I put Watling in the same basket) always has me reaching for the remote control when he comes in to bat, it's just awful viewing. I'd rather watch something else, and flick over 60 overs later when he's nudging a half-volley through the covers for 2 to bring up his hundred.
  23. Fernlea25

    Silver Collar 2014

    Fancy me forgetting that! I'm only 30 and already losing my memory! I remember the first when she fell, that's probably when she was at her best. Drew near the inside, slightly slow away, and flattened going into the first bend. The 3rd in her last ever race was a massive effort - she was great fun to watch.
  24. Fernlea25


    Is there such a thing as a "take-out" on a bet type with a guaranteed pool?
  25. Fernlea25

    Silver Collar 2014

    Whilst I don't agree with everything you've said, you've raised an interesting point. Only 15 dogs entered for the heats was disappointing for me - and some of the dogs in the heats wouldn't have got a start in the past (in my opinion). Why was that? I had a small share in Shining Comet years back who ran in two Silver Collar finals (she was retired after running 3rd in her second Collar final), and I remember the heats being much more competitive with a large number of imports brought in specifically to target the race. I agree you can't really train a dog to run 779m if it doesn't have the natural endurance for it, but surely there are more than 15 dogs in NZ / Australia that could have a realistic crack at the prize-money. Is it no longer viable to import a stayer because there isn't enough distance racing? If that's the case then it's very sad as it is a wonderful spectacle.