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  1. Thanks for a great match Blues - you guys were very unlucky. Just nabbed in the second to last, and a slightly better than 50% chance going into the last race (if the market was right) - that was until Ben Melham went to work ...... Cheers Peter - looking forward to the new competition.
  2. R1: 1/2 BB R2: 1/2 R3: 1/2 R4: 2/10 R5: 2/6 R6: 2/9 R7: 1/2 R8: 1/2 R9: 6/10 R10: 5/8 BB Off the grid for a bit. TC will replace any scratchings. Good luck Geoff and thanks Peter J for another great comp. Here's hoping it's a favourites day on Saturday with lots of 1 & 2 quinellas, and Petition finally breaks through in this campaign.
  3. Howie, you appear to have missed a couple of key dates: 15 April - grand final of the Summer/Autumn comp - perhaps one of the worst grand finals in the history of PJ's comps - and one team quite a bit worse than the other But worth noting back-to-back finals for these two teams (if you exclude the "draft" format) 23 September - these two teams battling it out for the wooden spoon - have come a long way in 8 weeks.
  4. NZ Cup entries Here.

    1st: Imperium 2nd: Sampson Last: Locally Sauced Thanks
  5. According to TAB website their stores are open until 7pm on a Tuesday. Popped in to Brandon St (Wellington) store just after 6pm tonight and all the form sheets had been taken off the wall and the self serve machines were being shut down. Told by the staff that it was a 6pm close and it wasn't their decision. Today was NZ Cup day at Addington and there was still one race to go at that meeting, but one of their bigger retail stores decides to close an hour earlier than the usual closing time??? These guys make it really hard to support them at times
  6. Hi Peter, there are many of us who hope you continue - I personally get a lot of enjoyment out of these comps. I'm happy to help score anytime if you want to ease the burden on yourself. I like the draft concept - adds a lot of interest. Another suggestion, that I think I mentioned to you previously, is when you get to the play-offs, you let the captain of the higher seeded team pick the five individual match-ups in the coming week rather than drawing them at random. Under the current play-off system there is no real advantage for the higher ranked teams (if you think of each match-up as a 50:50 chance). Not sure that picking match-ups gives you an advantage either but would add a bit of interest. You'd just need to set a deadline for captains to reply, before you default to a random draw. Good luck with your start-up venture.
  7. Gingernuts

    Was a nice ride by Brown, but I didn't think Bowman's was that bad. Got Marmelo in the 1x1 (from 16 barrier) before they left the straight - good effort. Had to go round Gallante before the 800m as that horse expired and would have dragged him back had he stayed where he was. Leader also faded and left him in front too soon and then his mount didn't stay the distance. Not sure what else he could have done? I don't think he could waited after the 800m mark for something to come round and give him cover.
  8. R1: 3, 6R2: 7, 9R3: 8, 9R4: 2, 7 BBR5: 2, 7R6: 2, 5 R7: 2, 4R8: 1, 2 BBR9: 7, 15R10: 4, 5 Good luck Wrinkles - very kind of you to call me "young man" - don't hear that often Thanks once again Peter!
  9. My pet topic Howie. Chocolate fish says he doesn't. And if I lose we'll go double or quits on our final next week Grazia already giving Aspen Lass 2.5kgs compared to last start - could be 3kgs!
  10. Melbourne Cup Comp Entries Here.

    I think he's talking the NZ galloping cup, but if it was the harness cup you'd want to be in early because the first two standout and there's two or three most likely in line for last place.
  11. Melbourne Cup Comp Entries Here.

    1st - 6 Red Cardinal 2nd - 7 Johannes Vermeer Last - 12 Wicklow Brave Thanks
  12. R1: 1, 9R2: 2, 6 BBR3: 4, 5R4: 5, 6R5: 8, 13R6: 7,12R7: 1, 19R8: 3, 5 BBR9: 3, 7R10: 1, 5 Good luck Steve! Thanks as always Peter.
  13. R1: 1, 5 BBR2: 2, 9R3: 2, 10R4: 1, 7R5: 5, 10R6: 1, 3R7: 2, 6R8: 1, 3R9: 8, 9R10: 1, 9 BB Good luck Tony. Thanks Peter.
  14. Why book overweight, Rodley?

    Yep this is one of my pet peeves. Couple of weeks ago Michael McNab rode Pure Lorde on the Friday. She was down to carry 56kgs and he rode her 0.5kgs overweight. Next day he was down to ride Imperium down south carrying 54.5kgs (or 54kgs). Didn't stand a hope in hell of making that weight but he wasn't replaced until late Saturday morning. He had to give up a couple of rides and that was the difference between winning and losing the jockey challenge. No refund for anyone who backed him. I know having to waste and maintain a riding weight is very difficult but he shouldn't be allowed to accept rides he can't make the weight for. Punters (and owners) get burnt by this too often. I see from Stewards report that he was suspended three days for this - good to see them trying to address this issue (at least in his case).
  15. Lee Callaway replaces Michael McNab on Imperium - ouch. Bloody annoying - couple of weeks ago same thing happened with McNab - couldn't ride at 56kgs. Shouldn't be allowed to accept rides if he can't make the weight. I've had a H2H on Imperium based on the respective jockeys, and I wouldn't have taken that bet had I known the rider change. Not allowed to cancel the bet. Fingers crossed