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New Comp - how it will work

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Something different again.  Last week's Bingo comp was a bit of a lottery and was more good luck than good management, but this one will require you to put your thinking caps on and work a little bit harder on framing your selections.  The concept is as follows:

- you have 120 chips to spend on selections of your choice.
- there will be 8 (maybe 10) designated races in which to spend those chips.
- on Thursday night or sometime on Friday I will publish the price (in chips) of each horse in each of the designated races.
- the price in chips will be based on the horses FF odds at the time, for example a $2 favourite will cost 40 chips, a $5 shot will cost you 16 chips, a $10 shot will cost 8 chips, a $20 shot will cost 4 chips, ........
- you can choose how many horses you want to buy - you could buy three $2 favourites (3 x 40 chips = 120 chips) or you could buy 15 horses around the $10 mark  (15 x 8 chips = 120 chips) or some other combination that adds up to 120 chips. This is where the thinking caps (and the calculator or abacus) will be required.
- the only restriction on selections is that you won't be able to choose more than 3 horses in any race   (if there are 8 races that will mean a limit of 24 selections in total)
- you will earn points depending on where your horses finish:  5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd and 1 point for 4th
- the entrant with the most points wins

Worth a try - if it proves too difficult or complicated then we'll revert to some more tried and tested formats.




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A couple of other things to note:

- scratchings can't be replaced with subs (because of different prices) so if you have a scratching you will need to replace it before the posting deadline otherwise that is your loss.  For late scratchings, because you won't have the opportunity to replace, I will pro-rate your final points tally upwards to reflect your reduced spend.  For example you have a horse that cost you 10 chips late scratched then you only spent 110 chips so your final points tally will be pro-rated up by a factor of 120/110. 
- same proration approach for abandoned races (let's hope it doesn't come to that)
- if you post picks that overspend the 120 chip limit I will let you know so you can correct, but if you don't amend your picks before deadline, I will start at the bottom of your list of picks and drop picks until you get back under the 120 chip limit.

This one will sort out the weight-for-agers from the handicappers.  Look out for an entry thread!

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Entry thread will go up tomorrow (Thursday) night, including the cost to buy each of the runners.

In the meantime, the following are the races that we will be using:

Te Rapa R6
Te Rapa R7
Te Rapa R8
Flemington R5
Rosehill R7
Ipswich R7
Ipswich R8
Ipswich R9

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Couple of more detailed rules:

Dead-heats - won't split points if there are dead-heats - will give full points (5,3,2 or 1) to any dead-heating horses.

Tie-breaker - could well have a number of entrants with similar points so tie-breaker (in this order) will be:

- most winners picked
- most 2nd placed runners
- most 3rd placed runners
- most 4th placed runners
- most 5th placed runners
etc .......

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Please note in the Entry Thread I'm not updating the post that has the fields listed, for scratchings.

Up to entrants to check elsewhere (eg. TAB site) if any of their runners are scratched, and post replacements.

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