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Japan has excecuted its first foreigner in 10 years.

A Chinese national was hung for the killing of 4 innocent people.

Amnesty International said '''Japan showed a shocking lack of respect for the right of life'''

What a load of b/s.

They showed the same amount of respect to him as he showed

to his victims.

Common sense was the winner on the day.

China had already excecuted an accomplice and sentenced one other to life.

Yee Hah.


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 I  have read a report much worse than this , can't find at the moment but here's a starter .

''Amnesty International exposed

 200 page report about Amnesty International.They were politically neutral in all respects and did a great job in supporting political prisoners etc around the world.

Today they have sadly become captured by partisan activists and this report captures how Amnesty staffers have called Israel to be wiped out and praised Islamic terrorists. They have a non-trivial number of staff who are basically pro-terrorists.

They also have a toxic workplace culture where after two suicides, a study found 39% of staff developed health issues due to working at Amnesty.''



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