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Kinetic rio for lease plus straw

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Well bred, talented c5 chaser, with beutifull temperament available to lease on a pup deal.


Huge fan of cosmic rumble but we chose to purchase a billy the sid straw for her based on the influence of Most welcome, Spiral nikita, HHoncho, Hallucinate and Malawis prince.


Some interesting crosses here:

Elite state and AAssasin (knocka norris), Hallucinate and AAssasin (Winsome Ashley), Light of fire hallucinate spiral nikita and flying amy (Mystic Apple), Hallucinate x Most welcome (Repeated, thai alert, hendrix), Hallucinate with Token prince and ultimate wish (Miagi), CRumble with hallucinate and TPrince (Astrophysic), Just the best and thai magic (Best of diablo), Malawis prince spiral nikita trendy leigh with lauren maree (three inch nail), Collision with just the best and token prince (Pulp)......there are so many nice clicks in the cross, too many to mention them all.

Due on season very soon, happy to negotiate deals based on how many she has.

She has an 11 month old litter now that are doing everything right (Addis boy). Her sister chasing shadows has a nice litter to Path to power racing (Dreamzone, kinetic assasin, meat damon) and the next litter to Dyna lachlan are looking impressive.


Please contact Garrick on 0211475452 or gaz_catch23@hotmail.com

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