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  1. R1: 5,7 [3] R2: 2,7 [4] R3: 8,11 [2] B/B R4: 1,9 [2] R5: 7,8 [2] R6: 1,4 [16] R7: 1,13 [14] R8: 2,6 [4] B/B R9: 4,8 [1] R10: 2,5 [7] Cheers PJ - great comp again so far. All the best Rob - except if we're in a close photo on a Best Bet!! - and GO the RAMPANT REDS!!!!!!
  2. Ha ha!! No worries VS...- you seem to have trouble aligning your picks with the correct competition still!! Looking forward to it..
  3. R1: 2,8 [7] R2: 6,9 [10] R3: 1,4 [5] B/B R4: 7,10 [3] R5: 3,11 [8] R6: 2,5 [1] R7: 5,11 [6] R8: 1,6 [15] R9: 2,3 [6] R10: 8,10 [14] B/B All the best Pete and GO the MIGHTY Reds!!! Really hope leaving out Oklahoma Girl doesn't come back to bite me!!!
  4. Raining in Auckland and horses will need their 'floaties' tomorrow I'm picking....lifeguards will be on duty for the last furlong.....:) R1: 2,5 [3] R2: 1,4 [6] R3: 3,4 [1] B/B R4: 2,4 [6] R5: 1,9 [14] R6: 5,7 [11] R7: 5,9 [1] B/B R8: 8,15 [1] R9: 1,4 [8] R10: 3,12 [5] _______________________ R8a: 5,12 [6] R9a: 8,11 [7] B/B R10a: 9,12 [7] All the best Ziggy Go the Magnificent REDS!!!!
  5. R1: 5,7 [1] R2: 3,12 [9] R3: 2,3 [1] R4: 5,9 [10] R5: 10,12 [6] B/B R6: 8,17 [2] R7: 1,5 [2] R8: 1,9 [14] R9: 1,6 [12] B/B R10: 1,3 [12] EXTRAS if required: FLEM R7: 4,10 [1] MORP R6: 2,3 [1] Cheers Brian - and GO the REDS!!!!!
  6. Wairio Picks for Sunday 14 May R1: 8,9 [7] R2: 5,6 [1] R3: 4,8 [6] R4: 1,4 [5] R5: 2,6 [3] B/B Cheers!!
  7. Doomben: R6: 1,6 [2] R7: 3,7 [4] R8: 5,7 [9] R9: 5,8 [12] B/B R10: 3,5 [14] All the best Viceroy. Go the Kiwis - and of course the Mighty Reds!!!! Wairio to come...
  8. Yes - Habitation was a nasty piece of work. I heard that when he savaged Nelson himself - his days were numbered!!!
  9. Let me know what you come up with Franco. I've got one on exactly the same cross as you. She has left two nice Alamosa colts and a cracking Road to Rock colt. I have just weaned the Super Easy filly at foot and she missed last year to Shocking. On paper that is an awesome cross for her. Be interested in your thoughts.
  10. I was working at Haunui when Church Parade arrived to start his career. He was from a lovely family, but by Queen's Hussar from memory. I later prepared a yearling by him when I worked at Akarana Stud who was one of my favourites. However, I can't seem to remember him leaving many winners??
  11. I'm picking it won't be as long before his next win!!!! Nice horse.
  12. Secret Agenda - the 4th of my subs to win today!!!!! Tough day at the office. At least the Super Easy filly smashed 'em in the Champagne!!!
  13. PJ - can I make a late change please? Last race Morphettville should be 17 - not 1. I will understand if I am too late with this. But would appreciate being on the right horse!
  14. R1: 1,4 [2] R2: 5,9 [8] R3: 3,7 [2] R4: 1,6 [7] R5: 1,10 [2] R6: 2,5 [1] R7: 2,5 [1] B/B R8: 3,5 [1] R9: 1,2 [5] R10: 1,2 [3] B/B All the best Ian and GO the Reds!!!
  15. Interesting indeed! Clearly, one requires large 'kahunas' and even bigger pockets to buy at the top end of the market...Success is definitely elusive - for both the pedigree buff and the industry experts !!!! "Great game, this racing game!!!!" Keith Haub.
  16. Bostonian his only hope at this stage I think...No vested interest of any sort.
  17. Splurge now 7 from 11 and looking every inch a budding topliner. That was ridiculously easy yesterday at Te Rapa. I think he may well go a long way to recouping his expenses this winter, in Brisbane. This Bourbon Lass family is quite exceptional at throwing up very good horses!
  18. I'll will try to do better. I will try to do better. I will try....
  19. I know...I know... Fortunately, I had a good day anyway, but it could have been the difference between winning and losing...Won't happen again!!!
  20. By way of explanation.....I THOUGHT I had the winner as my final Best Bet to cap off an incredible day and make a total approaching $1,000!! Surprised when not accredited , I checked my post to discover that to my horror I had not put it in!!!! I had typed 4, twice instead of 4,5. Von Schmallhausen had even tried to warn me of my mistake... Oh well...not quite as Hot as I thought...
  21. Thanks for trying VS. I didn't see this till just now!!!!! Of course, I had So Willie in the last!!!! Just checked to see why I didn't get my last winner after riding it all the way home for my final Best Bet!!!
  22. "When you're hot - you hot!!!!!" Probably next week I'll be 2nd up and the second line of that catchy old song from the 60's will apply...