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  1. I responded to this earlier Bazach. There's not too many more that you could mention in the same breath as Uncle Remus and Regal Band. Banderol was not by him, as I corrected myself earlier - he was out of Regal Band. [ I worked with her at Haunui Farm as it happens. ] So 'two horse wonder' isn't too harsh really. Thanks Gubellini for confirmation that One Pound Sterling was not quite as good as Nomates remembers... Bit like that saying..."The older I get - the better I was!"
  2. That's a honey Kakama! Love it!
  3. I hear you Scooby - but he was not Champion Stallion at any stage was he?
  4. Yes, No mates, I was probably a bit too harsh on One Pound Sterling. I forgot Castletown completely. However, I think you're a bit mistaken about him being Champion Australasian Sire, defeating Sir T! Don't recall him even being Champion NZ Sire, let alone Australasian Champion. What year was that?
  5. Perhaps not, Yir Tiz - Regal Band was a good one indeed. Banderol was actually her son! So not by Bandmaster at all. He was actually in our yearling draft when I worked at Haunui years ago. In my defence, I DID say Bandmaster was perhaps a 'two-hit wonder'! [ although even Regal Band was nowhere near as good as Uncle Remus. ]
  6. R1: 6 R2: 1 R3:10 R4:9 R5:10 R6:9 R7:6 R8:7 R9:7 R10:13 Cheers!
  7. Two more 'contenders'.... One Pound Sterling - McGinty. Bandmaster II - Uncle Remus [ and Banderol, so technically a two horse wonder! ] Amazing where they come from!!
  8. Heck - I've even be happy if a few of my $5 shots had got up instead of running 2nd!!! ...Specially when Von's $18 shot does the winning!
  9. Sorry Peter - of course. Hey Von - the way you're travelling you can hardly blame me for wanting 9 horses in the next!!!!
  10. Ha ha! You may be right. Hesi...but I'd have a plan B if I were you! Anyway, before the 'Thunderbird's' ship blasts off without me, here are my calculated guesses, insightful, well researched and perceptive selections for today! R1: 2,5 [1] R2: 1,2 [3] R3: 5,13 [2] B/B R4: 1,3 [4] R5: 5,9 [4] R6: 1,2 [3] R7: 2,3 [4] B/B R8: 8,9 [10] R9: 3,15 [2] R10: 1,2 [9] All the best to the fabulous new Thunderbirds crew, a 'sporting smidgeon' of good fortune to our opposition - and go easy on that scythe aye VS!!
  11. That's correct Breeder. He's on the Gavelhouse auction now.
  12. Yes - those screams were of a person in severe pain. All the very best Rogan. Terrible to see and hear that today. It's a tough life at times.
  13. I passed both mine in Aaron and subsequently sold one by negotiation - the other I have on here again and lowered the reserve to a fraction of my costs. I'm hopeful he will sell to someone who will give him a fair shot at success; he's a lovely colt.
  14. Privileged to be a part of the hugely promising Thunderbirds under Captain Cubes - fantastic ring to that - don't you think? Captain Cubes and the THUNDERBIRDS are GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Looking forward to this comp!
  15. Cheers BaaBaas - great go from the 'Cubemeister' and with 5 winners apiece it could have easily gone either way in our matchup. Glad I could have a decent day on Finals Day and help the Team to a well deserved victory. Thanks heaps PJ for all your hard work! Well done to my fellow Ferdies - it's been a most enjoyable comp. Tough luck Memphis - you had us all going there for a while; a superb comeback to get to the final. Here's to the next Winter Comp under new conditions... should be interesting...
  16. Here goes with a mix of certainties and hopeful longshots [ the latter added in for a bit of excitement and tension... !!! ] R1: 6,8 [4] R2: 7,10 [12] R3: 4,12 [3] B/B R4: 5,9 [10] B/B R5: 4,13 [12] R6: 5,11 [1] R7: 1,4 [3] R8: 3,11 [10] R9: 4,6 [7] R10: 2,4 [7] All the best Cubes - may the best man win! [ and as an aside, may I say that with you as Captain, I thought the only name for your team in the new comp just HAD to be 'The Rubics' !! - I thought it presented a golden opportunity for the bye line to beat all bye lines "We're The R
  17. Pathetic nonsense - a robot monkey would be much more to their liking!!! I've been watching racing for a looong time - but no doubt some have been watching longer than me - has anyone in all those years ever seen someone fall off close to the line because they were celebrating??? Thought not. I have seen jockeys very cooly drop their hands and get beat though. But never have I seen someone standing up in the irons waving and going over the side. That's because jockeys only do it when it's a big deal and when it's 'in the bag' - and they're PUMPED!! Good on 'em! I hate this anti-celebrato
  18. Cheers Memphis! Nice to have a good day every now & then! So far so good....