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    They are pretty addictive watching alright - next best thing if you can't make it there (and safer because you can gesticulate and carry on in the safety of your lounge without risking getting some half million dollar piece of horseflesh knocked down to you ... No doubt I will once more grit my teeth when I hear K F-E chattering on about Te Akau like she's an independent expert voice on the matter - and the camera zooming in on hubby as he places his bids by doing his winking buddah thing .. all the while as K F-E fawns over the icon of the NZ bidder's bench .... Sorry to sound chur
  2. That man deserves a DB! (not if you're driving of course ...). Best of luck Barry - full marks - wish you well on the punt.
  3. Cheers Chevy - I agree. I'm not bothered about things being actionable - can't see myself straying into that territory - more concerned about being fair I guess Do like the idea of sharing experiences though - hopefully most of us who have been around the cafe for a while could distinguish btwn the genuine posters and the "plants" who look to talk up their own operation! For the record I have no allegiance / connection to any of the studs - purely a (small-time) client. J. PS: thought of setting up a survey with grades for various features (eg. comms, fees, stockmanship etc) f
  4. The pre-formatted emails on service / scanning are standard for the big players I believe. But I too have dealt with studs where that system was not in place and I had to ring the stud to try to find out what was happening with the mare (turned out she had probably not even been to the barn until she'd been there for weeks and then been served and missed etc). I appreciate it when someone who is actually dealing with the mare txts or phones (occasionally) to update me in progress or lack of it. Yes I know my mare may be one of hundreds - but it's still not that hard to do ... J.
  5. Hi Treat agree completely. I hate it when the only way you can figure out what is happening with your horse is by analysing the vet bills. That simply is not good enough. I am reluctant to publicise any place I wasn't so happy with - simply because it might unfairly malign an operation which is usually good and perhaps my experience was an aberration. Happy to say however I was very satisfied overall when dealing with Cambridge Stud. You sound like you have had a really bad run Treat - depending on the causes of that I guess it might be you've had all your bad luck in
  6. Track good 2; weather showery according to NZTR.
  7. Yes. I do believe that is the most important fact of all in this. If you have very little capacity to make money from breeding a thoroughbred race horse (whether you race it or someone else does) - why keep doing it? Yes - like me it might be a passion - but a few more years throwing money into a black hole and I won't be feeling too passionate. More likely I'll be quitting the game. It takes a hell of a good racehorse in NZ to actually turn a profit over its lifetime. THAT is a problem. I know from experience you can have quite a nice one which regularly weighs in - s
  8. Hi Louise. Yes a good thread started by Breeder. I would not be able to justify breeding anything if I paid a stud agistment year round. Charged for mane pulling? OMG! Cld tht not come under the general agistment fee for caring for the horse in a stockmanlike fashion? I worked at a stud where I watched staff do tht sort of thing while they waited in line with mares at the crush - took no "extra" time and very little effort. In many cases mares enjoyed a little bit of grooming and laxed out prior to their scan. Also grooming is a great way to check over a horse- discover issues or injur
  9. Perhaps if I could balance that tale a little. Another mare was at a different stud and the service in terms of communication was great - starting with a phone call from the broodmare manager to say she had arrived and had walked off the truck in great nick and he was just about to take her to her paddock. As a hands-on owner who is actually pretty fond of her horses I appreciated that and it got us off to a great start! Mare (a maiden) was not quickly in foal and I'll never know whether she was down the queue for the sire or really was "springy" for all those weeks - however plenty of
  10. La Zip. I enjoyed your post - it's very interesting to hear of the experiences of others. I would love to know the respective studs you dealt with if you were so inclined to PM me. I patronised 2 studs I've never dealt with before this year and that was interesting too. At one establishment, the mare did not do at all well. When this became clear, I tried to make suggestions from afar in the bid to help the mare back to better condition - was frustrating as the mare has always done well at pasture. I factor in it was a b###h of a wet winter - but when we got to talking about feeding
  11. IMO small breeders get hammered. A few dollars off a service fee here and there but otherwise no discounts (and at times, inferior service) from the various providers they need to patronise in order to keep and breed horses. The bills are astronomical even for 1 or 2 mares. Sometimes it feels like we are subsidising the studs. And most of us don't have a pretty little 50 acre block on the edge of town to sell off to release some funds ... I acknowledge that the big boys are in it for the money and it's a business for them to run the best they can. But I wonder if their lack of altru
  12. Very interesting article Breeder - thanks for that. 900 mares in "private" hands is a very interesting figure. If outfits like The Oaks with their equity, expertise and economies of scale are talking about rationalising then it just reinforces that the likes of small breeders like me are on a very tough road indeed. Q: Bottom line, what are thoroughbreds bred for? A: To race Q: Can you make money out of racing thoroughbreds (in NZ)? A: Very rarely (dunno the percentage who turn a true profit but expect it's tiny) So besids the odd very good hor
  13. Good point TurnipO - quite a few owners will report they are hard to keep condition on ... I guess they spend a lot of time hanging off a rail, stable door or trough - whatever they can find. And some will suggest the ingestion of all that air reduces appetite ... and that they have a nervous disposition in any case which is tied up with the habit etc I remember someone telling me about a horse which they were trying to prevent windsucking so they eliminated all the surfaces he could use and then saw the horse latchonto his own knee and start gulping! Have never seen it myself but alw
  14. Personally find the things extremely annoying as an owner ... have been good ones however ... had one which won a few races - better than average but no champ. Jury's out if a mare - whether it "teaches" its foals to do likewise. I had a mare who winduscked - none of the foals I bred from her have ever done it but a couple did like a nibble on a wooden rail ... (like plenty of others). Of course it is considered a vice - needs to be declared if the horse is sold at any stage - and for many it is an absolute no-no and a deal breaker.
  15. Ah - interesting Breeder. Thanks. And of course you can't "deal" as many horses as Sir Patrick over a lifetime and come out of it with a "perfect" record - most would say his judgement has been pretty impressive overall. Owners of EJ have since had at least one other mare racing in their colors too -but I can't recall her name or breeding ....
  16. Love those stories - not so much the experts getting it wrong side of it - but the canny "amateur" who cottons onto a good thing and goes for it. I followed that EJ for just that reason knowing the history - smart race record as you say Breeder and 100,00 im stakes to her name - I will be interested to see who they've bred her to as she hasn't raced since Jan 2017 and I'm guessing has retired to the broodmare paddock ...
  17. If you are going to start comparing strike-rates of the likes of David Ellis then to be fair you need to start correcting for purchase price - compare like with like if you will ... because obviously he spends a truckload of money and massive individual sums for many yearlings .. if you command domination of the bench at the top end of the market it's a bit tough on the rest to start comparing the success of those horses (often royally bred) with the more modest types other buyers are spending much less on ....,
  18. Could be another interesting bit of analysis there ....
  19. Fascinating TN! Thx for doing the research and posting that ...
  20. Thanks for posting Mardy. The heart must've been well n truly in the mouth when you saw that unfold - bad enough for those with no connection whatsoever to see that happen. V pleased to hear both ok - Brett will regain any lost confidence and go on to ride more winners - and plenty of failed race-horses go on to have perfectly lovely lives if their humans take the trouble to arrange it .. just ask the big lazy lummox in my front paddock ... All the best, J.
  21. Interesting post Berri. What fee in NZ 2018 you reckon? J.
  22. Clash of codes?? Perhaps we should go to church first and pray for a safe, successful Marton meeting ....
  23. Thanks for the response P4P. My observation of the world - of racing and beyond: one word, from which so much flows: INTEGRITY.
  24. From NZTR: The meeting today could not proceed after the track received more than 40 ml of rain in the past 48 hours. The track had been inspected this morning by a Turf specialist and with good drying conditions today and tomorrow we are comfortable with racing on the track tomorrow - Sunday 7 January "Comfortable". Interesting the club (or it's PR ppl?) are using this word. Was an old favourite of John Key's - usually when commenting on something the masses were (rightly) freaking out about! Good old John calmed the rising hysteria by assuring us all he was "comfortable". Al
  25. Just for interest P4P - was that comment made before or after the bend was "re-done" a few years back?