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    Turny got a reaction from THE TORCH in Final Touch   
    Tremendous run from a top mare. For those who follow my posts they know that I labelled her back in November (for this period) and their Bank Managers will be very happy. Suspect the mare will have a well earned rest now and return in October/November, or head direct to the mating paddock - what value a filly from this mare?
    Also, lets not underestimate the sheer brilliance of Chris - it really is the super talented CWJ of old when he rides this mare. Great that Chris was at Ellerslie today so our northern friends could see him and his riding talent- pIty he only had 2 rides today, but ARC should have marketed him and his talents - even at 48 he truely is the "Magic Man" - lets enjoy it as long as we can.
    Super to watch
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    Turny got a reaction from THE TORCH in TV3 New Zealand Derby Selection   
    Get the Magic Man on standby Rumpers, the Ellerslie carnival would welcome the "best of the best" on course
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    Turny reacted to rumpole in RIP Phil Leishman   
    A fantastic bloke and a fantastic broadcaster
    should have been knighted
    he was better than the late Paul Holmes as a broadcaster
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    Turny reacted to I Have Left in Harness League Round 5 Auckland Friday 1st March   
    1 - 7
    2 - 1
    3 - 13
    4 - 8
    5 - 5
    6 - 1
    7 - 3
    8 - 8
    9 - 10
    10 - 8
    11 - 5
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    Turny reacted to JackSprat in brad willamson   
    I'd have to agree to a certain extent. Junior drivers races are a bit of a lottery, always have been, and always will be. Getting beat due to inexperience, such as going too soon, waiting too long, going too fast in front, going too slow, and missing opportunities in the run, are things you have to expect. But this defeat was brought about by overconfidence, and posing for the camera, so I think he can consider himself very lucky to have gotten off with being "spoken to advisedly".
    Knowing the Williamson family, and the fact that it was his brother that ended up beating him, I'm sure the lesson has been well and truly highlighted around the dinner table, and it's a mistake he won't be keen to repeat any time soon!
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    Turny got a reaction from jack in TWI$TING THE TREATY   
    Now OPO, my good friend Alan,
    How naughty of you calling me a racist - all I am doing is promoting the rights of my Bro's seeking from you Bro's compensation for 165 years of hurt and suffering Bro. Thats fair Bro surely.
    Be fair Bro.
    By the way Bro, my bookshops has 25 copies of the book in store, I will let you know when I sell the first one Bro. But don't hold your breath Bro, they ain't chased after Bro.
    Cheers Bro
    Kia Kaha Bro
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    Turny got a reaction from jasonmccook in punters club   
    Hi Bryce
    Will continue with my weekly deposit starting next week
    Our turn must come soon
    Thanks Bryce
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    Turny reacted to Smiler in This is whats wrong with Harness Racing   
    In some ways, I kind of like the system used by the Greyhounds. Converting to Harness Racing, horses could drop back in grade one thay missed the first 4 placings 4 or 5 starts in a row.
    I realise there will be the cynics that say the drivers/tainers will not try in that 4th or 5th start, but that's the stipes job to sort out.
    At least horses can still race longer once reaching their maximum grade. 
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    Turny reacted to Berri in Sangster terrific but ...   
    Shane Dyes ride wasn't a bad gamble. The pace at that stage of the race was a joke when he set off like a man possessed and the form on the day (bar a couple where the pace was on) was that back runners had a tough time getting up. He could have steadied a bit when he got there but that is a case of semantics. The horse got beaten by better runners. For anyone who wanted to listen to me before the race, I unfortunately labelled Sangster as the lay down mazir bet of the day. Any horse that can win the AJC Derby, in some sort of form, beats that lot of runners. That was a joke of a group 1 race. And so it panned out. We have seriously slipped because apart from the Derby, this horse was beaten in a number of the lead ups by the Sydney mob who last year weren't as good as the Melbourne mob.
    And back to the coverage, why can't someone see that the images of races like this are our shop front window to the World. The coverage was bollocks. Lazy use of cameras, light, editing, preparation....in fact most of it. This was a Group 1 race and not some mediocre every Saturday type race. Even the lady who tried to sing the anthem sounded like a chopped up Gareth Morgan victim as the commentators kept pratiling on whilst publically apologising for be disrespectful to the anthem. You've got to be joking....what a shambles....so unprofessional on so many accounts. It pisses me off because this is not difficult.
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    Turny got a reaction from Centrofold in Final Touch   
    And what a ride - at his brilliant best again
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    Turny got a reaction from ziggy09 in OPO - HAVE AN IDEA FOR YOU   
    Why don't you express a view one day rather than bore us all with your "cut and paste" rubbish.
    Even Globe expresses views, which, not surprisingly, are largely very christian and homely.
    Try expressing yourself and your views Alan, we would love to know where you sit.  And, even more importantly you may actually create some form of intelligent debate and social reaction.
    At the moment it is just me and Globe commenting, and that is boring surely. Though I know you enjoy my intelligent and sage comments and advice.
    Lets have a new wave here Alan, lets create debate and you hold the flag to encourage followers. You have a duty. Take the challenge.
    All our love Bro
    Kia Kaha in Aotearoa, and enjoy NZ Day, a very important day on all New Zealanders calendars, both here in Aotearoa and throughout the world.
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    Turny got a reaction from ziggy09 in OPO - HAVE AN IDEA FOR YOU   
    They are very boring but don't annoy me - I find them amusingly "red necked" and swimming against the tide of reality. As Mr Key said today, lets deal with the issues and recompense and compensate genuine treaty claims for the 165 years of sufferring and hurt, and that is all we ask for. Keep paying your taxes my friend as part of your financial input will be correctly channelled to us and that is fair and reasonable. I am sure you agree. It really is commnsense.
    Kia Kaha Bro
    PS I would welcome some input from you rather than the "boring" cut and paste of suburban rednecks.
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    Turny got a reaction from sarahmcl in punters club   
    As always I am in thanks Bryce
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    Turny got a reaction from sarahmcl in Seeking employment   
    Hobo (poor choice of name)
    Get of your lazy arse - do some research and ring trainers direct - it is bloody simple - if you want it go out and get it
    If you sit in your Hobo tent waiting for it to happen - you are dreaming -
    Get some get up and go and GO
    No one has answered your thread as they think like me - get of your arse
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    Turny got a reaction from mooseman in A couple of ideas   
    Good thoughts Aaron,
    The airport one is interesting - just don't think we have the product to appeal. By perception a lot of non racing folk think racing is as straight as a corkscew. The TAB account top up is where it is headed, but it is the old story, if we do not use TAB agents we loose them - it is either use them or lose them -  so dangers exist with your thought on this topioc.
    Good thoughts but. 
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    Turny got a reaction from mike28 in AUCKLAND TRACK   
    Should be a good 3
    BUT, no inside BBQs or BYO alcohol, over priced entry, racebooks all sold before the first, not enough tote windows open, overpriced alcohol, poor and over priced food selection, emphasis on the fashions on the field, adverts for sponsors cars ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,enjoy your day at the races .........you may even get to see a horse or be real lucky and hear a jockey / trainer or winning owner interviewed............ BUT the track will be a Good 3..........

    Ask you Grandpa about the good old days............
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    Turny got a reaction from jasonmccook in MELBOURNE CUP PUNTERS CLUB   
    Count me in Jason