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  1. Congratulations to James and great to see him back.
  2. Roll on Spring Racing at Ellerslie.
  3. I disagree. Initially I did not like the idea of Auckland Cup Day being shifted from New Years Day. We generally do not like change. However, I have grown to like the idea of Cup Day being in March. The tracks are, in general a lot kinder to the thoroughbreds. If the track is wet, it is a test of strength and endurance. The year I witnessed Cent Home break down in the home straight put me right off wanting to see horses race on the hard and dry tracks of yesteryear on New Years Day.. The meeting carnival over Christmas New Year is successful and for the most part so is the Derby/Cup Carnival in March. I do not wish to see things go backward. Mind you Stakes Day in March has always been a favourite race day of mine and Autumn is my favourite time of year. Not to mention the track gets watered for free. See you at Ellerslie on Thursday, weather Gods permitting. Cheers Jane
  4. Sign of the times. The internet has contributed to people perhaps not knowing their next door neighbour but they have contact with people all around the world. Similar to the Melbourne Cup. No longer is it a case of "Is an Australian or Kiwi bred horse going to win the race". With the entrance of European horses, surely the interest in the Melbourne Cup reaches a far greater audience around the World. That can't be a bad thing, surely? Life exists outside of Australasia - right?. Having said that, I fully understand why the Australians are feeling a bit gutted. Who are the Australian bred horses in the Melbourne Cup this year? Is it harder working out who is going to win this great race or is it my imagination?
  5. Thanks for your response. I would be happier to know what the 'technical' problem was. I would never go to foreign betting services. Unless I am confident that I am taking money out of the foreign economy
  6. Sadly, we live in a time when people involved with the Internet can make more money than Doctors and Specialists. Tradesmen can earn more than professionals. Our top income earner is Tourism. What hope is there for anything really productive? . Next on the horizon, cars that operate without a driver. Can you imagine horse racing without Jockeys. Never mind, thoroughbred racing still has a high level of passion for some of us and it certainly has more appeal to me than lotto. PS: Reading a book is still appealing to some of us.
  7. Centrofold


    I think Kaiwi is a good horse but Cox Plate winning material, Nah!.
  8. Hey Porky. Did the same thing happen during the Spring Carnival at Hastings last year? Peeved me off too but Honey Rider winning the Gold Trail was a bet I managed to get on brought a smile back to dial. Does anyone know what the problem was?
  9. As a woman I say congratulations to Michelle Payne - the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. Also congratulations to the connections and trainers and performance of Prince of Penzance. HOWEVER, I hope it is another 150 years before we see a 101 odds horse win the Melbourne Cup.
  10. As an ardent admirer of this wonderful gelding, I hope he gets the best of care and makes a good recovery. Followed by the best retirement a human can offer a horse. He deserves the best. Best wishes Red Cadeaux. I will never forget your wonderful efforts in the Melbourne Cup and think you most certainly deserved to win one.
  11. Sorry TAB forgot my manners - Thank You
  12. I was rapt. TAB put $5 into my account yesterday and I had the insight to back Addictive Habit, so thanks to the Addictive Habit team
  13. H Hit the nail on the head McKenzie. I have nothing but respect for Karen, professionally and otherwise. People who have to nit pick at her says more about the commentator's life or lack of a life than it does about Karen. Who are they going to pick on next?
  14. Got to love those tough geldings Chestnut. Passed away in his 33 year, a credit to those who cared for him also.
  15. What a privilege to live to see the achievements of this wonderful chestnut gelding. It is fitting that his achievements and admiration for his will to win never be forgotten. My thoughts go to all those who loved and admired him. He can keep Sunline company. Two Champions at Ellerslie No racing fan will forget his battle with Waverley Star up the straight in the 1986 Cox Plate. What a great race the Cox Plate is. RIP Bonecrusher.