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  1. blue waters

    Radio Trackside in Waikato full of static

    Same. Hopeless reception in the car.
  2. blue waters


    Combined bets. $200 win @$4.40 Vespa. Too win $880. Bets on says Jason. Rest tomorrow.
  3. Mercler track rider? I remember Laurie Cavanagh winning a race on her at Te Awamutu.

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    2. gubellini


      Thanks. I used to play in the Matamata Rugby Jockeys and Stablehand team with the Fallon boys,Hounsell boys, Crawford boys, Tony Gillies, Gary Cross, Loopy Dye, Roger Elliott etc. Best wishes to you and Pare and your family.

    3. blue waters

      blue waters

      I used play. Great after match functions. I keep in touch with Dean Simonsen, in fact he is home at the moment from oz and we are going to see Laurie Cavanagh on Tuesday. I started at Kevin Olds 1974. Pare has a pizza shop in main st of matamata,Power Pizza. My business is 

    4. gubellini


      Great Bryce I have seen your ads. Endorsed by L. A.O.!

  4. blue waters

    Trentham quadi

    Does Trentham quadi pool carry forward too this week?
  5. blue waters


    Marble tracks at Olds and Alcocks. Date worked for Gibsy.
  6. blue waters


    Simon Royal, Peter Rowlands, Paul Asher, Damon Anaki, Wayne Smith, Kim Burke, John Moody, Stephan Stacey, Roger ELliott, Date Donaldson, Kevin Scott, Trevor Harrison.
  7. blue waters


    Baxters bets. $110 multi. opt 203 2 X opt 1205 12. $110 multi. opt 126 8 x opt 1130 1. good luck.
  8. blue waters

    Punter's Club Number 8

  9. blue waters

    Punter's Club Number 8

    BAXTER AND BLUE WATERS COMBINED QUADIE TE RAPA $320% 2 5 9 10 11X 1 2 3 4 5 11X 1 2 3 4 7X 2 3 4 8
  10. blue waters

    Punter's Club Number 8

    we are combining and betting later, trebles and quadies.