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  1. 14 hours ago, Stables said:

    I would rather see the costs of putting this programme to air put into raising stakes.

    I'm with you Stables take the $30000 approx. to run the Box Seat and give it to the 3000 races run each year that's about $10 a race and don't worry about the harness stalwarts who love to see their programme on trotting each week.

    Soon we will be like harness racing haters on another forum who couldn't bring themselves to mention Dexter Dunn's magnificent achievement's.

    If you don't like Box Seat on the top right of your remote the off button is there push it.

  2. I'm with you TDO I was in Aussie when they had a ring-in, I will never back a galloper again, another time there was a card counter at the casino and that put me right off casinos. 

    I got put off lotto when I saw the odds where 1 in 3,800,000.


  3. 16 hours ago, tripple alliance said:

    Ohokaman stop making a fool of yourself , the only evidence required was to confirm this guy was a mass killer , NOBODY disputes he was a mass killer that's all anyone needs to know .

    Good old Trumpy , he knows the real questions to ask , WHY WASN'T THIS DONE LONG AGO  , no that's a good question to ask .

    Ohokaman you are not only a moronic TWAT you obviously cant  FUCKING read what you have written or hear what Pompeo said. Pompeo came first at West Point and graduated at Harvard Law School and is a lot smarter than the idiot doing the video I can promise you that, read his CV and tell me you believe the idiot on the video.

  4. will see a stable or two come back to the field!

    Jack I would say just reading that proposed rule certainly would have been more exhilarating to you than your first intimate encounter with a human of the opposite sex!

    Is there any prizes for guessing which stable you were referring to?

    And lastly would that rule have been initiated by a Veterinarian?

  5. Red

    How ironic you posted a day after All Stars won the four races they contested.

    Maybe read the brochure again it will help you understand what ACS is also my name and the name in the brochure is the same person.

    I hope the trainers and racing people are right I should get 58 bloods this week not counting the winners.