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    Blahblahblah got a reaction from tasman man 11 in Spring Stakes Supremo Comp ($1000 prizemoney) entry thread Round 7 - Sat Sep 8   
    Bit late sorry for that but to save time all races #2 
    R1 #2
    R2 #2
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    Blahblahblah reacted to Thejanitor in Bad boy Bronson   
    Prejudiced profiling? What does that mean? 
    My comments were not prejudiced as I was stating facts.
    Fact one: Mr Munro was banned from rugby for 46 weeks for a "racial insult" to a Fijian player during a rugby match. 
    Fact two: Mr Munro abused two female drivers during and after a race at Forbury Park. He has pleaded guilty to the offence.
    You may think that Mr Munro's racist and misogynist rants are OK but I do not. His behaviour in both incidents is indefensible and wrong. Now we have a further claim from Taku Umanga (see above) that after the incident on the track they were "driving horses into each other". If this is true, using horses as a weapon is abuse of the animal so my fears are correct.
    Having a "competitive nature" does not give one the right to racially abuse people or insult women. I suggest you head back to the beach, dig a hole and stick your head into it where it belongs. 
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    Blahblahblah reacted to harewood in Oz titbits,Emma Stewart- All Stars   
    Yes. a very fast horse with gate speed to burn. Run 1.50s  several times. Not too sure about it beginning well thou and 2 miles very much in doubt. Never had a stand start in its life. The FFA friday thought more its go or even a 2600 mobile. But funny things have happenned and carnt get Steel Jaws amazing front running cup win out of my mind. If it pings to the lead who knows how long it can stay there especially if the AS have if for a few weeks prior. Not for me thou.  Im firmly in  the other other Aussie camp. The Bull. 
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    Blahblahblah reacted to Newmarket RC in Oz titbits,Emma Stewart- All Stars   
    Emma Stewart Storm's to an all-time record
      Emma Stewart recorded her 300th training win of 2017-18 today, the most wins an Australian trots trainer has produced in a single season.
    Only hours after claiming three Group 1s titles at last night’s TAB Breeders Crown it was back to business for the Ballarat trainer at Warragul, where she achieved the unprecedented milestone with Tiger Storm winning the Leonie Collins and Deb Quinlan 2YO Pace.
    The victory moved Stewart pass the record set by Queensland trainer Bill Dixon in 2010-11, with Stewart amassing the triple century from just 772 starts, a remarkable 39 per cent win rate.
    The achievement is testimony to Stewart and her great partnership with Clayton Tonkin, who said they had a real “passion for it and I’m sure when success follows you, you want to work hard because it’s something you love”.
    The TAB Breeders Crown delivered three Group 1 wins to Stewart’s stable, with Ride High winning the showcase IRT three-year-old colts and geldings final and Lauriston Bloodstock speedsters Speak No Evil and Hurricane Harley claiming their divisions.
    Its been announced that Cruz Bromac, winner of 15/30 starts will be sent to All Stars  stable for a NZ Cup Preparation. A recent winner of the Grp1 Len Smith mile im sure he will add further of interest to the race  along with other Ozzie raiders. A few months back there was a lot of negativity about this year contest but methinks those in that camp may have gone the early crow. There's never been a poor NZ Trotting Cup IMHO
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    Blahblahblah reacted to harewood in Monte Trot   
    I disagree strongly that these events are a novelty. They may be new to NZ but not the rest of the world where straight out trotting reigns supreme. If you watch races from  Scandinavia and especially France you will see many monte races on a programme racing for equal or better prize money.  Horses were not born with carts on them and  trotted freely before restraints with harness were placed on them. The great trotter Greyhound  voted trotter of the century raced ocassionally in monte races so it has a long history. 
    NZ is only getting up to play with the world and I hope they continue to promote them and trainers support them.
    Have seen several live in Aus and they are a great spectacles and the same as any betting medium when you follow them and who are the better riders. My advice back any with a female rider with a Scandinavian sounding name as they have done it before many times. 
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    Blahblahblah got a reaction from scooby3051 in Spring Stakes Supremo Comp ($1000 prizemoney) entry thread Round 5 Sat Aug 25   
    R1 #1 The Big Opal
    R3 #5 Aramora
    R4 #5 First Crush
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    Blahblahblah got a reaction from scooby3051 in Spring Stakes Supremo Comp ($1000 prizemoney) entry thread Round 4 Sat Aug 18   
    1.Te Rapa R6 #10 New York Minute
    2.Randwick R4 #3 Oohood
    3.Randwick R5 #3 Spin
    4.Caulfield R5 #4 The August
    5.Randwick R6 #9 D'argento 
    6.Caulfield R6 #1 Sunlight
    7.Randwick R7 #7 Siege of Quebec
    8.Caulfield R7 #13 Grunt
    9.Randwick R8 #2 (I Am)Coldplay
    10.Morphettville R7 #1 Dollar for Dollar
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    Blahblahblah got a reaction from scooby3051 in Spring Stakes Supremo Comp ($1000 prizemoney) entry thread Round 3 Sat Aug 11   
    Good luck everyone 
    GN Race 6 #5 Shamel
    Flemington race 7 #7 Poetic Dream
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    Blahblahblah got a reaction from scooby3051 in Spring Stakes Supremo Comp ($1000 prizemoney) entry thread Round 2 Wed Aug 8   
    Let's seesee james make the big 3 
    Race 8 #1 zedeedudadeeko
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    Blahblahblah got a reaction from scooby3051 in Spring Stakes Supremo Comp ($1000 prizemoney) entry thread   
    Winter Cup - 5 Fascinate
    Missile Stakes -4 Pierata
    Thanks pj and everyone involved good luck
    Cheers Jordan

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    Blahblahblah reacted to pickle in Russell Curtin   
    Today a champion bloke was laid to rest.The large gathering a testament to his popularity and the respect in which he was held in the Racing and larger community.A recurring theme from the many who spoke was of his willingness to help others, many times beyond the normal call of duty,his punctuality,work ethic,dry sense of humour and mostly his  commitment to his family.Also his "occasional"and legendary use of the odd profanity.Many of the trotting and galloping fraternity present spent time with Russell in the truck and all have memories to share about a guy who would never let anyone down.A Legend.RIP Mate.
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    Blahblahblah reacted to Iraklis in From Hunterthe punter- more rubbish   
    Oh whew FTMuch mate, thanks for that yeh ay Scoob agree with yuh there, the rubbish is gettin quite sick really tho, so understand the anger, that said its 'hard to pick a scrap with someone who just ignores you' don't let em push yuh buttons there's way better things to yak about......such as Kiwi's won 7 outta 12 races on the card at Yonkers over the weekend!!! now that's a subject.....
    GOOOOOO!!! The Mighty KIWIBREDS!!!!
    Cheers Iraklis
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    Blahblahblah reacted to scooby3051 in From Hunterthe punter- more rubbish   
    Nothing deleted Iraklis...just some losers trying to make themselves feel important... just ignore the rubbish they speak... this will always be the best site for anyone to participate freely in..but I won't allow rumour and innuendo by oxygen thieves like the ones previously mentioned...anyway time to move on Fartoomuch just ignore them they only have a few mates to view it anyway...