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  1. George

    Guptill not out

    Did anyone see Guptill's get given not out after the video reviewed an LBW decision last night when he was on 73. He was plum, the not out decision made a mockery of the video review process.
  2. George

    Percy the Punter

    Is this horse in australia now?
  3. George


    Spring Sharks will win there first premiership this spring.
  4. George

    Petrol prices

    If everybody didn't but a pie and coke whenever they stop at the servo you wouldn't care about the extra $2 you gotta pay for petrol from time to time. There's bigger news than a slightly more expensive petrol price.
  5. George

    Good luck Auckland Reactor!!

    Absolutely!!! GO THE REACTOR!!!@#@#!@#
  6. George

    The 'high cost'of housing in NZ ?

    The simple fact is we are going to go through a global meltdown in the next decade, there is no scope in buying property especially in an over priced market like so many places in NZ. It is unsustainadble to continue to rise in the near future, property is no safe haven in the near future.
  7. George

    Jacob Oram

    why do so many kiwis have such a negative and sour attitude. These guys got up and slaughtered possibly south africa's strongest ever cricket team and jacob oram has a blinder and there is still criticism? Very sad indeed. Oram is matchwinner and thats what this black caps team has, several match winners. Roll on Sri Lanka, we can win this world cup.
  8. George

    NZ Cricket

    The mighty Black Caps will win tonight then go on to win the cricket world cup. This team is full of might and once they get there mighty heads together and there masterclass in check they will topple the south africans off into desperado wilderness.