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  1. myk


    Will join SS if u need another?
  2. Will be in if it bolsters numbers
  3. myk

    Tony Lee resigns

    Worked with Tony at markets when he first started filling in for the late Reg Clapp.A greater guy you would never meet,Best Bets in back pocket,a bundle of laughs when socialising and deserves all the accolades passed onto him with his departure.Maybe from all this we will see a new training partnership emerge:A.Fieldes-T.Lee- Marton,training for Dummy.All the best for what ever you choose Tony,you have earnt it mate.
  4. myk

    punters club no 5

    Sorry,yeah, 6-16.Had a hard night.
  5. myk

    punters club no 5

    Pick 6 $18 5% 3-4-5-6-8-9/1-8/4/ 2-11-12/1-5-8-10-13/6-16 R/6 $15 Qu 50% 4/2-11-12/1-5-8-10-13/ 6- R/8 $2 Dbl 1-5-8-10-13/6-16 R/9 $5 Quin 6/1 R/9 10/15 on number 16 R/8 $7 quin 1-5 Think that cuts it Bryce,trim something if spent too much Bryce,Thanx.
  6. myk

    punters club no 5

    Will give 1st lot of picks an post others shortly,quaddies. Mtg 4 R/1 $8% treble 10% 6-7-8-9/1-2-4-8-9-11/2-3-14 Race 2, $2 Doubles 1-2-9-11/2-3-14 Race 3/ 10/6 on number 14 Will post rest soon,sorry again 4 being late.
  7. Just wondering,I see a full claiming apprentice in Melbourne,Jordan Childs.Would this be Gregs son. Also see a horse with Williams barn at Bryerley Park,Intuition.Was there an Intuition,very good sprinter in 70s by Pakistan ll,trained by Eric Rophia,ridden By Herb Rauhihi an Brent Thomson.Someone got a long memory.
  8. myk

    Petrol prices

    Very strange BP $2-19,passing Gull btween Manurewa-Takanini and $2-04.Go 800metres on and hell,BP $2-04.What competition creates,and these new Z stations same as BP,and NZ taxpayer owns 33% along with Greenstone 66%.Easy to see who the criminals here are.
  9. myk

    punters club no 5

    Gucci Girl,what a bummer that 1st leg.
  10. myk

    Paul Harris

    Thanks Sheriff,well put.
  11. myk

    Paul Harris

    Agree with your reasoning on why this may have occurred Sheriff,but why name the poor guy.Just telling us another trainer had hit the wall would have done,without more embarrassment to the man as he faces hardship with business.Maybe you could set up a page named,"Name and Shame" and let loose with yr names of unfortunate business people.To me zzz,you are crawling in the gutter if you think this is news to the cafers,just kicking a man while he's down. he
  12. myk

    punters club no 5

    I'll get mine out of the way 1st Bryce if wanted.
  13. myk

    We own the water

    Back in 1997,prior to floods,maoris were claiming water ownerships.When Waikato river flooded and caused damage to roads an properties,the good old maori didnt any longer accept their ownership of water when asked for compensation by river damage.Who ever called them dumb.
  14. myk

    Petrol prices

    It shows how thick some people are,like the proverbial sheep.To stupid to think with logic.Now Z are 33% owned by taxpayers,why dont they lead way by 15cent a litre decrease.Increased sales will look after profit margins.
  15. myk

    punters club no 4

    Thanks Bryce and Jason for the great work an time yous have given us all.New round starting 4th August?