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  1. M2 - R7 : No.2 - Ima Heroine Thanks for the competition.
  2. I notice when on my regular walks around the general neighbourhood, that addicts can't seem to keep their paws off their mobile phones whilst at the steering wheel. I have a 7-point programme for addicts, which goes like this :- 1. Go to car 2. Open boot of car 3. Throw mobile phone in to the boot 4. Drive to destination 5. Open boot of car 6. Retrieve mobile phone 7. Use mobile phone as/if considered necessary There !! How painless would that be ! Brilliant in its simplicity. But of course, we are talking about addicts.
  3. Today BP has put 91unleaded up to $2.19 per litre, almost an all-time record high. My local Mobil passed on the way home today ..$2.05 per litre. Yes, you've got to hand it to BP...Gold Medal-winning price gougers from way back. And the amazing thing ...people still patronise their outlets. Incredible.
  4. Yes, in the ordinary course of events it could just be someone shooting his mouth off, overcome by the occasion and the disappointment ..........but ya just can't argue with the stats...stats don't lie.......Graham Henry had the stats...and no-one yet has been able to refute them. Even the head honcho ref on the ref panel couldn't deny the stats.
  5. To the individuals out there in the wider sportsland and elsewhere whining about Graham Henry (including the official who appointed Barnes as ref, still trying to cover his backside)...can they answer this ....why would a sportsman go to the trouble of writing a book..and then not write in the book what he/she genuinely believes, as long as basic human rights weren't being trodden upon ? Maybe write a "sanitised" account, to appease the petals ? Of course not. Whether the official lost the plot, or had a pre-determined plot, (and those are the only options, the general playing form at the time of the All Blacks is a completely separate issue), I congratulate Sir Graham for fronting on the issue.
  6. Yep..since I started this thread the BP have hiked the price of 91Unleaded to $2.10 a litre. No matter for me...I bought at Mobil at $1.98 a litre the following day. I pity the poor saps being gouged though...when there is only a BP in the vicinity. For those that go BP when they do have a choice ! ..well...we all know...every village has one..some villages a few more than one. Absolutely. Go you good things.
  7. I thought the court system was already clogged enough...without bureaucrats loading up another layer of delay.
  8. Yep...prices on a steady rise again after a very brief period of price reductions. Rises no doubt led by the usual suspect, BP. Amazing how long it takes to drop the prices, and yet how quick they are to pop them back up. But on the brighter side...won't be long until spring!
  9. Spring is my favourite ....the season of beginnings...brightness on the horizon.
  10. I would question the Police Association's renewed call for all front-line police to be armed, following a policeman being shot at in Central Auckland yesterday. By their own admission a car stop is one of the more innocuous of police activities. Unless anticipating danger, you wouldn't expect police to have guns out and at-the-ready, at every or indeed any car stop. Unless they are 'John Wayne'-like in their reaction speed, you wouldn't expect a policeman, gun down in holster somewhere, to have reacted in time with their own gun upon one being presented at them. I believe police generally would be safer without guns than with them, in general run-of-the-mill policing.
  11. And in case anyone thinks I'm going to "bag" him for getting the Say No More / Fleur De Line call wrong as well, I'm not. If he can't get the short head decisions can we possibly expect him to succeed on the nose decisions ! I'll say no more !
  12. No problem with that .......just put me down as the lone dissenting voice then, not entirely satisfied with the number of inaccurate calls in a tight finish, from someone presumably paid pretty well to get those short head calls right.
  13. George Simon really does have to lift his game "four or five notches" calling the place-getters horses across the line. A friend and I were discussing his inaccuracy in close finishes just yesterday and how well-known he is for this at Te Aroha he is certainly coming up well short of what one should reasonably expect. R4 - calls Sophia's Dream 3rd when clearly Encosta Larrocha was 3rd. Margin: short head R5 - calls A Keepa 3rd when clearly Holy Moly was 3rd. Margin: short head Ok...I was watching on television so could clearly see what was 3rd in both instances ...what about the poor sods relying solely on radio broadcasts ! The reality, people can get nose decisions wrong, it would be unreasonable to expect otherwise....but short head margins...if he can't pick those, I would have to question if he's really up to the job at hand. Come on George, let's bring it on, eh, a bit of accuracy. Too much to ask for..surely not ! I'm sure he's a great guy...but he's not being paid to be a great guy.
  14. I hope he does, Tackled ...there comes a time in most people's lives when they have to face the cold, hard facts unpalatable as they may be, it's called reality. Been there..done that. As I said...hope he makes the right decision.
  15. I hope Highlander and All Black Colin Slade calls time on his rugby-playing career ... undeniable talent has taken him as far as he has, but a succession of significant injuries are testimony to the fact that this sport of rugby is no longer for him ...playing-wise anyway. The rigours of the sport have taken a heavy toll on him, and he would be best-placed moving on with his life, surely. With the likes of the 'Hurricanes' Barrett coming through, I couldn't see him ever donning the black jersey again. I hope he makes the right decision.