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  1. Because..........

    Mission Hill Main Stage Savvy Coup Thanks.
  2. Riccarton Competition 15 Feb

    R4 no 5 Maicoca place R6 no 17 Lake Chalice place. Thanks
  3. R5 no11 Korakonui 150/350 Thanks
  4. R1 2-3 R2 2-3 R3 1-6 R4 3-5 R5 7-10bb R6 5-10 R7 2-4 R8 2-13bb Thanks and a merry and profitable xmas to all.
  5. Clean Up Your Act says Winnie

    Agree regarding trainers today. They just get sprinters and racing week in and out is all the training the dog needs. We bred a litter 20 yrs ago from a sprinter to a Aussie import middle distance dog and ended up with 5 of them in Silver Collar heats and 1 winning final. Never wanted to bred sprinters as they are boring. Do like Aussie and get rid of lot of sprint races and then trainers won't have so many dogs as you actually have to train middle and distance dogs not just empty them out day and night.
  6. R1 2-8 R2 1-4 R3 3-5 R4 3-14 R5 4-11bb R6 3-5 R7 4-6bb Thanks
  7. R1 1-4 R2 1-6 R3 9-10bb R4 5-11 R5 3-15 R6 14-16 R7 3-14 R8 3-8 R9 7-14bb Thanks
  8. R1 4-9 R2 2-4 R3 1-2 R4 1-6 R5 3-5 R6 2-9 R7 7-8bb R8 8-11 R9 2-4bb Thanks
  9. R1 2-5 R2 1-5 R3 2-5 R4 3-8 R5 4-6bb R6 6-9 R7 4-6 R8 1-14 R9 1-12bb Thanks
  10. R1 3-6 bb R2 8-11 R3 7-14 R4 5-7 bb R5 5-13 R6 6-8 Thanks
  11. Token Jasper

    Did I say there was any malice. Simply asked the question as like I said I was made to scr years ago. As for bitch fighting if that's all it takes to be classified then there is a lot of this on the thoroughbred site that needs the same attention.
  12. Token Jasper

    How can this dog race today when it is in Steve Clarks name yet he hasn't even had it in his kennels. Years ago I picked up my hurdler from being broken in on day of races and was made to late scr as it had not been in my care in the last 14 days. And I had traveled 5 hours to races and he is not even at track today. Have the rules changed?
  13. R1 1-2bb R2 2-6 R3 1-9 R4 6-7 R5 1-10 R6 2-4 R7 4-8 R8 5-16bb Thanks
  14. R1 4,5 bb R2 4,5 R3 4,8 R4 2,5 R5 4,5 bb R6 5,11 R7 2,10 R8 1,14 Thanks