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  1. NZ Cup entries Here.

    1st Gobstopper 2nd Pentathlon Last Villa Elba Thanks
  2. Melbourne Cup Comp Entries Here.

    1st Marmelo 2nd Red Cardinal Last Gallante Thanks

    R1-1 R2-4 R3-3 R4-4 R5-9bb R6-3 R7-5 Thanks
  4. Sunday Comp @ Sale 5 Feb

    R1-1bb R2-8 R3-9 R4-11 R5-5 R6-5 R7-3 R8-5 R9-7 Thanks
  5. Here goes I think I have it right. Some exotics go slightly over or under so balance on last race. R1 Quinella 4-10 Fast and furious x Lasting Friendship $1014 R1 Treble 4-10/4-6-8/1-2-9 $56 =$1008 R1 Double 4-10/4-6-8 $180 = $1080 R2 Trifecta Box 4-6-8 $169 =$1014 Chenille xZacadaxSacred Shot R3 Trifecta Box 1-2-9 $169 =$1014 Sacred ElixirxJon Snowx Volpe Veloce R3 Quaddie 1-2-9/8-9-10-12/1-3-8-9/1-7-10-12-13-15 $4 =1152 R4 Win 12 Nights Watch $1014 R4 Treble 12/1-3-8-9/1-7-10-12-13-15 $42 =$1008 R5 Win 9 Princess Rihanna $1014 R6 Quinella 12-15 Fixation x Sacred Rhythm $822 Best Bet. Thanks to all.Great to have something different.

    R1 No10 R2 No6 R3 No2 R4 No12bb R5No9 R6No12 Thanks
  7. Wellington R6 No3 Galloping Gerte $800 win R8 No3 Ringo $800 win Place all up $500 R2 No5 Dreams Of Platinum R3 No1 Rocanto R6 No3 Galloping Gerte R8 No3 Ringo
  8. Te Rapa Comp 22 Jan

    R1-3 R2-5 R3-8BB R4-6 R5-6 R6-9 R7-12 Thanks
  9. M4 R8 box f4 $10 1-3-6-12-18 spend $1200 start wondering x perfect fit x statham x brighton x Luna rossa R8 Quaddie $3 1-3-6-12-18/1-4-5/3-4-6-7-16/ Feild spend $2700 R10 Doudle $100 3-4-6-7-16/6-11 spend $1000 bloodstream x jacksstar x sly romance x fanatic x pop n scotch/ beefeater x santiago play my joker please. thanks. Total spend $4900
  10. Sounds ideal. 1 question do you have to have a bet in each race or can you unload all 10 bets on 1 or 2 races
  11. Wellington R7 no5 Fine Taylor $1000 win R8 no 7 Summers Day $1000win $1000 place all up same 2 Spend $3000 Thanks.
  12. Greymouth R5 Boxed F4 $30 1-2-8-9 Spend $720 PaintballxCelebratedachieverxSuggestive loox xRetalick. $1000 win / $2000 place all up M6 R 4 no 3 Producer M4 R 3 no 6 Heisenberg Totat spend $3720

    Hi Jason. Put me as a reserve if you don't have enough. Happy to be in if needed but as I'm already in 2 other syndicates if someone else wants in then they can before me. Thanks
  14. Auckland r4 $10 treble Feild/2-9/7-8-10spend $660 Feild Romancer-Under wraps Pure lorde-Realta-El Fernando r6 $1000/2000ew no10El Fernando spend $3000 $340 All up place r4 no3 Angeline r5 no 9 Under wrap r6 no10 El Fernando r3 Hastings no10 Dazzle Street Total spend $4000 Thanks and a happy new year of successful punting to all
  15. Next up written all over it

    $6 thanks great money