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    Breeding and racing. We have bred 10 individual winners since our first, Vapourizer in 2001.
    Bred Afghan Hounds for 25 yrs from 1975 & had Siamese & Oriental cats from 1977. Show & breed these cats & usually have one in the top 10 cats in NZ. Currently showing Gold Double Grand Premier Razaq Quite The Lad who is 5th best Neuter/Spay & Silver Double Grand Champion Razaq Porcelain Queen who is 34 points off becoming a Gold Db Gr Ch.
  1. Sir Percy again and again

    Wake Forest (GER) 2010 (C. by Sir Percy-Wurfspiel) 1st Baden-Baden Ferdinand Leisten-Memorial BBAG Auktionsrennen, €200000 1400m earning €100000 This looks to be a really good win - is it a black type race?
  2. Video clips of the horses Breeze Ups are now posted on the NZB website to watch. This is different, and I think a very good sales pitch for the horses coming up for sale. Well done to them.
  3. Haidee Dawn is not far from trialling. 5% shares are available in this leased filly with ROP. $400 initial payment to catch up 5 months training, thereafter $80 per month. Trainer, Steve Kellow of Pegasus Training at Russley, Christchurch. Haidee is 1/2 to Vapourizer, My Hallucination & Spark It Up (who won on debut Sept 2012 -trainer, Steve Kellow) Steve Kellow, 03 3429520 or 0275574655. Photo up on Gavelhouse website.
  4. Who's the most Under-rated Sire?

    Faltaat's sold well at the South Island Sale this year
  5. Foals 2012 - Would love to see pics

    How did you load your photo. We have had 4 so far. 2 colts and 2 fillies - the colts are clients and the fillies ours.
  6. Who's the most Under-rated Sire?

    Istidaad would be my choice for an underrated sire. Has winners every week and last week 2nd top Stallion in the Informant charts. Would love to know what his stats are. Now, one of his big winning daughters, JustaTad is producing her own winners. This stallion would also have to be one of the nicest natured horses around - we have a new filly who at 2 weeks comes running up to be itched and to itch you back with nibbles in return. If you sit down beside her, she lies down and puts her head on you & May, her mum lies the other side of you. Quite magic. Istidaad has winners overseas as well as NZ
  7. Indy King

    Queen Lilly Kay (USA) 2009 (F. by Indy King-Lilly Cozzene) 1st Remington Claiming, US$15160 1600m earning US$8445
  8. Indy King

    Over Spiced (USA) 2006 (F. by Indy King-Over Dere) 1st Delaware Starter Allowance, US$15000 1650m earning US$9000
  9. Sir Percy again and again

    Had noted that Nindy - will be there to watch and cheer him on. Let's hope he starts in grand style like his siblings - will keep my fingers crossed.
  10. Sir Percy again and again

    Wake Forest (GER) 2010 (C. by Sir Percy-Wurfspiel) 1st Hoppegarten Preis der Raab Karcher Baustoffe, €6000 1400m earning €3500
  11. Be part of her syndicate to race this season. Tui has won $21,275 in stakes money to date and had:- 1 win 9/2nds 3/3rds 5/4ths 3/5ths and had a collect in 56% of her races. She is coming out stronger than ever - join the fun for $55 pw for 10% share. Call Wendy on Ph0274 319 895 or have a look on Wendy's website. http://www.ithilienthoroughbreds.co.nz
  12. Indy King

    15/09/2012 Cat Phone (USA) 2007 (C. by Indy King-Devious Penny) 1st Finger Lakes Claiming, US$9000 1100m earning US$5400 King Chieca (USA) 2008 (C. by Indy King-Chiecaworld) 1st Monmouth Allowance, US$40000 1200m earning US$24000
  13. So sad all around - racing has also lost out a colourful character.
  14. It is quite sad really how someone with so much money, throws it at the horses to dream the dream and be someone important to racing/breeding/selling, then runs into hard times and sells up. It affects so many people employed in the industry and takes so many down the slippery slope with them. It is these people one has to be sad for as they have to find other jobs, not easy in this market. Most would have families to care for.