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  1. Vadamos/Aplomb filly three weeks old
  2. Looks like Iffraaj has another good filly - Deals in Heels. Nice win on Saturday. I'd be interested to hear from the Breeding Experts who say that in-breeding is a no no. Deals in Heels is inbred to Nureyev 3Fx3M. Personally I like that cross in her pedigree - bottom and top lines.
  3. Hi Matt I am sending two mares to CS this year, purely based on the weanling colt I already have by him - he is an absolute cracker. Good bone, good muscle, etc you cant fault him. He has everything the Aussies look for when buying horses.
  4. I'm surprised there aren't more people doing what I am. After 40 years of racing horses in New Zealand I'm getting out as like everyone else on here, I have no faith in the Minister or the Board to do anything about the obvious mess we are in. So from now on my horses are going to Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young in Melbourne. I've just retired one racehorse which leaves me with two more in NZ and that's it. I don't like to do this to my NZ Trainer but they fully support my decision and understand. I'll still keep my band of 5 broodmares here in NZ as I believe we have the best conditions in the Southern Hemisphere to breed top horses. I'm even buying into a stallion here so I still have faith in the breeding industry, so long as we can keep producing top horses in Australia. Melbourne is only 3 hours away and with retirement looming, my wife and I will have an even better reason to visit that wonderful city. Tell me why I'm making the wrong decision here - I can't think of any negatives except that I'm turning my back on a New Zealand industry which I love but is being destroyed by incompetency. At least I'm still supporting New Zealand Trainers in Melbourne.
  5. Wasn't there a Danroad 2YO colt won a Group 1 in Brisbane? Rockdale?
  6. Another one that springs to mind is Harleigh who stood alongside Fairs Fair. Harleigh was very disappointing in view of his credentials. Fairs Fair on the other hand was a very good sire.
  7. Here's one for you Peter - Did Minardi leave a stakes winner? Well credentialed and stood at Pukekawa but pretty hopeless as a stallion, although only stood a couple of seasons I believe. Another one who stood alongside him was Rossini who wasn't any better I believe...
  8. Yes, interesting cross Huey. Actually, I'm surprised that out of the 60 Ocean Park yearlings in the sale, there are only 6 out of O'Reilly mares which is a similar cross to Lot 193. Being a Waikato Stud stallion and also what I would have thought would be a nice cross, I'm surprised more O'Reilly mares didn't visit Ocean Park. There are far more yearlings out of Pins mares catalogued so maybe the "experts" think that Pins is a better cross for Ocean Park. Maybe someone on here could shed some light....
  9. It used to be a really informative site but now it is just all gloss and no info. I can't find anywhere on the site to research a horse. Ascot, where do you do this now?
  10. Well I guess she's worth a lot more now - I Do today and Iggi Pop now a stakes winner in Oz. Think I'll be keeping this one now. She went back into work yesterday with Vanessa and Wayne and she looks enormous - much different type to I Do, she's just all muscle and bulk.
  11. Thanks Breeder. I tend to agree with what you have said. Also, my mare would provide a 6m,7f x 5f,6f cross to Round Table who I really like in pedigrees.
  12. Actually, sorry, it's great, great-damsire, but still 5m x 3m for a cross with a Kaapstad mare.
  13. A question please for the Breeding experts. Do you think that with Shamexpress's great-damsire being Sir T, then the 5m x 3m Sir T duplication with Kaapstad mares is too close? I'm not sure that male duplications of Sir T have been very successful in the past?
  14. As stated she is correct, strong, medium size, nice type with excellent temperament which is typical of all of the mare's foals. The only two of her foals to go through the ring both sold for $220,000.
  15. She's never been entered in any sales because I always thought I would keep her to stay in the family, but that was before I Do and Iggi Pop came along and she's obviously worth a lot more. So, while the opportunity is there I would sell if the money is good enough and hope that the mare has another filly. No Agents been involved to date. From the advice received so far though it seems that the right thing to do is stick to the original plan and keep her. She is a really nice filly after all.